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Shadow Hawk Superspy

By: gr8dragon
gr8dragon's Profile

Real Name: Matthew Teets
Age: 42
Sex: m
Location: Littleton CO

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Writing Style:
Fantasy,Action, Science fiction

Shadow Hawk Super Spy
Matthew Teets

Dr. Mason Shadow Hawk sat at his desk going pouring over his research. The agency had decided to create a superspy. He was super intelligent, remembering everything he would read, hear or do. No person or computer could stop him. His eyesight had more range than most other human beings and more fit than nearly all of us. He'd hoped that no one would come after the first one. Shadow Hawk cleaned up the file, redacting all evidence of who the first 'super agent' was hoping that whoever took it wouldn't have the equipment to remove the redaction. It was a false hope, he knew but the effort was worth it to protect his only son. Shadow Hawk wasn't expecting so soon what happened next. Four agents busted through the front door of his home. Frantically he rushed to hide the file in the safe and lock it away. Layla could only do so much to fend them off as they entered.

Zack was in his room, door slightly ajar as he played at hacking the school network. He didn't know exactly why was doing this; it just gave enough of a rush to be fun. No one ever knew it was him. The home network took care of that. It made him a shadow on the net. Zack heard the miscreants as they busted into the house making their way to his dad's office.
"We want the file and the boy, Wolf, "a sexy, sultry female voice said forcefully.
"Never," He told them.
"Oh you will give it to me or I will kill your wife," she returned.
It was then that he heard his mother say the code. She had taught it to him when he was three. The memory flashed back into his mind with amazing clarity. It was the day after he'd turned five. She came into his room as he played with a favorite toy gun. Gently, she removed it from his hands and took him to the bed, asking him to sit down. He could feel the seriousness of her tone as he sat down beside him.

"It is time," she told him, "to make you a little n=more safe."
"Why," Zack asked.

It was a sensible question, one she had come to expect. The reminder was gentle and pointed. If ever the family was in trouble and people wanted to take him she would say 'you can't have the diamond and we'll make sure you never do.' She made sure her little chief understood as she held him close. Zack's mind snapped awake as the code reached his door louder than ever; louder and clearer.
"You can't have the diamond; we'll make sure you never get it." Layla exclaimed.

He'd found the entrance to his secret chamber. The only things inside were two gifts he'd chosen not to unwrap yet. He knew what they were anyway. There wasn't a secret his parents could keep from him for very long. Zack noticed that he was moving faster than usual everything was a blur as he grabbed the two presents and scrambled into the shoot. They wouldn't find him. His parents' refusal to hand them over was the reason he'd lost them. He heard the gun shots as he jumped in. All the way down he cried for them. What was he going to do now? There was no one to take care of him. Zack hit the bottom of the shoot hard. The door to the shoot must have closed because it was pitch dark in the room or wherever he had landed.

A thought slipped out of his young mind, "I wish I had some light in here," he caught himself saying. The lights just clicked on. As he looked around, Zack felt instantly safe. It wasn't just lights, but computers and video screens too. His dad had given him everything he needed. A blue light flashed on one of the consoles. The chair nearby to call to him as loudly as the light did, but the light seemed to scream for activation. Zack grabbed it, rolling it over to the blue light. It flashed with the kind of urgency that he couldn't avoid as he released paddle on the chair that pushed the seat up to its highest point. He had to climb to get into it.

"Okay," He said quietly as he flicked the switch.

His heart and mind came to a state of sedated alarm as the image of his father came onto the screen. Tears rolled down his chipmunk-like face.

"Hello daddy," He whispered to himself, "I'm sorry."

The video was a goodbye and a training video. Its beginning was a pep talk of sorts. Zack sat up as it began.

Hello son. If you are watching this video it is because the research that lead to you has claimed us as its price. None of this is your fault so you shouldn't ever think such. You are a super spy bred to defend everything this country stands for.

We are sorry to have left you when you are still so young and unready for life in the great out there. They will be looking for you so there is a file in the safe of this room. Your first mission is to find the man whose information is in it and become his son.

