Best Short Story Writing Contest Entry Information

November 2019 CONTEST ENDED

Rules for December 2019 Contest below

Anyone can enter the "Best Short Story" Writing Contest, as long as they are a Member of, and have Created a Story.

NEW Contest Rules and Conditions

1. Entrants must be Members. (Create Passer Name, if don't have one).

2. Prize for this contest will be:

$25 Gift Card for 1st Place

Gift Card Locations (Choose 1):


3. ENTRY FEE: 1 SP Token. (Buy Tokens)

4. You MUST be 18 Years of Age or Older.

5. Ratings/Votes will be based on the cumulative ratings for the Story that is Registered on

6. Ratings/Votes will be given by other Passers (Members), but these Passers DO NOT have to be Contestants to Vote/Rate.

7. Best Short Story Writing Contest will last for1 month, then the Winning Passer will be announced within two weeks of the contest closing.

8. All contest Stories will be read and reviewed by a published, award winning author, who will take into consideration Stories Ratings/Votes when making judgments. The judge will make a determination based on the overall quality of the story.

9. The contest will begin on (12/01/2019), and end on (12/31/2019).

10. Entries will be accepted on or after contest post date.

11. You are only allowed to Vote for/Rate Your Story ONCE; violation will result in disqualification.

12. You are allowed to enter up to 5 stories.


Good Luck!

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