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pieces of a dream

As i lay here with my eyes wide wide open i started thinking about this dream i keep having althought i only remember parts of this dream its strange because in my dream iam a little girl and iam in a dark room its cold and i can tell that theres is other people there with me but noone is talking i only hear breathing and crying and this really disturbing to me because in the back of my mind iam saying to myself what is this and why am i dreaming about a dark place. in this dark place iam tied up i can not move iam stuck in one place i remember crying and saying i want my mama let me out please will somebody help me and then i started screaming and i scream real loud someone came in, the door was open and althought i can not see, a lady walk up to me saying why are you are you sreaming? you know if you dont stop you know who is going to come in here and you wont like it do you remember what happen last time what he did to you i started thing about what she was saying and then a flash a back hit me of some man i dident know becuse i really really couldent see his face in this dark place but he grabed me my hands and dragged me across the floor as though i was trash in a bag i can feel my skin on my knees tareing and then i wake up.

toosweet (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Sep 20 2009 14:24:22 EST

by now iam wondering what kind of childhood i did have because I never knew my parents my granny told me that a bad man killed my parents and stole everything they had. she said thats why she dont have a picture of them and you know when you are a kid you believe everything a grown up tells you. but now iam grown and its to late to ask my granny about my parents because she pass on while sleeping she died of old age. now so many things is running through my mind why granny dident tell me about my parents what was the secret ,how come she never introduce me to the people on my parents side. all i could do is wonder and second guess what the problem was .was I kidnapped as a child was my granny my real granny!could she be the lady that was in my dreams that was talking to me who was trying to keep me safe from you know who? I was only two years old when my parents died. I dont even remember what they look like but i know that there are ways to find out who you are and where you come from times have change so what iam going to do is first start going though any and all old stuff that belongs to my granny iam sure there will be something i can use ti help me get through this dream.

toosweet (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Sep 20 2009 17:24:58 EST

I pulled granny's trunk out of the closet and sat down to spend a rainy afternoon going through it.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Sep 20 2009 21:53:46 EST

All i needed to do was stay calm and not get over excied if though my life was in a stand still i still had faith and now i was going to find out just much granny thoguht if me by looking in her trunk as i continue my quest to find a part of my life that was missing i pick up a bunch of pictures with dates and names on them and to my surprize i did see a picture that kinda looked like me i felt little better but still that wasent enough for me to take the picture and run ok i kept loooking until came across a piece a paper sticking out from a bag with some old flowers in it i moved the bag and there was my birth certificate i was so overwhelm that i had to step back a mintue and catch my breath my heart was pounding and my mind was in a daze because i had finally really found something that showed what hospital i was born in and where my parents lived wow this great.

toosweet (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Sep 22 2009 13:40:30 EST

I thought' but the first lady i talk to mrs walters was really stuck up she had her nose so far up in the air i thought she was looking for someone who wasent there but anyway she told me that my parents was thinking about adoptsion but that they
decided to give me to a old friend of the family and i was like really I was really taken back by what she said because i know now that my granny really wasent my granny and she was just a friend of my parents. some old lady they thoght they could trust and leave me with I get up to leave i couldent breath my head hurt my eyes are tearring up now iam thinking how could you just throw away a child someone that came from you what the hell is wrong with you and what is this black room and the lady and the bad man why was i there how do they fit in this picture and while walking to the car i got in and just sat there for awhile i knew that if i started up the car i wouldent be focus on driveing so i sat there crying my eyes out and feeling like a kid who is lost and dont know where to go or what to do who to call.while sitting in the car my phone ring and its a cowoker she is tellin me the 411 on who did what how our boss MR Crandom was slepin with the new secretary and how she was trying to blakmail him she told connie he was a lowdown dirty dog and deserve nothing he has and as far as she was concern he could kiss her ass and my friend tara was laughing so loud my ears was ringing and i wasent in the mood to hear that shit right now but i played it off she was my bff
so i listen.

toosweet (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Sep 28 2009 17:10:50 EST

After listening to her i told her that i really had some things i needed to to do to day and that i would call her back as soon as i could i got my thoughts togather and put the seat belt on and started the car i took off knowing that i still had a lot of work ahead of me that my life as i knew it" was a lie and i couldent wait to resolve it because i couldent rest until i know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and by now iam near the house i grew up in 'the house that really belongs to some long lost and left alone realitive of my so called granny she always had a reason why i culd never spend a night a my friends houses she kept me so isolated from everybody and there had to be a reason why i pull into the drive way turn the car off my thoughts was clear i knew what i had to do i headed to the front door and i notice that my front door looked like it was open a little bit i was like who in the hell is in my house and as iam about to step on to the first step a man pops his head out the door as if he was trying to see who was comeing' he look startled and confuse i was frighten but i knew he had something to do with granny and me i ask him what the hell he wanted and why was he in my house you dont have the right to be roaming around in my personal place and things i got the mind to call the police or shoot your ass for tresspassing.He said hold on lady iam here because this my aunt house ive been trying to find her for years she left san francisco thirty years ago no fowarding letter or nothing she just pack her bags and was gone she has family she left behind you know" and i was like no i dont know but any way how did you get into this house there only two set of keys to ths house hers and mine he said iam glad you ask that iam a lock smith by trade and your locks are really cheap.

toosweet (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Sep 30 2009 13:28:52 EST
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Genre: Mystery
Created: 09-20-2009
Word Count: 1452

Copyright © 2008-2019 toosweet, celeritas. All rights reserved.

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