Zack hopped off the chair and looked for the safe. As he did, he noticed that everything other than the console was built at his exact height. Another memory flashed through, a number that seemed to be everywhere in the house that he looked. What was it? Wait, he remembered, it's the combination. He pressed the numbers in and realized that the numbers also referred to his birthday. The safe door opened releasing a tiny rush of air. Inside was a file. Six videos and a .38 special like his mom's. It was already in the holster so he just put it on his belt and took the file and the videos and sat on the floor as the video of his father ran on.
I see you've noticed the videos, too. These are your first training. Enjoy them as you will need them to get out of the house. In the file is the whole skinny on the the guy you need to see. He is not agency so they don't like him. They call him The Director so that's what we will call him.

Do whatever he tells you until you can manage alone. Both
he and his passions are a little odd at first glance, but The Director is a good man, the best. Watch the videos and go find him. The other team will be watching for you, so take utmost care son. Make sure they don't get you or your secrets. Don't eat until they are asleep. If you use your bedroom window to get out wait until night time and make sure they are asleep. To your left is a closet.

Zack went to it an opened it up as his father continued. Inside he found more stuff a Shadow suit with a wolf on it, two swords and climbing claws. He smiled thinking, I'm a ninja now. Zack took the suit and put it on. It was comfortable like his pajamas and fit closely without being too snug. He put the claws on and they were made to fit too. The swords were a bit long for Zack to handle, but they were still cool, having dragons etched into the blades.

He picked the file up from the floor by the safe and threw it onto the big steel table in the center of the room. The video said one last thing to him.

Son, keep safe and use what we helped God give you. Don't doubt your skills and abilities, develop them. Make them better than that of anyone else. You are small now, but you have great things ahead of you. Don't let them find you, and do not use your abilities in a way that will allow them to do that. Protect who and what you are and become much more. Only then will you survive as an unknown.

Change your name only if you must but reveal you real name to no one. No one person should be trusted entirely. It's getting late and I have run out of things to say accept that though your mother and I aren't with you we love you very much and will be with you forever. This brings me to the last thing. On the other end of the table you will find an imprint of your hand the size it is now; put your hand in it.

As soon as he did, a small door in the bottom of the table hit him in the leg. Zack got down off the stool he'd crawled onto his eyes on the drawer. Inside was pendant of a black wolf with a hawk flying overhead. There was also a key for something else. It looked almost like his mom's car key. This one was smaller. Was this a car made for him? Where was it? Zack returned to the wall and picked up the videos searching through them as he returned to the table. As he approached the lead end a monitor rose from underneath and a slot opened on top.

He put the first disk in. It was a Learn to Drive video. Zack put the key on the table and began watching all of the videos straight through. He didn't know why, but he just didn't feel tired. Still, his stomach turned and grumbled as he came to the end of the "Enter the Dragon" DVD. He hated to leave but he had to see if his assailants were still in the house. Chances are that they were so he put on the mask and started to reverse chute that had brought him to the secret room. As soon as he got in it sensed his weight and shot him all the up and through the door.
Thankfully, Zack landed on his bed without a single thump or bump. He smiled as he slid off the door edge. Taking care to be as quiet as a five year old boy can he opened the bedroom door. It didn't squeak. Had dad fixed the door before he left me? He thought with a smile, always helping me. Instead of walking the stairs he slid down the rail making every effort not to vocalize the fun he was having. Zack landed softly on the last stair and stepped down. To his right he could see two men asleep on the couch. He snickered quietly as he walked through the kitchen. Everything had been made so that Zack could open it quietly. A small button flashed and glowed on the handle as he approached. His first meal was already sitting on the edge of the shelf in front of him.

