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The Mathacci Rule

By: stardust

Melissa Matacci's POV | Vittori Matacci's POV | Lily Mataix's POV | Gio McCoy's POV

     The Mathacci Rule from Melissa Matacci's Point of View...

The Mathacci Rule Synopsis

Over three centuries ago, a powerful family, whose name is known only to the Mathaccis, was cursed. Each descendent was cursed to servitude and making the Mathacci name wealthy until the day they had finally "atoned" seven times seven the amount of money, prestige, power another family lost because of them. Now the Mathaccis are Mataccis, and the curse continues. They keep track of family trees, and with current technology, are able to keep bad blood simmering. Now they are almost seventy times seven times wealthier than they were when they lost it all, but still they treat Family X's descendents like crumbs and servants. They even check the DNA of the babies to know which ones are likely to be geniuses so they make more money off their talents. One child in particular has yielded them much money by writing songs, music and other things that celebrities do not know a child is actually the one doing. One day, someone will uncover the facts about the curse, notice that it has long ago been broken, and reveal the truth of the identity of the real writer of most popular music...and end The Mathacci Rule.


"I'm Melissa Matacci, and I can have whatever I want, whenever I want, coz I'm Melissa Matacci."

"Cut! Melissa, could you be a little more appealing to the viewership, please?"

"I'm hot," Melissa murmured with a trademark pink lipglossed pout. "Nothing is more appealing than I am."

One of the camera crew had a giggling fit.

"It will work," she cajoled. "Trust me. I make my own millions. Daddy has nothing on me. I'm going to retire when I'm 22, already richer than he has ever dreamed, not needing a penny of his inheritance."

"I really don't think that is the kind of thing you want to say on your reality show, Mel."

"I know, will work. People respond to what disgusts them, especially if it's someone hot like me. Come on. Put the camera back on me."

She had an afterthought, which she hurriedly shared with one of her handlers. "Get that smart brat to write me a new theme song. She has to mildly parody Everybody Wants to Rule the World on the bridge." The handler looked at her blankly. "Go! The girl will know what I'm talking about. Just repeat what I said, verbatim."

stardust (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Jun 05 2009 16:29:42 EST

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Created: 06-03-2009
# of Story Views: 868

Copyright © 2008-2009 stardust. All rights reserved.

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