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The Arizona Affair

By: gr8dragon
gr8dragon's Profile

Real Name: Matthew Teets
Age: 42
Sex: m
Location: Littleton CO

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not specified

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Writing Style:
Fantasy,Action, Science fiction

The sun was just beginning to rise over Naco Arizona. Colonel Robert Allen Jensen moved here with his family justa few months after he retired from his UAV operator post in Iraq and Afghanistan. He liked the quiet of the desert. Ithelped him to relax. His sons Jake and Sam didn't feel the same way, but were sliding into Arizona desert life. Young Jake missed their big back yard in Colorado Springs. It took almost a year for Robert to acquire the land and build the house and yard to where he and his family could enjoy it. Robert was partial to the medieval Japanses buildings of Kyoto and Osaka. His family's new home was a modern version of Castle Nijo in Kyoto Japan. Room 7 was made into a dojo where he could practice his Jiu Jitsu and his boys their Tae Kwon Do. They were getting near to being red belts now. He was very proud of them.

He had just completed his practice for the day and decided to launch the new UAV he had save most of his military life for. his south wall wasn't finished yet and illegal crossings were still being accomplished. This ment that he had to have some way to monitor the area around the wall. The MQ-1 Reaper Robert had acquired was the tool he had for the job. Frome time to time he would order Aim-9 Sidewinders and stinger missiles for it. He was thankful he didn't have to use them very often.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Jun 28 2010 21:08:16 EST

It was summer now and sometimes Sam and Jake would join their father in the dojo for practice. Robert hadn't woke them early this time wanting let them rest as much as possible. They still rose about the same time regardless. Sam was almost thirteen and Jake was ten between them was their six year old sister Alex. Robert was just completing launch checks on the huge drone when his sons took their place at the window to watch him launch it. He looked back, giving them a thumbs up as he shot them a smile. Sam and Jake both returned the gesture as they watched through their bedroom window. Ithad become a morning tradition for them. His wife Nada also liked to watch the morning launches. They were her connection to the military man she had married fourteen years ago. She smiled as she made breakfast for her three boys. He got behind the notebook computer and started it up. In a flash he was in the launch software. He guided it down the prelaunch section of the runway and turned it toward the launch path beginning the launch sequence. Once Nada was sure the launch was complete she went out to join him.

"Monitoring the south wall again dear," She asked?"

"Yes," Robert answered.

"Why not just finish our south wall?"

"I was waiting for my two best men to join me. Its father-son bonding time, you know." Robert told her.

"Well, don't keep them out in the heat too long, hon and take a water tank." Nada suggested.

It was a wife and mother's prerogative to worry aboout her boys. She loved them all very much. The MQ-flew off into the sunrise as Sam and Jake watched from the kitchen window.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Jun 28 2010 21:32:47 EST

Nada and Alex were artists.After breakfast they pulled out their art supplies and began planning their next project.Nada was inspired by the work of the great desert painter Georgia O'Keefe.Spread out on the counter were prints of some of O'Keefe's best work.
"Let's go down by the dry river bed today," said Nada,"I saw a bleached cow skull under a cactus that would be great to work from."

Alex made a face and said,"Mommy,I thought Daddy retired from all that stuff. Why can't he ever come with us and enjoy the pretty desert?"

Nada looked out the window and thought for a moment,"You're right Sweetie,let's ask Dad and the boys if they would like to join us.Maybe we could combine interests.Would you like that?"

Alex was excited,her father's work was very interesting to her too.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Jun 29 2010 01:09:29 EST

"That would be good,"Alex agreed.

Nada thought about ways she could tell Alex about the border needed to me monitored. Then it came to her. "Daddy hasn't finished the wall yet," She began, "and there are people who want to cross the border here without permission. Some onf them bring bad things into the country. I think he is trying to help the people who guard the border from them. Do you understand, dear?"

"I guess," Alex replied.

"Good. We will talk to daddy later about it."

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Jun 29 2010 14:09:37 EST

The Reaper up, Robert went to join his sons at breakfast. They were usually out he door by now. It was unusual for them to stick around and wait for dad. He didn't know for sure, but htought that this might be because they had a habit of not making friends until summer. It was Sam that did this more than Jake. Even then, they both often came home having met at least onw new person. It was the first day of summer vacation and the two hadn't gotten out yet.

"Good morning, dad," They both chimed in.

"Morning boys," he replied,"I thought you boys would be outside makin' a friend by now."

Jake hesitated then nervously said,"well we haven't seen you since you started the house. I mean, you were almost invisible. We have to get to know you again."

Sam smiled and snickered behind the explanation. Robert just wagged his head. It was as good an explanation as any; besides he had been absent from his family the last few months. Maybe it was time to do something together for a while even if just for one day.

"Well," Robert began,"since you are so eager to be with me today, how about helping me finish the south wall?"

Jake thought about it for a moment, then looked at Sam. he shrugged as if to say "why not." It seemed plausible to him too. it was then that Nada and Alex walked in the kitchen door.

"You going to finsh the wall today," Nada asked.

"Yes, dear and I believe that the boys were just about to volunteer to help out," Exclaimed Robert.

Sam looked up inot his mother's eyes. Nada could never resist them and on a hot day like to day she knew what those eyes were asking for before the mouth said it, lemonade. Nada smiled back and nodded. It was like their own private code that only the two of them knew. Lemonade was good, but Nada felt the first thing her most beloved men should have was water, especially with temperatures making a break for 100 degrees.

"I make it," she told him, but you have to have at least three bottles of water each today first."

"Alright," Sam pined,"I will."

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Jul 08 2010 19:01:02 EST

Alex climbed up on Daddy's knee and kissed him on the cheek.She too was glad to have some time with her wonderful father. He put his arm around her as she asked innocently,"Daddy ,why do bad people want to come across our land?"

Robert was a little surprised but he was happy to see that she was aware of what was going on around her at such a young age.
"It's very complicated," he told her,"After breakfast I'll get out the map and we'll talk about it,okay Sweetie?"
That was definitely okay with the little girl. It meant getting more of her father's attention.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Jul 10 2010 17:36:19 EST
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Genre: Adventure
Created: 06-26-2010
Word Count: 1294

Copyright © 2008-2019 gr8dragon, celeritas. All rights reserved.

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