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The Little Duck

By: d1i2a3n4e5
d1i2a3n4e5's Profile

Real Name: linda
Age: 59y
Sex: female
Location: Hastings ,Nebraska usa

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I am a lady in her 50's, married,I have eight children with 7 grown and on there own, 1 of the 8 children are under age yet. I have 10 grandchildren. I also have 3 publish books out. Two are Children Educational with drawings for 3-7 year olds, the third one is of different type short stories for 10 plus years. I also like poetry and drawing, I do cartoon type drawings the most. I also do some painting. P.S. My books all have sites,if you think you might be interested in seeing them please contact me on my personal message broad on this site and I'll give you information on where to see them, if it's okay with site owner. If it isn't please let me know that also.

Writing Style:
Children Books, Children Educational Stories. Some of my other writing styles are fantasy type & Short Storys. As of 4-09 I'm just trying Sy-Fy stories out and what ever else comes to minded.

The Little Duck Synopsis

This is a story about a duck that looks into a pond when he was very young and didn't like his reflection thinking he was ugly,so he wanted to do his self in because he thought he was ugly and about a mouse that talks him out of it each time he does and then trys to explain to the duck his looks will change and that he is not ugly .


Once up on a time along time ago there lived alittle duck that thought he was ugly which lived in Heartwell park ,he had seen his reflection in a pond one sunny day and he wasn't happy with the way he look in it. But how are ducks' suppost to look I ask? Ducks' are just ducks'and each has there own little look. After he had seen his reflection he began to cry because he thought he was ugly! Each time he look in the pond he did, he had begun to think of ways to end his life.He thought of many things and they all seemed like they'd fail. He even thought about geting a cat to eat him but a mouse that lived next to the pond in Heartwell Park saved him from that thought and then maded it a personal mission to try to make the duck feel good about hiself. Yes that mouse did try to make that duck relize he wasn't ugly and that he just had a duck look because he was a ducklin,but that duck had other thoughts on the matter and kept on tring to think of ways to end it all. The mouses name was Terry. Then all of a sudden that duck got another idea on how to end it again and proceeded to try it. The mouse didn't see the duck leave right away and he was gone a few minutes before Terry relize the duck was gone and then soon began to search for the duck. After awhile of searching Terry spoted that duck. Terry started to follow the duck at a distance and slowly started to get closer to him. The duck was still tring to think of ways to end it all he didn't even notice that the mouse was following him until he heard a noise,then he seen the mouse and stop in his tracks and watch and waited for the mouse to get closer. As soon as Terry did the duck talk to him, yes they could talk,the duck ask why are you following me? Terry the mouse exclaims,because I need to make sure you don't do anything stupid to harm yourself! But I'm ugly and no one will ever like me because I am! Your not ugly, yes I am sighed the duck. Why do you think you are ask Terry? Because..,because. After pauseing a few minutes he replied,"BecauseI'm yellow and fury!" Terry then started to exclaim to him,your a baby ducklin and baby ducklins' are suppost to be yellow and fury when they're young,but you will change when your older. What is your name ask Terry? I don't know replied the duck.. Well then I'll give you a name,the duck was quite a few seconds and then replied back, you will give me a name?? Sure, how about Fred? I don't like that name to well. How about Mike,okay that sounds better but I'm still ugly and Mike started to walk away. The mouse followed and said no don't walk away! Not listening he started to yell, here putty cat,here putty cat Mike the ducklin cried. But little did they know that there was a cat following them and creeping up on them also. "All of a sudden Terry heard a noise and both became frighten!" The mouse and the duck started to run,then they came upon a tree with a small hole that seemed big enoth for them to go into and hide from the cat! The two of them went into the hole of the tree and both watch as the cat past by them. Both were smiling and thanking how safe they'll be when the cat has gone. Asuming that thay are safe, now that it's been awhile since they duct into the hole of the tree. They then decided to come out and go toward a home by Heartwell Park to a house the mouse shares with a family. Now at Terrys home he and the duck went into his part of the house. Come on in says Terry to Mike,are you sure I can fit in your mouse hole? Yes I do, okay! But why do you want to let me into your house,I'm ugly. No your not replys Terry! You can stay over-night if you want to okay,but in the morning you'll need to leave. Alright, I'll wait until morning comes it's time to go to bed soon any how. We need get some supper now,what's for supper exclaimed Mike ? I'm not sure sighed Terry, shouldn't we go and find out asks Mike? Yes lets'do,come on then remark Terry. Looks like some Cheese,some Lettce,Tomatoes'and Sunflower Seeds',grab some and lets' get out of the Kitchen before Rango the cat sees us, alright says Mike the duck and off they go toward Terrys mouse hole entrance. Looks like we maded it sighed Mike. Shh,the cat is stiring hurry and get in here...okay! We're in,now lets' eat and watch T.V. replies Terry!

