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Return to Ravenwood

By: gr8dragon
gr8dragon's Profile

Real Name: Matthew Teets
Age: 42
Sex: m
Location: Littleton CO

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Writing Style:
Fantasy,Action, Science fiction

A dark plague flew through the highest levels of the spiral. Mooshu and Celestia were the hardest hit. Only the strongest adults and a few children survived. It was determined that for the future of the upper spiral the children needed to go to the outer world. Mooshu had similar problem. Only one young child survived. Both worlds had decided that their names would be changed for a time. The council agreed that when the time was right the children who were sent away would be sought out, brought back to the magic they possess inside them. Their magic would be bound until their eighth year. Small magics and knowledge of the world they were in would be learned first. Then, their magical houses would manifest in two tattoos one on the dorsa and the other on the palmar center of the right hand.

Awryn Mythtamer took one last look at his son. This would be the last time he would have sight of him. Awryn missed him already, as did Alora. Tears of love and longing filled her eyes as she drew the family sigil on the world altar. Next to it went the spiral sigil for the outer world. He would be alone there and she feared for him. In Celestia it was the same for Farwyn and Andra Shadowshield as they said the last word of the spell to send their beloved Lucas to the outer world. Both boys had the family name and sigil on their little robes. In the blink of an eye they were in the outer world, alone and awaking cold and hungry. A beautiful woman in her forties discovered them huddled in a corner by a dumpster, and promptly ignored them passing them by. The sun rose to its highest point and their bodies warmed.

"Who are you?" The first boy asked. He looked down at the medallion that lay over his small chest," then said, "I'm Ronan. Who are you?"

The other looked down too. His medallion said in large, clear letters "Lucas." He looked to the other boy, "My name is Lucas. Are our Mommies and daddies gone?"

Ronan shrugged. He had forgotten everything, even who he was. The two made a pact right then and there to always look after one another. Their hands came together, clasped, "Friends forever!"

"Friends forever," Lucas said joining in.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Aug 24 2010 19:24:34 EST

The boys felt no twinge of fear but rather a strange exhilaration filled their hearts. They immediately set about to find food,water and shelter. The instinct for self preservation was strong in their heritage. Across the street Ronan saw other individuals of their size laughing and running around what seemed to be a recreation area.

"Follow me,"he told Lucas, and ran across to the other side of the street.When they were in the midst of the children in the park, Lucas approached a little girl with a bag of potato chips and simply held out his hand. She smiled and gave him four or five chips saying, "My name is Megan,what's yours?"

"I'm thirsty," he said ,"Give me a drink,".
She pointed to a water fountain and he and Ronan went to stand in front of it.After a minute or two Megan realized they didn't know how to get a drink . She giggled and said, "What planet are you two from anyway?" She turned the handle, drank deeply and then stepped back for them to try.After splashing a lot of water on themselves,they managed to slake their thirst.
Lucas twisted a gold button off the pocket of his robe and held it out to Megan pointing at the bag of chips. She gasped at the beauty of the ornate disk and quickly traded.

Then Lucas grabbed Ronan by the arm and hurried him away from the scrutiny of two mothers who were eying the unusually dressed boys."Head for those trees over there," he instructed the other boy,"We need to make a plan,".

In the shadows of the forest,Lucas sat down on a fallen log to eat. Ronan dug a hand in and stuffed the salty morsels in his mouth. "What are we going to do now?" he asked.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Aug 24 2010 23:28:33 EST

Ronan looked around for a moment. This avenue had everything on it, even food. Nearby, an old man who looked as though he could be from Mooshu was loading fruit into a cart style stand. Ronan got an idea as to how to get a roof over them. He tapped Lucas.

"Fruit, c'mon." He urged.

The two boys made their way to the cart and sleeping underneath it close to the rear edge. Their querry looked even more enticing up close. With Bad timing Lucas reached up and grabbed one nectarine than another. Ronan looked up from under the cart hurriedly. The old man had left a pair of bananas hanging over the side as if he had seen them. Ronan snatched them quickly. They fell into his lap and he fell back into the wall. When the old man left they came out of their hiding place leaving the man a button each. Lucas was running out of buttons now. As they became fully erect, the old man noticed them with the fruit. Nagasaki made his way to the door, but was too late, the boys were already six leagues off so he called for the police.

"Police help, theives! Help!"

They heard Nagasaki's beckoned calls and got out of the car. They saw the oddly dressed boys and gave chase immediately.
Two officers sat by the park. It was twelve o'clock and they were feasting on burgers from a nearby shop. Lunch was good but had to wait until the call was answered. The oddly dressed boys already had a good lead on them. Both were wondering if sight of them would be lost. Ronan pulled Lucas down an alleyway. He wasn't sure what they would find there. The officers split up as the boys ran deep into the alley. The whole thing was shadowed. Lucas looked at his robes and knew what to do. He stepped back into the shadows, Pulling Ronan in with him.

"We have to hide!" Lucas whispered.

"I know, but where. Where?" Ronan retorted. Was what they had done wrong? They were just hungry, and they had paid for it. maybe the old man hadn't found the gold buttons yet. Oh well, at least they would get a roof over their heads and that's good right? Of course it is. It had to be.

Ronan and Lucas had no choice, they couldn't stay in this alley all night. Itwoulod be boring. They ran through to the other side. The other constable was waiting for them and caught them by their little hands. He walked them back through the shadows of the alley.

"I knew they would come out sooner ot later, Sean." He said.

"Yeah Jimmy all we had to do is wait. We'll let them keep what they pilfered from the old man. They look hungry." Sean observed.

"Let us go!" Lucas said,"we didn't do anything wrong!"

"Yeah, we didn't. Honest," Ronan added.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Aug 25 2010 15:50:18 EST

"Thank you so much for finding my children," said a female voice from the shadows. It was the beautiful forty year old stranger who had passed them by at the dumpster.
The policemen stopped and eyed her suspiciously,"wait just a doggone minute now lady," Jimmy said,"What's the idea of letting these little guys out on their own? Don't you know we could run you in for child neglect?"

