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We Saw A Space Ship

By: d1i2a3n4e5
d1i2a3n4e5's Profile

Real Name: linda
Age: 59y
Sex: female
Location: Hastings ,Nebraska usa

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I am a lady in her 50's, married,I have eight children with 7 grown and on there own, 1 of the 8 children are under age yet. I have 10 grandchildren. I also have 3 publish books out. Two are Children Educational with drawings for 3-7 year olds, the third one is of different type short stories for 10 plus years. I also like poetry and drawing, I do cartoon type drawings the most. I also do some painting. P.S. My books all have sites,if you think you might be interested in seeing them please contact me on my personal message broad on this site and I'll give you information on where to see them, if it's okay with site owner. If it isn't please let me know that also.

Writing Style:
Children Books, Children Educational Stories. Some of my other writing styles are fantasy type & Short Storys. As of 4-09 I'm just trying Sy-Fy stories out and what ever else comes to minded.

Richard's POV | Alice's POV | Taylor's POV | Sally's POV

     We Saw A Space Ship from Richard's Point of View...

We Saw A Space Ship Synopsis

A few young teens go out cruising in Richards dads car and end up going down a country road. While trying to make a discission on a direction to go they all think they've seen a Space Ship fly in frount of them .The next day they find out a couple was found dead and wonder if there fate was caused by the Space Ship they may of seen. This is base on a true story that happen some thirty years ago!


My sister Alice and I were out one night cruising in my dads car.
We went out toward the country riding in dads Buick Royal.After about twenty minutes we came to a road that some called a, Y road. Just before we came to the road we were trying to make a discission on which way we should go. We pulled off to the side of the road to park while making that dicission."All of a sudden we saw a large bright object! It wized by our heads'!" I felt alittle strange after seeing it, but didn't say anything. "I turned the car around and headed back toward home, I was so scared!" Me and my sister began to talk amoung ourselfs and the conclusion came up of what we may of seen. "We saw a Space Ship!"
After geting home I went to my bedroom and stayed in it until noon the next day without watching any T.V. or listen to a radio. The next morning Alice knock on my bedroom door and told me about the news broadcast of a couple found on the hillside to the left of the Y road. I did not belive her so I kept quite not answering her back. She must of walk away,because when I open the door she wasn't no where to be seen! So I closed the door and went back to my bed to wonder if it was a Space Ship indeed that we had seen.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Jul 11 2009 21:08:00 EST

After I sat in my room awhile I called another one of my friends to see if they had heard anything of a Space Ship siteing last night and she told me she had. We kept on talking for a short time then I hung up the phone and went back to my bed to sit down. "Still a wondering was that really a Space Ship we saw?" Then I realized it must of been if my friend had heard about it also."Convinceing myself that was a Space Ship I laid back on my bed and drifted off to sleep."

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Jul 21 2009 01:58:26 EST

But I soon woke up, thinking about what my friend had told me, so I got up and left in my dads car to that area hoping to find any evidents of what we had seen.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Aug 16 2010 02:59:49 EST

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Created: 07-11-2009
# of Story Views: 910

Copyright © 2008-2009 d1i2a3n4e5, celeritas. All rights reserved.

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