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Mar 24 2009 02:39:15 EST

Okay Terry what do you want to watch or should the better question be how many channels' can you get on your T.V.?I can get about six channels,' then lets' flip threw the all to see if we can find something we like.Terry replied I like most anything.What do you like Mike? I've never watch or seen a T.V. until now,so I'm not sure what I'd like or dislike so we can watch what ever I guess.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Mar 27 2009 01:07:32 EST

Two hours' have past since they've started to watch T.V.and both are starting to get sleepy, Terry then notices that Mike is rubbing his eyes' as he just did.Lets' turn the T.V. off and go to bed suggested Terry,"okay sounds good to me"lets'go to bed.But Terry,Mike asks where am I going to sleep?Your bed don't look big enoth for the both of us!I took the time to prepare a bed over there close to mine.Want to check it out Mike?Sure,well then follow me and I'll show you where it is."Okay",I see it.It is already prepared for you to climb in and go to sleep. Yes and it does look nice and cozy thank you Terry,your welcome.Good- night Mike says Terry,good- night Mike and both go to bed for the night.Morning has come and both Mike and Terry tell eachother good-morning and climb out of bed. Want some breakfast Mike asks Terry?Sure,what's there to eat this wonderful morning exclaims Terry and answers' Mikes question.I don't know,what do you want to eat?I eat worms' and such remarks Mike because I'm a duck,but I will consider something else if there is nothing to find to eat.What do you eat Terry?Oh cheese for sure,but I'll also eat other things also.Both have eatten and Terry asks are you still going to leave or stay here longer? Oh Idon't know, but I'll let you know in alittle while if that's okay, sure it is.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Mar 31 2009 20:08:34 EST

After awhile Mike says to Terry,I want to thank you for being my friend and promist I will not try to do myself in,but I was wondering if you could help me build a house for myself just outside your's? Terry replied sure but you can stay with me too,thank you but I will get bigger than you so I'll need a larger place to live soon.What kind of a house do you want ask Terry?I'm not sure.Okay that's fair lets' think on it a short while."Okay"exclaimed Mike,but one feature I'll need is easy access to beable get to and from the water area safely. That's for sure you need to have a safe way for that,ducks' need water fun time. Me I don't need to much water myself except for drinking and bathing reasons' replied Terry.What about building your house simulair to a Chicken House type?You could handle that couldn't you? After thinking about it a few minutes'Mike replies back at him with the pharse "interesting thought."But will there be a door so I can close it to keep myself safe? "Yes."Then lets' get started on my house and is it okay if I stay with you until my house is finish ask Mike?Why sure exclaimed Terry your still small enoth right now to fit into my house yet.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Apr 05 2009 02:13:31 EST

The two of them have began to find and get the stuff for Mikes house.It's nearly lunch time so we need to hurry and get it done suggested Terry! Yes we do replys Mike.Finaully done with finding stuff for the house they went to lunch and while eating it discuess what they would start on first.Well maybe my bedroom area would be nice suggested Mike.But you need the building up than the roof before we secion off the different rooms.Do you think we can get this house done between the both of us ask Mike?(Yep I'm pretty sure that we can).I don't know how long it will take us ,but I've confidence that we can!You only need about two rooms,one for sleeping and one for what ever though.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Apr 06 2009 11:34:44 EST

Okay then lets'get started on my house screch Mike the duck!In the morning replys Terry the mouse.Just then Mike asks can we make my house a three room area? I guess so, yea Mike yelled out!

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Apr 10 2009 02:41:42 EST

The next day has come Terry and Mike have began there work on Mikes house,they have almost finish the sides of the frame when Mike speaks up and asks can we take a short break it is pretty warm out. I guess we can but we shouldn't take to many or we'll never get your house finish in a timely manner. Okay but I really need a break now if you know what I mean.What...oh I Think I understand what you mean ,a potty break a...yea maybe replies Mike, then took the break he requested. But it has been ten minuates now since Mike did and Terry yelled for him but got no reply back so he went looking for him ,another ten minuates has past then Terry came upon him ,what are you doing Mike didn't you hear me yelling for you why no.Guess where Terry found him?Taking a swim in the water yes swimming in the water and ask with anger in his voice just what do you think your doing Mike ?Why I'm taking a swim it's warm out and I am a duck this is how ducks' cool down I'm sorry. That's okay I guess ,are you ready to get back to work on your house ? Yes ,okay then let's get back to it then! Okay exclaims Mike I guess we should.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Apr 14 2009 02:31:02 EST

Break time is over Terry and Mike have resumed working on Mikes house.After about two hours' more of working on it, the frame is complete and most of the roof, another hour has past the roof is finish also.Terry rplies let's take a short break are you sure exclaimed Mike it's geting close to quiting time,yea I think it will be okay it's pretty warm out."Okay"if you incest, "I do."It's been fourty-five minutes since their break when Terry speaks up want to just call it a day Mike it's pretty warm and we've accomplish alot today ,Mike replied yea why not!