The woman put her hand on the officer's arm and exclaimed,"Oh dear Sir,I am so sorry. I left them in the bathroom for just a minute to answer the phone and they sneaked out. They do hate taking their daily bath so much you know."

Sean stepped up and said, "Well let's see some ID before we go any further with this."
The woman took out her driver's license and a credit card and handed it to Jimmy with a sweet smile.They looked them over and then Jimmy said,"Alright then Ms. Eks,you can have your little tykes but it better not happen again."
The woman thanked them profusely, took the boys hands and walked quickly down the street and around the corner.
Neither child spoke a word. They just looked at each other as Ms. Eks hurried them into a small Family General store . Her face was somber while she chose several outfits for each of them. Lucas was anxious to escape her grasp but Ronan shook his head slightly when he caught that thought.Ronan knew they had to have clothes and shoes before they could run away from her.He looked at the woman and offered a smile.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Aug 26 2010 03:32:05 EST

As he nodded his new friend off Ronan looked Ms Eks over. She seemed nice, but why would she do this for a couple of urchins like them? She knew something. Ronan looked at his hand. There was something there. What is this, he thought. It was a birthmark. he turned his hnd over, there was another mark on his palm.

When Ms. Eks was finished collecting the their new clothes and shoes she turned and told them in certain terms,"before you can put these on, you both must take a bath. When you are done I will have lunch ready for you on the table."

Then she noticed Ronan inspecting himself. She knelt down to meet his bright, inquisitive eyes and continued, "what's the matter? Are you hurt?"

As soon as she reached for his hand, Ronan pulled it back. The hand with the mark was behind his back. It was something he didn't want her to see because he didn't know what it was himself. He looked down at Lucas's left hand. It was the same for him. A tattoo that stretched all the way up the arm with a round seal at the bottom. What did it mean, and where were they really from?

"It's nothing," Ronan said, "nothing that hurts anyway."

"Alright then, to the bathroom with you both. You're filthy." Ms Eks said with a kind laugh.

Lucas smilled with it. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Heck it's a roof over our heads, he thought as Ms Eks ran their bath. Ronan cought that thought too. Was he right? Who knew.
Still, the previous thought of "take the clothes and run" occupied his mind too. Why?

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Aug 26 2010 10:42:58 EST

They had come straight to the house as soon as they left the store by way of a black limo. It was driven by a dark man in the livery of a typical chauffeur. Even at his tender age, Ronan knew that meant money and lots of it.The man had helped them out and another more austere servant met them at the front door of the sprawling mansion.A petite girl in a rather frilly maid's uniform escorted them ahead of Ms Eks. Obviously they were expected.
When they entered the bathroom they were amazed to see twin tubs across from each other in the large room.Steam rose lazily to the cathedral ceiling and music wafted sweetly through the atmosphere of shear indulgence.
The boys looked at each other and Lucas thought,"Wish I had my sailboat right now."
Ronan sent back,"My remote control racing craft would be cool too." That's when it hit them that they were reading each other's thoughts and they began to laugh.

They climbed into the tubs and splashed around."She's going to see our arms," Lucas thought.
"She knows more than we do already," thought Ronan,"She was watching to see what would happen to us and she stepped in when we got in trouble. I think she is going to let us go as soon as we are in good shape again".
"I don't really want to go back out there ," Lucas sent as he ducked his head under to blow bubbles.
He tried to scrub off the strange markings but they just grew brighter and began to glow with a dozen unusual colors.
After a few more minites, a man servant came in with thick towels and fresh robes.
"Follow me to the dressing room young masters. You must dress for dinner with Ms.Eks."

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Aug 26 2010 20:12:25 EST

The house was truly amazing as they walked to their dressing room. Both boys thought about staying a while. If they were going to have a roof over their heads, this had to be the best one of all. When they arrived in the dressing room It looked like two closets in one. As the manservant opened the door they could they could half see that they had clothes for everything. Their old robes each hung from a second hanger. The gold buttons had been replaced with brass ones except for Ronan's which was retruned to Ms Eks by Mr Nagasaki when he saw the limo pull up to the store.

"They paid me too much, for their acquisitions miss. I want to return the first young man's button and their change."

Ms Eks had just nodded and accepted the envelope that was handed to her. It now sat on a shelf where they could see it. Once dressed, Lucas was the first to pick it up and look inside. Ronan took a look and then placed the envelope back where it had been placed. Maybe his friend's thoughts were right. Their parents were gone and the marks had stopped glowing. Still neither could remember where they had come here from, just that it had to be a special place, maybe a magical one. As they put on their remaining dinner clothes the manservant straightened them out. They had always been in robes since they could remember. Even their hats were hung up. They were the short flat kind all the students wore on their worlds Ronan's was orange with blue trim and a family sigil on the back part of the brim. Lucas' was similar only it was black with red trim it glowed brightly as the manservant shut the closet door and helped the, with their shoes. They both thought, "I could live with this nice lady forver and the clean clothes feel good." When the trio arrived in the dining room it was huge. Three courses were laid out in silver holding plates. They wondered what was under each dome.

"Well," Ms Eks said, "did you boys have a good bath?"

"Yes, Ma'am," just slipped out.

"Good," she continued, "now it is time to eat."

A servant liffted each of the boys' dome lids as they grabbed their forks. Ms Eks knew they would just eat like a couple of six year olds. It was to be expected. Lucas played with his food fo a moment, looking it over with care. This food was new to them.

"Go ahead," Ms Eks assured him,"I assure you, itis quite good."

