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christmas carol

By: kali

carol's POV | capone's POV | ntariana's POV | priest bidal's POV | priest davis's POV

     christmas carol from carol's Point of View...

we all know christmas. we all celebrate it one way or the other. it is alleged to have replaced a sinner's feast day. so says the so-called learned people of this earth-yadah, yadah...they like to voice their opinions in matters that is entirely not their turf. this story is not about them, not theirs and their about carol. she had nothing new for christmas. folks buy christmas stuff every festive season. she had just lost her minister of health(a boyfriend she trusted and made love to).she then found solace in hunting a minister of finance. she got him in a form of a thug called capone. his name has a historical inclination. if you love politics you know who that is. if you dislike it, read on.

He took her by the hand during peak hours and headed for the farming area of magaliesburg, just outside krugersdorp. he heared a vehicle coming slowly on the gravel road. the dust in the air also made him determined.

"lie on the road!" capone ordered carol.

carol lied on the road.

an unsuspecting white man stopped to see if carol was dead, drunk or just simulating.

capone hit him on the back of the head with the butt of a gun.

'le'ts go,' he ordered carol. this one's for christmas.

they parked their loot at a friend in the bushes not far away from their scene of crime. capone later sold the vehicle on a black market a few hours later. he then told carol to accompany him to sun city hotel for a vibe. they played slots the whole night and carol won five thousand dollars just after midnight. they bought a bottle of cognac and headed to their bedroom after that.

'my watch says you wont me to get it on with you in a sec,' capone jokingly told carol.

'mine says you're so tired you could hardly manage the first round of lovemaking,' replied carol.

capone poured deadly sedatives in carol's drink, sexually violated her, put her body inside the boot of a hired vehicle and dumped it at ntariana's house.

carol woke up dizzy. ntariana took her to priest bidal, her closest friend who she is patiently pursuing. she the hook up carol with priest davis. carol wasted no time and seduced him on christmas eve.

the police came in the wee hours of the morning to the church yard and took ntariana to the police station for questioning. they asked her about harbouring capone and a missing person, carol in her house. she denied the allegations but cooperated when they told her that capone killed private police officer on magaliesburg farm's gravel road. they released her on a warning. she called them when capone slept over at her house a day before new year.

'te ofreceria algo de beber, pere todo lo que esta caliente, priest bidal said offering ntariana a drink.

'gracias!' ntariana accepted priest bidal's offer.

carol was fuming at the police request to take her home though she was eighteen and legal to do whatever she wished with her life.

'seguro que estarias mejor si te diera un masaja? ( may i give you a massage?),carol asked the stunned police officers.

kali (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Nov 27 2009 08:28:24 EST

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Created: 11-27-2009
# of Story Views: 1096

Copyright © 2008-2009 kali. All rights reserved.

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