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Apr 17 2009 18:38:41 EST

After a good nights sleep Terry and Mike are up ,eat and get back to work on Mikes house. Lunch time has come and gone,the second room is almost done.How does it look so far asks Terry? "Great exclaims Mike",I'm pleased so far with my house he remarks!Two hour's more have past ,let's rest awhile by the lakeside replies Terry. Do you think we should asks Mike? Why shouldn't we?I don't know replies Mike.Their break is over and they are back to work. One hour more has past, finish for the day and back at Terrys' house the boys' eat ,watch T.V.and try to relax for the night. At least that's what they were suppost to be doing until Mike gets a idea to go out on the town,then asks Terry if he'd be interested in going out for a bit.Terry replies back to Mike sure why not. I guess it can't hurt any, it might be fun.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Apr 25 2009 19:00:59 EST

Where shall we go asks Mike ?Oh I don't know. But I heard that there was A nice little club where only mice ,ducks' and A few other short sized creatures'go,no cats,' no humans' the place is ran only by mice or ducks'.Oh yeah ,yep only mice or ducks'. Okay then let's go check it out and party!"Okay let's do".Now at the club they scope the place out and each see A pretty young lady across the room .Each watches the girls' and tring to work up the nerve to go talk to or dance with them.Well Mike wish me luck I'm going to go talk to that nice young lady in the blue dress,okay and wish me luck as I go ask the other one in the pink dress her name,alright let's do it then!As they start to walk across the room the girls' look up and smile at them as they do. After they get up to the girls' both shake hands' with them, then Terry felt breave and asks the girl in the blue dress what her name was ,she smiled again and remark my name is Sherry and what might your name be she asks? A-my name is ...(Terry).Then Mike decides to ask the young lady in the pink dress her name she tells him her name is Meg.

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, May 06 2009 20:08:54 EST

Hello girls how are you doing asks Terry? Meg replies we are fine and you? We're fine as well. Would you girls care to dance asks Mike? Sure why not. A couple dances sound like a good idea to us.After an hour had past the two couples were geting tiered.We need to finish our dance it is geting late and we really need to go tomorrow is a work day so we can't be out to late tonight,give us you phone numbers' and we'll call you again soon.Your on the both of you here's our numbers' we will be waiting for a call real soon now boys'!Good night girls' exclaimed Terry good night girls' later replied Mike.Well Terry what do you think? about tonight asks Mike? "Pretty Darn Good"!Let's start home we have to work on your house and try to finish it up.Okay exclaimed Mike.At home now Terry and Mike get ready and go to bed.The alarm goes off and Terry jumps out of bed,, then yelled at Mike time to get up Mike we've a house to finish."Why do I have to get up,I'm still tiered"! You sure do little guy. Well okay I guess I can .and then hops out of bed. Then went for the tea! Come on Mike get your butt moving and all we need to finish your house up!"Okay-okay I'm up now what?"Get something to eat ,take a shower just get in gear already ,let's get outside and start working."Alright".

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, May 19 2009 02:42:39 EST

About time your done replied Terry! Are ready to go and get started on your house and maybe get it finish up Mike? I guess exclaimed Mike. Then lets do. They have started on Mike's house again,after about three hours the rest of the house is finish on the inside. Well Mike remark Terry the inside is finish . Now we need to finish the outside up. What's left to do on that part asks Mike? Terry remarks I belive the painting and puting in the windows'. "Oh okay." Terry replied let's keep working we may finish it up by tonight."Oakie Dokie". Another two hours have past,the windows' are in, now we paint. What color do you want your house painted Mike asks Terry? I'm not sure replied Mike. "Maybe a mint green." "That's not a good color, maybe try a light blue." "Sounds good to me ,lets get it done." In about an hour it was all done. There we're done and your home is complete now Mike. "Thank you." Give the paint inside and out a couple days to dry then you should beable to move into it and remark you've seem to of grown a bit. "Soon you won't fit in my little house no more." "I know Mike replied back." Hey I want to thank you for all you've done for me Terry replied Mike. "Your welcome Mike." I hope you will enjoy the house once you acually do move in it. I belive I will. A few days have past and Terry helps Mike move in his house. After doing that they threw a big moving in party. Oh yes you guess it Sherry and Meg went also.In time they all became best of friends' and lived happy ever after from then on . The End!

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Jun 03 2009 01:51:05 EST
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Genre: Fairy Tale
Created: 03-24-2009
Word Count: 2885

Copyright © 2008-2019 d1i2a3n4e5. All rights reserved.

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