She took a bite to show them. Ronan tested a small bit. It was good, he almost couldn't get enough. It was as if Michael the chef had seen them coming. For the boys the meal was still a surprise.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Aug 26 2010 21:23:23 EST

Ms. Opal Eks smiled and winked at Michael.Even boys from another world enjoyed macaroni and cheese. She turned back the cuff of her long sleeved blouse and removed her lace gloves,holding her arms out in front of her she said," Welcome to the Outer World.Your memories have been scanned and saved for future reference but for now they would only prove to be a hindrance . It is much easier to assimilate without the extra baggage.I will answer any questions you may have after dinner but for now just relax and enjoy."
Out of the corner of her eye,she was astonished to see a glass of cola rise and move slowly down the table to stop in front of Lucas with a jolt. It fell over,spilling the contents onto the crisp white tablecloth.
Lucas yelped and jumped to his feet saying,"I'm so sorry,I didn't mean to do that,".

Opal chuckled and motioned for Sherry ,the maid, to take care of the mess.
"Don't worry," she told him,"I am just surprised at how soon you are acquiring your abilities. I did not expect this yet.
Can you hear what Ronan is thinking now too?"
They both nodded and waited for her response but the moment was broken by the distant sound of the door bell.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Aug 27 2010 02:12:18 EST

Ronan was sitting on the corner and peeked around the corner to see who it was. It was a nice surprise. Meagan had come to see if they were okay. Opal led Meagan and her mother to the boys. Their jackets covered the tattoos on their arms, but their family and world seals still showed. Meagan marvelled at the marks for a moment, then asked,"were you hurt?"

Both boys nodded in the negative against their best judgements. She reached into her sweater pocket and pulled out the button Lucas had given her. He just wagged his hand in the negative. The thought swept through her head like a September wind. Still, her mother had thought itwas too much when what the button was made of and took out another envelope and laid it on the table in front of Ronan. He just looked at his new friend.

"That one's yours," he said.

Nagasaki looked over the buttons now in his hand, then put them between his teeth to make sure of what they were. He looked at the old clock that hung from his wall. It was still early so he made his way to the gold exchange store. Luck was with him, the store was still open. He took the strange buttons out of his pocket as he entered the open door. Kearen Jeffries ran the store and met Toyo half way across the floor. It had been a long time since his old friend had come to see him even for a game of chess. Toyo opened his hands and showed to show Jeffries his new treasure. Jeffries looked it over then took him to the counter.

"It has been a long time old friend," inspecting the buttons more closely, "where did you get these, old friend?"

"Two young boys left them in my fruit cart. I thought they had stoled four pieces of my fruit. Fact is they overpaid me for their treat."

"I saw those two boys," they were caught and taken to the police station on Rapp st."

"I see. Well then I have an apology to make. How much gold is there?"

"Tenth of an ounce each," he said hefting the two small buttons, I will give you a hundred for each one. The boys have grocely overpaid you."

"Then I have much to return to them. Pay me for the one and I will return the other."

"Okay, when will we play chess again?" Jeffries asked

"How about I teach you Majong next time we meet?" Nagasaki replied as Jeffries deposited the money and remaining button in his right hand.

Nagasaki left the store and headed for the police station. It was now later than expected and he had to hurry. After a twenty minute walk Nagasaki found himself before the station door and went inside. He asked about the boys and was told that they had been claimed by Ms Opal Eks. Toyo knew the name and where she lived. He thanked the officer on duty and began his journey to the woman's mansion on Picadilly hill, another long walk. It mattered not, he was out of the store and doing something good. That was all that mattered.

After another half hour he found himself at a slowly opening door. He was expected. The Manservant took him into the dining hall where the two boys sat talking to other who had arrived before him. Ronan and Lucas remembered him and rose from their chairs as Nagasaki knelt to meet them.

"I am so sorry to cause you such trouble, young ones," He offered.

"It's okay, we shouldn't have been so afraid of an old man," Ronan offered in return.

Another bit of cash money came out from another pocket and was intercepted by Ms Eks before it reached the young man's palm sigil. Nagasaki noticed it.

"Interesting mark you have there, young sir."

Ronan pulled it behind him to hide it again. No sense in letting these people know who they are until they knew for sure. Opal sensed that this on both of their young minds, but she also sense that this would be answered in the due time of their spiral sigils. That time would come in their eighth year which would come quickly. Their dreams would tell them. Let them grow a little more, she thought.

"This will be put into the bank for them," Opal announced as she looked through the wad of cash. In the center was Lucas' other missing button. She called a made to have the button and his primary robes taken to taylor for the button's replacement thereon.

"Get this taken care of Emily," She said.

"Yes mum," the maid said bowing her head quickly.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Aug 27 2010 11:41:39 EST

Lucas was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. He wanted to know what was going on and if it was supposed to be some kind of secret, why were so many people already involved? He sent a thought to Opal just to see if she was also a telepath .
She flicked her eyes toward him immediately when he sent," Tell us now please."
"Very feisty for a six year old " she thought,"But yes I will tell you right away.Please just be patient a bit longer while I deal with these friends.You may need their help in the future."
"Don't need anyone's help," he sent back with a frown on his face,"Just need some answers."
"Just like your Father," she thought and that gave him a reason to calm down.
She knew his father. That was the most important thing he had heard all day.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Aug 27 2010 19:38:06 EST

Ronan got quiet chuckle from the situation. Another thought crossed the air from Lucas' mind. Not long after Lucas felt a sharp pain in his rib. Ronan had plucked the thought from the air and judged it impolite. A quick breath escape Lucas' nasal cavity.

"What was that for?" came out of his mind.

"That thought was impolite. You shouldn't be having it!" Ronan said in a whisper.

Meagan kissed each of them on the cheek then turned to leave with her mother. Toyo reached his hand out for Opal's. It was then that Lucas saw it, a seal tattoo just like his own. Only a few symbols were different. Where was she from, the question just kept coming up in both of their minds. It wouldn't stop; it was even louder now.

