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By: secret
secret's Profile

Real Name: Roisin
Age: 41
Sex: female
Location: bedford, uk

Other Passer Name(s):
not specified

thomas's POV | jane's POV

     excitement from thomas's Point of View...

excitement Synopsis

His face brushed against mine! I didn’t care though. There was certain intensity and emotions that came with it! He was muscular – just the way I liked my men! He didn’t seem to flinch either. What was it about us? He made me laugh so much. The glee was written on my face! Being driven! Not up the wall, as I was used to! No, this was different! My white polo neck jumper emphasised the length of my hair. Making me look that little bit extra as a sexy person. Let’s dim the lights! No! He said. Let’s go for that trip in the car. After all, I enjoy having you with me. I flushed with pride. Nobody had said that to me for a while! When we were outside, I lowered my head as I sat on the car seat! My bum touching the seat with a bump! Hey! He said. Don’t go without me! I won’t I said. Thoroughly enjoying the closeness!


it was my excitement! don't ignore me!

secret (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, May 21 2009 04:47:05 EST

I have friends who are excited about finding a clean pair of underwear or a rare stamp or a dollar on the sidewalk. Excitement is purely a personal thing. I ,on the other hand, am very likely to be the least excitable person you will ever meet.
That's because I am Excitement! I create exciting situations and exhilaration on a grand scale...for a price.
Are you bored? Is your world gray and humdrum? Are you sinking in the quicksand of routine?
Well rejoice for hope is here!

"EXcaliber" the highest caliber excitement in the form of
Viral vector, a virus modified to deliver foreign genetic material into a cell, your cells, specifically your brain cells.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Aug 20 2015 19:57:45 EST

How much fluid currency have you got? I'll gladly work with you. I'll accept property, checks,credit cards and other things. You can become an indentured servant, oh there are endless ways to come to a suitable agreement.
Free samples are the key. Once the Viral Vector...well let's not get into all that mumbo jumbo, shall we? Let's leave that to the scientists.
Suffice it to say, you will be in for a mind blowing experience.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Aug 26 2015 00:42:25 EST

So I am a little short on cash clients since that last little glitch in the Viral Vector.It's time to switch things up a bit.I haven't been good old Thomas for a long time. Think I'll bring him up to speed with a nice romantic encounter.Now this newspaper ad says Jane is looking for mister right and maybe that's Thomas Thornton alias Victor the Vector man.
Gotta go for it because it's like some kind of strange fate thing .She's asking for a lover boy who exactly fits my description.If she ain't too ugly,she might be my answer to a very cold winter coming up fast.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Aug 27 2015 05:37:06 EST

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Created: 05-20-2009
# of Story Views: 827

Copyright © 2008-2009 secret, celeritas. All rights reserved.

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