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Singing in the Dark

By: Lilo
Lilo's Profile

Real Name: Leila
Age: not specified
Sex: female
Location: Australia

Other Passer Name(s):
not specified

Hello !Not much interesting about me that no-one has heard from anyone else before - I live in Australia, am aural pollution on the piano yet still persist, love chocolate, and write on the side to relieve boredom.

Writing Style:
I'm a pretty much all-rounder but some of the genres I haven't played around with yet include romance, sci-fi and horror but I'm always ready to try something new :)

Kaya's POV | Leon's POV

     Singing in the Dark from Kaya's Point of View...

Singing in the Dark Synopsis

I haven't quite worked out all of this story yet but so far: Leon is confused about something, is trapped somewhere, or lost - "in the dark" and he either hears Kaya singing or Kaya comes into his life and fixes up all the mess. Kaya is singing - either very happy with how her life is going or she is actually singing and she feels that someone (Leon) is listening, or that she is touching his life in some way. Please add your brilliant pieces of writing!


The sun was shining and the motorboat growled contentedly along the river. My hand rested on the steering wheel, guiding it around what was fondly known as the 'rapids' but what was actually just a couple rocks sticking up in a narrower part of the river.

On first sight the river looked very peaceful, when in fact it was crawling with life. Birds cawed softly to each other in the mangroves. Little crabs clacked and scuttled along the ground, in and out of their little homes. A fish darted somewhere a few meters away. Not another human being in sight.

I laughed a bit to myself and revved the engine a bit more. The boat started to speed up a bit and was soon skimming along the water quite fast. The 'rapids' were past and I felt the wind blowing my hair behind me and across my face. A gentle bend was coming up and I speeded the boat even more. Splashing up on the sides of the boat, the water frothed white and I felt so glad I had managed to come out again. I might even make a habit of this.

Lilo (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Nov 05 2009 00:46:49 EST

Then from out of the distant gray clouds a loud clap of thunder changed the atmosphere. In another moment it was raining like I had never seen before.Huge chunks of hail fell around me and one large piece cracked my windshield. I swerved the boat over to the side and pulled up under a spreading oak in spite of the danger of lightning. The hail was my biggest concern.
I saw an old barn a few yards up from the river and decided to make a run for it. Putting a life preserver cushion over my head,I ran for the old building. The door stood half hanging on its hinges but I was glad for the shelter.Two owls flew out into the weather then all was quiet except for the storm.
Shaking and unnerved ,I sank down on a pile of hay and threw down the cushion. Taking off my windbreaker,I looked around me. Somebody else had been here recently . It looked as though someone was camping out inside the barn for there was a burnt out fire near the door .
Behind me I found a stash of books and magazines and a few canned goods. I was a little bit worried because all I had for protection was a fishing knife on my belt ,although it was very sharp.
I couldn't leave yet and my boat was taking a beating from the hailstorm. I figured the best idea was to climb up into the hayloft and wait for the returning hobo.That way I would have the element of surprise.
It was cold even though it was a Florida winter and I longed for the warmth of a fire but I decided to wait in case there was more than one homeless person.
How I wished for my warm little trailer back at the RV park.
It wasn't much but it was all decorated for the Holidays and it was cozy and dry.
That's when I noticed something in the back shadows. A tiny Christmas tree leaned precariously with its load of garlands and bows.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Sep 03 2010 03:30:51 EST

Then I heard singing.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Sep 03 2010 03:53:38 EST

At first I thought it to be the wind. It was high and reedy like a small girl child singing as she swung . I climbed the ladder to the loft and lay down in the sweet smelling hay to listen more closely. The sing song quality of the music seemed to lull my mind and I actually dozed off. It was dark when I woke up and the storm was down to a slight windy drizzle. I climbed over to look down and realized the singing had not stopped but rather the singer was carrying a different tune. It was a song about the Ballad of Barbra Allen,very sad and forlorn.What's more I now saw the singer hunched over in front of a small fire near the open doors of the barn. Smoke drifted out into the rainy night and the figure sang as she roasted something on a stick over the flames.
At that moment she turned and looked me in the eye.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Sep 04 2010 02:18:20 EST

"Are you a bad man?" she asked softly.
I shook my head and tried not to smile,"No,I'm a good man,"I informed her.Can I come down there by you?"
She nodded and I turned around and scaled the ladder to the bottom.Cautiously so as not to frighten her I moved closer.
She was a small blond child with wild crazy curls and bright blue eyes. I guessed her to be about six years old."You are a very good singer," I told her truthfully. "Are you here alone?"
She began to sing again while she carefully lay small twigs on the fire.
That's when I noticed dried blood on her tiny hands. "Are you hurt? " I asked.
She stopped singing and said,"No,it's Mommy. She doesn't say anything any more."