Once everyone was out the front door, Opal took them to the sitting room. There were small sigils on every panel. Two looked familiar and they looked at the dorsi of their hands. Ronan's lit up as he sat down. He didn't understand why, the red one on his palm glowed too. It was as if a hot knife was being jammed through his hand. This one glowed brightest. Opal took her sweater off. Now they could see her whole tattoo.

"So eager to know," she said, "so slow to wait. It is to be expected I guess."

"Who am I?" Lucas asked.

Opal inspected their eyes. They both were asking the question. It ptractically burned their minds. She had to quench it, but how to explain so they will understand. The truth is always best she thought. Opal smiled a friendly smile as she began.

"You," she said taking Lucas' arm,"are Lucas Shadowshield of the Celestia Shadowshields. Then she turned back to Ronan,"You are Ronan Mythtamer, of the Mooshu Mythtamers. It was thought at one time that your second magic would be that of life, but when you turned three fire magic came to you. You now sit beneath the sigil of the fire school that is why your palm is on fire right now."

Ronan began to understand, but Lucas still wasn't sure. There had to be more, but what? His next question wouldn't wait any longer, it just came out.

"What are we doing here?" he asked.

"A few months ago a magical plague was spreading rapidly through the worlds of the upper spiral. Some of your friends were effected. They became very ill and died. Celestia was the world that was heaviest hit. Your parents sent you here to the outer world until the danger has passed. This will take some time, perhaps a few years." Opal said.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Aug 27 2010 21:10:48 EST

"This happened once before," she added before they could say more,"That is why I am here along with a few others who chose to stay on.When the time comes,you too will have to choose . You come from powerful families but things are quite different here. They have very little power in this world . Even now you must make a choice whether to stay on here with me or venture forth as you had started to do. What say you now?"

Ronan knew better than to make a snap decision. He wanted time alone with Lucas to talk over their options so he replied,"I say do you have anything sweet to eat? We didn't have much of our dinner and I am still hungry."

Opal smiled,"Of course," she answered, "I have a wonderful thing called Ice cream that I know you will enjoy while I tell you of your parents."

The little maid brought dishes of Strawberry Swirl and laughed at the expression on their faces after the first bite. Food on the Inner Realms was not so exciting.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Aug 28 2010 19:13:16 EST

Opal took a bite of of the treat and allowed it to melt in her mouth before she began again. To Lucas and Ronan every bite was phenominal. As Opal sat back in her chair the boys noticed a rather large sigil on the floor.

"A few month a ago the spiral council noticed that a strange illness was moving through the spiral. At first they thought it was something they could cure. The best alchemists among them tried everything. It wasn't a natural illness, it was supernatural" she told them.

Ronan's curiosity was piqued and he put down his ice cream to pay better attention. This was important, he had to know how got here and could feel that Opal was getting closer to telling them. Opal continued.

"Celestia and Mooshu were hit hard most of the children and some of the adults had succome to the illness. A handful from each of those worlds were sent here to the outer world for their safety. Some like you two are just now arriving."

"Has they found a way to make the others better?" Ronan asked.

"Reports have been sparse, almost none. Perhaps one messenger comes every month or so." Opal answered.

The conversation had taken on a quest-like quality. This illness had to be stopped. However, they both felt too young to do anything about it. Perhaps it would be best to stay with Ms Eks and learn all they could before venturing out on their own. They began to remember some of the things their mothers had taught them before they forgot who they were.

"We would like to stay, but if we leave on you it is good to know that you understand. Can you teach us some things we might need to know?"

"I can teach you things in your primary and secondary magics, but I think the others outside my doors could teach you more about this world than I could ever hope to. Be good to them. Meagan was a good start for a friend. She can teach you how to behave in this outer world and I sense that one of you likes her. Take care with that. It could be good be could or bad."

Lucas placed his bowl on the table now. Opal has his full attention for the duration of the conversation. She told them a little more about their families and that their current whereabouts were unknown, but they would know in time. She made them a deal.

"You two boys stay an apprentice with me and prepare for your journey and your years of knew life here on earth as they call it and I will teach you all I possibly can on shall we say three years and you will seek some things out for me in this world to use for a cure for the magical plague in the spiral."

"Can we think it over just us?" Ronan asked again.

"Certainly," She answered,"I shall leave you alone now to discuss it. Quietly is not your only option as I used to have a young boy myself. Do not take too long a time, bedtime in nigh."

Ronan looked too. With all that was going on, time had slipped by. They had already been with Opal two hours. She wanted them to take a short nap before venturing out into this new world again. The trip had drained them of some of their inherited magical power. Their conversation was indeed loud; neither boy held back his thoughts.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Aug 28 2010 21:12:20 EST

"If she wanted us ,she would have told us when we first saw her.I think she just feels sorry for us after she saw how badly we started out.I want to leave soon ," Lucas said angrily.

"Don't be ridiculous!" shouted Ronan,"You are six years old,what can you do out there on your own besides get picked up by the police again?"

Lucas turned red and a heavy couch pillow rose up to smack Ronan across the cheek.Ronan levitated a book from the book shelf to have it come down hard on Lucas' shoulder.That's when Emily rushed in to stand between them with tears in her blue eyes.

"Please don't act like this boys,you are both just exhausted from this exciting adventure you are now a part of. Wait until tomorrow to decide . For now,take a look at this,"
From her apron pocket she extracted a PSP and soon had their fascinated attention.
Watching from the next room via hidden cameras,Opal smiled and made a phone call.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Aug 29 2010 01:38:06 EST

She closed her eyes and thumbed through her book for the perfect person to handle this situation in particular. Both boys had such fire in their hearts, Lucas especially. She worried that he may need to learn to control this aspect of his inner self. It could prove dangerous if they chos to quest. Only one person could handle this much fire in the belly, them last page turned to just who she was thinking about, Ulric Firelance. She thanked the powers that be as she dialed the number.

