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Tales of the White Canoe

By: celeritas
celeritas's Profile

Real Name: Johnnie
Age: not specified
Sex: female
Location: Florida

Other Passer Name(s):
not specified

I am an artist but writing is what makes me happy.

Writing Style:
Fantasy and sci fi are my favs

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, May 30 2009 18:02:43 EST

Sleek Otter pulled the blanket closer around her frail shoulders and spat into the fire.She liked the sizzle it made and so did the little ones.They each followed her example and she cackled in delight.Above them the spangled blackness hovered near as the moon and stars strained to hear the old woman's tales of the White Canoe.

"Tell us about Standing Bird and the magic snake,"Willow Branch said as she went to spit in the fire again.Then the little girl curled up against Sleek Otter and waited wide eyed with anticipation.

The old woman laughed and wrapped her blanket around the child."You always ask for that story ,"she said but she was glad .It was her favorite too.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Jun 03 2009 17:46:30 EST

"Before there were very many people on the Earth,"she began,"The animals and birds had no leader.They looked up to Standing Bird because he was tall and could catch fish in his beak.He wasn't afraid to walk in the swamp where the crawling, slithering things stayed either.One day when the sun didn't shine and thunder birds beat their wings among the clouds,Baby Bear came and asked Standing Bird to catch her a fish for breakfast.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Jun 03 2009 17:56:32 EST

"What will you give me in return?"Standing Bird asked playfully, not really wanting anything at all.

Baby Bear thought for a moment and said,"I will give you time.
I will give you all the time you need to catch my fish,"she laughed.

The tall silver bird fluffed out his feathers and spoke in a very tall voice and said,
"Why thank you friend bear.No one has ever given me that gift before."Then he walked off into the swamp to catch some fish.

Willow branch looked up and saw that the bowl of heaven had descended and now hung low above them.
"Look grandmother,"she whispered,they want to hear your story too.

"Yes,"said the old woman,"The little stars love this one and Mother Moon likes it too.It makes them sleepy .Soon they will begin to twinkle and a few will blink right out until tomorrow night."

Willow felt as though she was in an enchanted wigwam .Pale Horse grew impatient and urged Grandmother to continue.The three other children all agreed .Grandmother spit into the flames again and said,

"Oh it was just at the time for the change of seasons.A cranky cloud spirit saw the bird searching for food and blew a gust of icy wind across the water freezing it solid.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Jun 03 2009 21:50:21 EST

Standing bird tried to lift his feet out of the frozen water.First one foot and then the other but they wouldn't budge.Finally,giving a mighty surge of his great wings,Standing Bird flew into the air with the ice around his feet.He lifted up the swampy pool and the Magic Snake along with it.

You see the Magic Snake had been sneaky snaking through the water towards Standing Bird when the water froze.Now he was trapped in the ice."

The children oohed and ahhed with wonder at such a sight and the little stars twinkled excitedly in their blanket of blue.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Jun 10 2009 02:40:52 EST

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Nov 15 2009 23:18:54 EST
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Genre: Adventure
Created: 05-30-2009
Word Count: 760

Copyright © 2008-2019 celeritas. All rights reserved.

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