A cold breeze ruffled the flames and blew the smoke back in my eyes. I felt strange as though none of this was real. Maybe I was still in the hayloft dreaming.Then the girl said,"Do you want to see?"
"See what?" I asked,half afraid of the answer.
"See Mommy," she whispered.

I just wanted to go out and see if my boat would get me back home but I said calmly,"Yes,I want to see your Mommy.Where is she Sweetie?"

She said nothing but rose and led me back toward the empty stalls. There in the flickering shadows I saw a body lying in the hay.I knelt down and touched the woman's arm. It was warm and the touch elicited a moan.
"Water,"the woman groaned,"Water,"
The girl ran away and came back with a soda bottle full of water and gave it to me with big frightened eyes.
I lifted the woman's head letting a few drops dribble onto her lips.
"Kaya," she whispered, and Kaya went to her with tears in her eyes. "Mommy,you're back," she cried . I could see blood on the Mother's white blond hair.

I saw a lantern hanging on the wall and lit it from the fire so I could see how bad it was. "This is Leon said Kaya and I remembered I was wearing a work shirt with my name on it. The woman passed out again and I examined the wound .
A lot of blood but not a bad injury. From all the bruises I could see she had been beaten .
"Who did this?" I asked Kaya as I cleaned the wound with a strip of shirttail.
"Santa," she said and began singing 'Silent Night' very softly. I could see she was badly traumatized .
Kaya stood up and stared out at the blackness beyond the open doors,"He's coming back ," she whispered.
"It's Christmas Eve and he always comes back with presents."

I glanced over at the rickety Christmas tree and noticed a few small gifts beneath it."Kaya ,how long have you and Mommy been here?" I asked while I tied a clean strip of cloth around her Mother's head.
"Santa had to hide .We helped him.He is going to come back tonight and bring me a puppy.He took Jamie with him to the North Pole but Mommy didn't understand. She got in the way and fell and hit her head. Santa was sorry but he had to go get his sleigh ready. Jamie went to help him and I am supposed to take care of Mommy until they come back.Then we will all get to ride in the sleigh with my puppy."
All this came out in a rush and then she put her head in her hands and began to sob. "I just want Mommy to be okay. I don't care about the puppy any more and I want my little brother back too."

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Sep 04 2010 02:27:41 EST

I checked her Mother's vital signs and put her head down gently on the hay. I had once been a paramedic before the war and I figured she was going to be okay except for a possible concussion. "Come here Sweetie," I crooned and took the child in my lap. She was shivering having on only a pair of shorts and a short sleeved top. I took off my windbreaker and put it around her as I held her close.
I was afraid. I knew "Santa" was surely some kind of dangerous criminal.I found myself gently rocking the little one there in the darkness beside the injured woman.
I wondered if he would return or if he had taken the boy hostage and left for good?
"Did Santa leave anything behind,?" I asked.
Kaya was drowzy but she rubbed her eyes and sniffled.I could tell she was hesitating. "I'm not naughty,I'm nice," she told me,"I don't tell secrets."
The wind got stronger and a sudden gust put out the struggling fire by the doors. I was glad,it was safer this way.This way I would see him in the sketchy moonlight before he saw me.
"Kaya," I whispered,"Are we friends?" She nodded and snuggled closer trying to get warm.
"Friends share secrets all the time," I said ,"I'll tell you a secret if you will tell me one,".
"Okay," she agreed.
"Santa sent me to get you and take you to my house to see your new puppy."
She sat up straight and smiled,"Really,?" she said,"For real?"

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Sep 05 2010 01:31:44 EST

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Created: 11-04-2009
# of Story Views: 788

Copyright © 2008-2009 celeritas, Lilo. All rights reserved.

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