Ulric Firelance had been in meditation for days now and was beginning to return to the top of his mind. His Manservant Whitman nswered the phone jst as the sigils on the door of the study lost their firy glow. Two of the fire school sigils in the house now began to glow. Whitman knew what this meant, as one glowebrighter than the other. Two new students with fire as their secondary element. One child was more aloof than the other with greater wisdom. The other had much to learn of himself. He was pleased to here Ms Eks on the other side of the line.

"Ms Eks," he answered, "A pleasure to hear from you as always."

"Likewise," Opal said with grace,"is Ulric available now?"

Ulric Firelance had immerged from his study with a long relaxing stretch. He noticed the glowing sigils as well and Whitman on the phone.

"Whitman," He asked,"is that dear Opal on the phone there."

"Yes, sir."

"I will take her in my study, Whitman and could you bring me a glass of water? I am parched."

"Certainly," Whitman aswered pressing a button and lightly hanging up the phone. Ulric ducked back into his study and took desk chair and stretched his arms and back befor picking up the receiver.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Aug 29 2010 09:57:19 EST

"I have something special for you my friend," Opal crooned ,"Two wild new flames for your taming."
"You have caught me at a most opportune time,my Dear." the man said,running his fingers through his crimson locks,"I am rejuvenated and raring to go.However I denote a bit of urgency in your voice,am I right?"

"Most astute," she admitted,"There has been a slight misunderstanding and one of my young charges doesn't quite trust me. Perhaps you will have better luck with him. You see I gave them a little rope on first finding them just to see how they would handle things and now he doesn't believe I want them here.He thinks it is all out of pity and I know better than to try and convince him.He is what you would call a real 'Firebrand'.

Ulric chuckled and opened a humidor filled with peppermint sticks,taking one out ,he said,"Bring them to me,dear Opal...

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Aug 29 2010 22:25:49 EST

On a whim Ulric took two more peppermint sticks from his humidor, then called for Whitman. The energy of what was to come filled ther air of the enormous study. Whitman sat down before his old friend and they talked for a moment. The look of new student acceptance was in his eyes. It had been a few years since they had had children in their midst.

"Whitman old friend, it is time to prepare. We have a real firebrand this time. Opal wnts uos to teach him to trust himself and most people he meets."

"How old this time?" Whitman asked.

"I am sensing just turned six. There is another, six months older already trusts Opal. He is coming too."

"Wisdom beyond his years, sir?"

"You could say that."

"Reminds me of someone else f you know what I mean."

Ulric had been the same way since he was five. It was an extra ability of sorts. It would be a joy to see it in another. Whitman left the room with one last question, "One room or two, sir."

"Two this time," was Ulric's answer,"I need to talk to the wise one."

"Wisdom, means that he is myth as primary sir. They inherit it from their lines."

With that Whitman left Ulric pndering. Impatience is a death trait, he thought. Mixed with fire the impatience becomes more pronounced. Whitman knew this because his master was myth as well Opal had come to his world with him twenty-five years before At the time of Malistair's tyraid of sorrow. They both liked the town andhad decided to stay. They were only fifteen then and more knowledgable.

"Whitman was just outside the door when he peeked out,"And set out dinner for ot guests. Ask Ayn to make something special for Opal and or yong guests."

"As you wish."

Opal paced the telephone receiver just above its space and gently relased it. With such distrust in Lucas' heart she needed a way to appease him and the truth was always best. She called for James her driver. He came in quietly.

"What is your wish Madame?" He asked.

"I need the special car, James."

"Ford or Morgan, Ma'am?"

"The Morgan, I think for these two."

"Seems the right choice," James offered,"it will be ready within the hour. I amheard it told that the elder of the two is Myth primary as I am. Is this true?"

"Yes, he is a Mythtamer."

The name was familiar to him.

"Is as wise as Emily says?" James asked.

"Indeed he his."

"Then we will be taking them to see Ulric?"

"Yes, we will."

As soon as James Dragonmane knew their destination he left Opal to prepare the Morgan he had restored from a rusted hulk the year before. He liked driving that car because it always ran like a top.

Opal left the camera room to attend to her new charges. She found Emily had calmed them down when her attention wasn't fixed on them entirely.

"Thank you Emily," she said,"You may have the rest of the day for yourself now."

"Thank you, Ma'am." Emily said bowing gracefully out of the room.

"It seems that we will be forgoing your nap," Opal announced. He would like to meet my most well known students ever," Opal told them.

They became reservedly excited at the thought. What was going to be next in their journey? Lucas looked into her eyes deeply. He could sense something that wasn't what it was and held his tongue for the rest of the time. He'd made a new friend and didn't want to lose him. He'd already made one mistake with Ronan today.

"Where are we going?"

"We are going to see a special friend of mine, Ulric Firelance. He wants to see how you came before you were sent here. WE have to hurry so get your coats and lets be on our way."

Lucas and Ronan took a quick look at one another, then ran for their coats and out the drawing room door. When they opened the front door the Morgan was sitting outside like a sleek white stallion with golden armor. Both boys couldn't beleive it as James opened the rear door to allow the boys to hop in. Opal wanted to drive them over himself and thus dismissed James and took the drivers seat as he opened the door for her.

They drove for a whole in the cool of the late afternoon. When they pulled up Ulric was waiting with the door open. As Lucas and Ronan exited the Morgan he looked them over seriously.

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As James watched the car disappear around the bend in the driveway,he tore off his cap and threw it down in the dust. Why did she always exclude him from her life ,he wondered. Couldn't she tell how much he loved her? She was supposed to be so intuitive. Now the brats were just another thing to distract her.
Well he would have to do something about it this time.He knew someone who would love to know about the new arrivals and even take them off her hands.
James switched his chauffeur's cap for a black helmet and got his motorcycle out of the servant's garage. Emily watched from the window as he roared away in a cloud of dust.
In a few minutes,he pulled up in front of an old arts and crafts store. It had once been a thriving franchise until Byron Von Weermort purchased it years before.Now it catered to a strange clientele .
James pushed through into the musty interior where pale shafts lit up dust motes wafting past his eyes."Where are you Weermort?" he called out,"I have decided to take you up on your offer,".