Zack looked further inside. This wasn't the refrigerator he had always gotten peaches and apricots from. It was different. The bottom shelf sat higher than normal and further back. It was as if the spaces were meant for him to sit or stand in. Wait, Zack said to himself, it's an alligator. Back down I go. That he had decided to take the 'refrigevator' back down was a good thing. As soon as he stepped into the thing, stepping on the button he hadn't noticed he saw one of the men coming to grab him. They didn't of course, but now Zack had to get out of the house. There was only one thing to do. He had to find the car. Grabbing his dinner as he stepped out Zack called out, "Car!"

Another door opened inside the closet. Zack gathered everything he needed. He grabbed his key, putting it on the pendant chain and ran for the exit knowing that it would take them a while to find a way into the secret room or to see him as he rolled out the garage door. He crawled into the shoving everything in his arms onto the platform that waited for his little bottom and put the key around his neck. As soon as he did the door closed and the lab set itself to explode in ten minutes. It counted down as the little car lifted its precious cargo to the garage.

The little rail car finally made it to the garage and the exit door opened. Zack climbed out to find a fiver's replica of the Aston Martin DB9 with a real engine made especially for this mini-car. It even had a small trunk just deep enough for his things. Zack got in and turned the key. It was a glow with his favorite color, royal blue and made of high tensile steel. Zack reached into his pocket and pulled out the key to the little Aston and climbed in. After putting on his sunglasses he started his lady up. He looked around for a door opener and found one in the glove box. Smiling he took it out and pressed the big blue button on top.

The inside garage door opened just as the door opened to the amount of space he needed. Zack looked over his right shoulder with a start, accidentally pressing down on the gas. Out the car went as he returned his view to the road ahead. He took a sharp left back to the walk closing the garage door. On the opener was a second red button. He pressed it but nothing happened that he could see. He and the Aston were a hundred yards away when the house exploded. Zack was thankful that no one was out that late. Nobody needed to know that he was still alive. They needed to think that he was dead and his dad's file on the project that he was had been burned up. He'd stopped for a second, but thought it better to move on, to find the director while he was able. The instructions said that Zack had to drive for a mile then turn right and go down to the third traffic light. All the streets were dark and empty save for what seemed a thousand street lights all emitting a large spot of orange light where they stood. Their quiet was almost deafening with only a light and intermittent breeze that passed through his hair and over his young, tender skin. The lights passed by in a blur as he came to the first stop and turned.

Zack began to feel that he wasn't alone. He slipped his .38 from its hiding place, putting it on the seat next to him. Soon he began to see the motive glimmer of a vehicle in the corner of his eye. He had to hide both himself and the Aston. Just little ahead and to his right Zack spotted an open gate. Adrenaline rushed through his body as he pushed down on the gas again, turning hard right. Zack didn't know if he would even make it to the gate. He almost had when the big black hum-v poked its ugly nose around the street corner. His heart beat harder and faster. Motion slowed to his view as he emerged from the mini Aston to stand his ground against the imposing threat.

When the Hum-v stopped, four men and one woman got out. None of them knew what they were really dealing with. They approached Zack thinking this was just an ordinary boy, but feeling otherwise. They all looked him over. What was so special about this little boy? He didn't seem to be anything special. Zack crouched down in preparation for a fight, hoping he wouldn't have to waste his time this way. The hope was dashed as the first man approached him. Almost instantly, the wushu and wing chun movies from earlier in the evening made their way to the tip of his brain. Everything got slower as the images took control of his body. Zack began to see shadows popping up all around him. On every roof top stood the shadowy figures of children. They just stood there watching as a large truck approached from the other direction on the road. What now? Zack thought releasing a hard sigh. The others didn't approach. It was as if they wanted to see how he would handle the problem in front of him. He smiled thinking, if they want a show, a show they'll have. Everything came back as his focus returned.

"You're going to die, kid," Zack's assailant threatened.
"We'll see," Zack returned with insolence.

He returned to his earlier stance signaling him on. The man just laughed as he lunged in to start things. Zack just stepped aside. His opponent took a full dive into the grass. Humiliated, he rose and grabbed for Zack again latching on to his ankle. Zack spun around with his other leg catching the man on his cheek hard. This just made him angry. He looked for anything that could knock this kid out finding nothing but the knife at his ankle. The mission was to capture not to kill. They went on in the dance of battle for almost twenty minutes. The kid had endless energy. Zack's power never degraded. He even amazed himself. Every move was met stroke for stroke until number one was defeated. He lay on the ground like an old log.

The others were met in the same way as the old lady looked on analyzing the situation. This child was more than she would ever see again. She felt Zack's power as he stared her down. He was ready for more, but she wasn't sure this was the time for to take him. She needed a new strategy, but thought otherwise as a .338 shell flew past her ear hitting the window of the hum-v. She just got in and left. Zack hadn't noticed that while he was fighting someone had taken his bespoke car. Two figures stood in the distance. He blinked and the smaller one was gone. Zack turned to the right and there the figure was holding a Remington 700 XCR complete with long range scope. The other boy smiled.

"My name is switch," he said, "They'll bother you again, but not for a long while I think."

And he was gone again; gone to a roof top as a man three times this kid's age walked up to him. He was dressed in a suit that made him look like 007. His gait had the air of importance and leadership. Was this the director? It had to be. No one else would have anything like this. Once in front of Zack the Director kneeled placing his hand on the boy's shoulders. It was a gesture that made him feel welcome and secure. They walked over to the truck. Inside of were two things. The boy in him wanted to cry while the agent in him wanted revenge.

"I am Morgan Hunter," He said as they approached the truck, "They call me the Director."

"What now?" Zack asked.

"Training kiddo training," Hunter told him.

Hunter opened the door and boosted his new agent into the truck, buckling him in and pressing a button on the dash. Zack's seat was boosted as Hunter shut the door. Switch had briefly returned to the truck.

"You and the others follow after us. The other side's junior agents will be close behind."

"Yes sir. They shouldn't have him."

"See you back at base then I want you to go home and rest."

Switch nodded affirmatively as he signaled the others. They all disappeared from Zack's view one shadow at a time. His first mission was complete. He had found The Director. Zack wondered what lay ahead for him now. When the Director climbed into the truck only the car was on Zack's mind.

"Where's my car," he asked the man.

"In the back," Hunter answered, "no sense in them having both of you."

Zack smiled. He actually kind of liked the car. It made him feel like a secret agent. Then it clicked. Is that what I am? He asked himself. The whole trip to the Director's base Zack was quiet. There was so much to think about. His parents had always treated him special and now he was going to be a spy. When they arrived, on instinct he looked all around him. It was the ordinary house of a wealthy man from every outward angle. Zack unbuckled himself as Switch came to the door. The older boy took him out as his car was removed and placed in the normal looking garage. Zack was taken into the house and up the stairs to a semi-secluded bedroom in the west wing. It had everything. Hunter went to the closet and took out some bed clothes.
"Take a shower and get ready for bed. It's going to snow tonight so keep your covers on the best you can. In a few minutes everyone's Christmas lights will be on. You can stay up a while and see which ever ones you can from here. I'll be in later to tuck you." Hunter suggested.

Zack picked up the clothes and toddled into his bathroom to take a shower. This guy isn't too bad, he thought to himself. Changing his name wouldn't be an issue. The other side needed to believe he had died with his parents. He was a spy now and that meant no one could know him. All previous friends were non-existent. It was all okay though. This was what his father had told him to do and that made it necessary.

When Zack came out of the bathroom, Hunter had returned with hot cocoa and the best oatmeal cookies he'd ever smelled. They were still warm too. That was when they were best. All of the flavors came out. It was the same here. Memories came back to him. He remembered the first time he'd tried to snatch a fresh cookie from the oven tray.
"After dinner little man," She said.

"Okay," He would say half way yielding.

Zack would always watch to see when she'd left. Of course, Nadia would always notice the two cookies gone and forgive her little super spy. He was learning his skills well.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Dec 13 2012 18:14:31 EST
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Genre: Adventure
Created: 12-13-2012
Word Count: 3887

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