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Eventually heard footsteps and cane plants coming towrd him at moderate speed. Weary eyes looked him over wondering what brought him to make this deal with their owner. Then the mouth spoke.

"So you want to make the deal, do you. Are you sure? I sense worry in you about two young boys. Why so troubled? They are barely out of infancy? They are no threat to you or you love and your love for Eks is misguided her purpose is greater, but if you wish to seal this deal then we shall make it." Weemort chided.

Ulric guided the trio into his sittin room. Ronan and Lucas were surprised to see Meagan sitting on a sofa across from them. It was odd to them thatshe should be here. Why was she here. When Ulric spoke to them for the first time her prsence there became clear.

"I trust you boys have met my lovely cherub Meagan." He said.

Ronan smiled and wagged his head. Meagan gave them both a little wave. They waved back. It made Lucas curious as he asked, "Why didn't you tell us?"

"You didn't ask silly boy. Now come and sit with me both of you," Meagan said with an angelic smile that was mostly for Ronan.

Opal looked way. She had caught something in the air. It was a thought from James.

"I have been a fool all this time, Ulric." She said,"I must leave for a short time, but I will return."

"About what?"

"About James' motive for beingnear me. He's in love with me and now he seeks a deal with Weemort that effects the whole spiral. TRain the boys, there will be no time to sleep until these two are ready to battle. Call Khetmat."

Nebu Khetmat was the balance master. When Ulrich heard her say his name it his curiosity was piqued. One of these to need to balance his powers. He had to find out which before he called Nebu to his circle.

"Alright, but first I must know which one to prepare."

Opal nodded in agreement, then left. He looked on the boys again. They seemed to open themselves to his daughter. Just then his wife Camilla came into the room, eyeing her daughter
with the boys. They got along well enough, but she could sense what was in his mind as Opal left.

"You are going to test them, aren't you?"


"Meagan going to be there?"

"Yes, and khetmat."

She turned slowly in approval. It made sense. Opal always had a way of knowing what her charges needed. She went to the phone and called Khetmat. His phone rang three times and was amswered on the fourth ring.

"Khetmat," came fro he other side.

"Khetmat, your services are needed... tonight," she said.

"I have expected you call and will be there shortly, Camilla."

She hung up the phone and went to prepare heself for the test. Ulric took Meagan and the boys into the study. The place was amazing to them. They had never seen so many books before. Ulric sent the tables and rug away to show the elemental circle underneath. Five of the sigils now glowed as they approached. ROnan went to the myth as Ulrich placed Lucas on an empty one. Meagan also took an empty sigil as her mother took life and father took fire. Ulric started with the first test, one to test Ronan's magical focus and control.

"Close your eyes," he said to the boy.

Ronan closed his eyes as Ulric continued. Only two marked sigils were left as he continued, "Now master Ronan feel of your new freinds energy find him and port him to where he needs to be."

Ronan took a deep and cleansing breath. Soon he could feel Lucas' energy nearby. It wasn't long before he could feel all of the energies of the circle. One seemd to call to him. It told him to send Lucas there. Before Meagan could blink Lucas was standing on the balance sigil and couldn't move until he relaxed. At first he refused in his obstinate fashion. Both of their tattoos began to glow brightly.

Camilla could sense that the magic had told Ronan to place Lucas there. Lucas sensed it and so made nothing of it. Khetmat walked in just then. He could feel what magical energy had been used and loked to Ronan.

"You young man are quite advanced in magics for your age. Your frienf will need balancing, but first he needs to relax and"

He knew that Ronan already trusted him, was ready to learn more. Lucas however, was finding it hard t trust anyone but...Meagan.

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Khetmat called up a snowstorm that swirled around the room and quickly turned into a blizzard . Meagan cried out as she found herself lying belly down on the edge of a cliff. Lucas dangled from her straining hands above jagged rocks. Lucas screamed and looked up to see Meagan change into Ms.Opal Eks. Opal blinked snow out of her eyes and yelled,"Don't let go!" He didn't.
Opal yelled for help and instantly the others were there grabbing hold and lifting Lucas up to safety.He stood shivering on the brink as the blizzard abated . They stood around him in a knee deep bank of snow until Khetmat snapped his fingers and all was back as it had been.Opal put her arms around the shaking child and looked deeply into his eyes.His trust issues were gone like the blizzard that had threatened them moments before.
"Khetmat,You are a genius," she whispered.Looking across the room at the dark little man,she smiled and said,"I think I love you,".

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The hologram of Opal disappeared then but the corporeal woman felt everything that had happened in her physical absence. She was just outside the "Crafty Cave" when the vision of the blizzard scene had come to her. Khetmat had solved some of Lucas' trust problem without her being there. He was amazing.

Inside the strange store,she called out "James,I know you are here,come speak to me face to face.

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James slinked out to find Opal standing before her. She was unconscious of whether or not the deal had been made. She looked deeply into his mind. It had been mde but there was still a chance to win him back.

"James," she started,"I hope that I am not too late. There isn't much too say. My mission became all encompassing, so much so that I did not even notice the treasure I had under my own nose. I am deeply sorry for my ignorance. This is why I took time away from my charges to come and see you. Come back with me and help me with their training as my companion."

Opal wasn't sure her speach would work, but the hope that was deep in her heart surfaced with her tears of regret. James just stood there turning and stepping to one side. He relaized that he had now placed himself between the proverbial rock and hard place. Opal hoped that his deal with Weemort was off. James cast his view between them his final gaze, a long and penetrating one, fixing itself on Opal. He saw the love she had for her. It was a vision he could not refuse.

Meagan looked down at her right hand. Her palm sigil had been blank since birth. In a sudden rush of air she screemed a piercing yawp. Ulric and Camilla rushed to her side, Ulrich taking her hand and opening it. Her second magic was coming to her. It felt so cold it burned. Ulric called a chair and sat her down while Camilla healed her physical pain. The scar left was a lue snowflake. Ice magic had claimed her as a student. Lucas was still shaking like a tree in a fierce wind. Ayn could feel what was going on and made some hot chocolate and took it into the study. She knew the plan and placed pepermint sticks in two three of them, handing them through the other to the children. Lucas welcomed it with open arms lowering to sit on his knees as he sipped the hot treat.

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Ulric saw the children teetering on the brink of exhaustion,"Enough!" he commanded,"We will continue this on the morrow everyone." he wanted Opal there with him before he went any further. Take them to their rooms and give them anything they choose to eat or drink. Ronan entered his quarters to find a fine brass bird roost where before there had been nothing. On it sat a moderately sized, ever wathchful bird with a round face and red feathes with tufts of white. It eyed Ronan with a penetrating gaze the responded to his presence.

"Well," he bird said with an almost arrogant voice,"don't just stand there staring. You'd think a boy your age had seen a common barn owl before."

"Sorry," Ronan swallowed,"It's just...You weren't there before?"

Ronan searched his person for a peace offering for the stately owl. He found nothing, but was rescued by
"So I wasn't," The owl sniped,"What of it?"

Ronan seached every pocket, but found nothing to offer the ancient one. It was a stroke of luck that Whitman has just arrived with some hot cocoa, cookies and a special owl treat he and Meagan had cooked up just in case this should happen. Whitman placed the tray on Ronan's nightstand and took a treat from the pouch. The reaction was instantaneous. The owl snatched up the treat, savoring every inch of the morsel. Ronan had always wondered what type of spirit tha magic would send to be his guide.
Laughing,he put down his cup and took out the peppermint stick to offer it to the bird. He liked that too. The owl settled down as soon as it was finnished with the sweet treat.

"If you are a gift for me I already know what to call you, Plufelyn. The dignified bird sat up straight in acceptance of the name, his golden eyes inspecting the boy's spirit one last time,"which means?"

"Fireplume," Ronan answered,"because the colors of your feathers. They look like read and white fire."

"A Mythtamer," he assayed,"Well I do not think I could be in better company. I accept your name, young wizard."

In Lucas' room, It was much the same only the bird was different. It had a black head, blue shoulders and brown body feathers. The bird was beautiful in every way. This bird inspected it new companion too. It looked deeply seeing all the uncertainty, distrust and lack of confidence in his gifts. This spirit knew that these things would have to be resolved in his companion, and quickly if the plan was going to work. Lucas' picked up the magnificent bird's thoughts. It already had a name. Good, just one less thing he had to worry about. The bord introduced itself.

"You are right," he said, "my name is Marlyn and I am entirely at your service."

The stately hawk bowed his wings half spread. It knew he was a Shadowshield and probably a great deal beyond that. Not surprising since this spirit at least felt ancient. The colors of his feathers fit too. They were the colors of focus and balance something he was beginning to see that he needed of late.

Meagan was just settling down in her bed to read a book when she heard the scratching of little claws at her window sill. The first time she opened the window, the creature had scampered away. Meagan made a pronise to hersel that next time she would be faster, then rethought the idea, and opened the window again settling back to her bed and book. Soon the creature came to the sill and was watching her in wonderment. The spirit wanted Meagan's attention and so decided to scamper down the wall, across the floor to a place right underneath the bottom edge of her book and was now looking straight into her eyes.

"A firelance," it said,"and a reasonably pretty one at that."

Meagan put down her book with a startled BANG! The squirrel scampered back some, startled herself. How to tell this girl what her purpose was? Just come right out with it, she thought, Yes, definitely the direct approach. Meagan heard every thought. It was true, she did like people to be direct with her. This was the way she had always expected people to speak with her; open and direct. The only difference was that it was Meagan that would be direct this time. The question just seemed to pop out of her mouth as Whitman into the room and saw her standing tall on her bed half frightened.

"So are you my um....."

"Don't dawdle now. Out with it princess!"

Meagan took a breath,"Are you my helper?"

"There, was that so hard,"the squirrel said,"The answer to that question is yes. In the interest of hungering bellies I shall follow you when the other two helpers are around. They like to play pickle with me and I don't enjoy it one bit."

Meagan laughed as her fear now rolled off her. What was she affraid of anyway? It was just a squirrel and a helpful one at that. Whitman handed the girl a chestnut which she passed on to the squirrel.

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Lucas was curious as he inspected his room further. Off to the side he noticed a small tough-looking leather glove. The young hawk just looked at him, eyes fixed and looking through him. Lucas felt his gaze, but made nothing of it as he put the glove over his hand. The creature, he had decided, was a representation what he had been needing since he arrived, balance and focus. This was no ordinary test that he had taken. Lucas felt his old self slipping away. Something new had taken its place as he stepped back and raised and arm to the bird. Marlyn turned around to face the boy more fully raising his wings then settling into his flight sequence. Lucas could feel their connection as the ancient flew toward him. A new patience flowed through him as Marlyn slammed into this little arm. It hurt for only a second and then Lucas realized whathe had done. He had called his companion to his side. The act brought back flashes of memory as Whitman walked in to make sure all was right with Lucas. The old man smiled.

"Well done young wizard!" Whitman exclaimed.

"Thank you, sir." Lucas said.

"I know that deep gaze you had when I walked in. You were remembering things weren't you?"

"I think so."

Whitman carressed his chin,"you looke more tire than you were before. I brought hot chocolate and clean towels for you. You bathe and crawl into bed, Hmm?"

Lucas nodded in agreement; he had become more tired. He walked over to the perch and released Marlyn to it with a smile as he placed the glove back on its peg. Lucas took the towels and the cocoa into the bath with him. Everything else was ready. The water was run and steaming hot.

In the next room Ronan was already fast asleep, Fireplume vigilantly watching over his charge. Opal looked in on him and closed the door. Lucas wasn't quite asleep when she peeked in.

"You've had quite an exciting day, little one. You are not flinching when I come to you. Do you trust me now?" she asked running her fingers over his forehead.

Lucas was too tired to say anything so he just nodded. This was good. He had too many questions, but one had more power than the others as he sat up to look her in the eyes.

"Why didn't you help us in the alley," he asked.

"I wanted to see if you could get yourselves out of that situation on your own. It was important to know if I could allow you to venture out on your own. Do you still think you can?"

"Not anymore, I guess."

This was good, he knew wasn't ready. Lucas was still excited when he took his final sip of hot cocoa. Opal wiped the chocolate mustache away with a smile and help the covers up for Lucas so he could jump in like a six year old should. As she tucked him in she found some praise for him.

"Wise decision, young Firebrand."

"Firebrand, is that a nicky name for me?"

"A nickname, yes. Do you like it?"


"Alright then, it is time for young minds to rest now so slide back down under those covers and I will tuck you back in."

Lucas did as he was asked. Opal noticed Vixen on the shelf above the bed. Stubborn cat, she thought.

"Couldn't get her to come to you?"

"Nah, but she will later."

He was right of course. As soon as Lucas fell off from the sleep spell Opal had cast on his master, Marlyn hopped down to the round part of the bedpost to watch over him. He gave a confident, birdlike nod to Opal and she made her way quietly across the room. Ulric was advancing the corridor just then and asked how the boys were doing.

"Are they well?"

"Yes," Sleeping soundly,"Lucas has already called his companion to him. He is watching over the boy now. Why are coming up here?" Opal reported.

"I heard a scream from my daughter's room and wanted to see what is was." Ulric replied.

No sooner had Ulric said this when Whitman caught them in the hall. Whitman saw the concern in his eyes and moved to releive it.

"Your daughter is quite alright,sir. Her companion just frightened her for a brief moment. She is almost asleep now and ready to see you." Whitman reported.

Ulric made his way to Meagan's room. When he arrived he found Meagan and her companion in restful play. He stood by the door smiling until laughed in spite of himself. It was then that Meagan noticed him standing there in the corner.

"Daddy," she invited,"you don't have to stand way over there. Come say good night."

Ulric crossed the floor a powerful love in his eyes. Meagan knew the look and reached up to hug him. Ulric accepted and shared it. He was surprised that the magic would send such a small ancient for her, but knew that it must represent her thirst for learning new things and for helping others. Sh was, after all a nuturing spirit even for her young age. Ulric smailed, gave her a kisson the forehead and gave his her princess what she wanted.

"So you two are getting along?" He asked.

"Yes, daddy we are getting along just fine?" Meagan answered.

"Then let's tuck you in and I will say good night."

"Okay," Meagan submitted scooting deeply down into the covers.

Ulric gathere the blankets in around her as they talked some more. The conversation turned to the boys. Ulric wanted to know what his princess made of them.

"So what do you make of the boys?"

"Oh, they're okay. I Think Lucas is just trying to figure things out. Ronan seems more grown up than any little boy I've ever seen. He has a wisdom, daddy like he's an old soul himself. They need different things. Lucas needs balance and trust while Ronan needs knowledge, lots of it. Give them time and access to every book you have. They won't let you down." Meagan offered wiith a gaping yawn.

"Thank you daughter," Ulric said,"you have been very helpful to me."

As Ulric made final adjustments on his tucking, Meagan tilted her head and offered more. She knew that her father always wanted information on new students to be on akll levels so she gave it to him.

"Ronan's inside head makes him cute and Lucas is sometime cute when he's angry. I like the way he squints his eyes when he's frustrated."

"You're mother and I two. You like Ronan, huh?"

"Yeah, and Jessie like Lucas. She says speed is awwesome in a wizard. You have seen him against Ares, he had no chance."

"Probably not," Ulric laughed as he bent over to give his daughter another kiss good night and turned out the lights with a wave of his hand,"Good night." was his final whisper.

When Ulric arrived downstairs he was met by Camilla who offered her two cents on the boys. She had been watching through her crystal shard.

"She is impressed with and smitten by the older boy."

"She is indeed. Our daughter likes different things about both boys."

"They both have many great qualities. I sensed as she did that Ronan is beyond his years. This helps him to understand more, be more responsible."


The couple talked some more then went off to be themselves. Their adventure had just begun and would be anything but dull from here on out. The power that surrounded these two new charges permeated the house. Such was the nature of the Mythtamer and Shadowshield magics. Only time would tell if they would properly combine to fight this new threat.

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Opal closed the door to the boy's room and made her way to the study where Ulric waited with a peppermint stick in his hand.Opal smiled at his one vice, he was like an older brother to her and she admired him greatly. She noted the touch of gray at his temples had encroached further on his raven hair but it was distinguished and appealing. Somehow he made her think of Sherlock Holmes with his hounds' tooth jackets and aquiline features. She had introduced him to her best friend and now they were all like family. She often turned to him in difficult situations .
He invited her in saying," How are our young charges? Did they settle in properly?"
"With a little help from some pixie dust," Opal laughed.
"Please sit down and tell me what happened with James. He is a good man . I hope you were able to resolve the problem."

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She thought for a moment, then answered. "Our charges are well. Lucas had a small mishap with Marlyn."

"It is a good name for her seeing as she's a merlin hawk. Now about James."

"I found him with Weemort, my fault I guess."

"Really, in what way?"

"My mind has been so occupied with our charges both past and present that I couldn't sense his love for me."

Ulric thought about this for a moment. It was true with him too. He had meant to marry Camilla, but time never permitted. It was always taken up with the children of the spiral. Maybe it was time to start making a time allowance for love. Ronan had been nudged awake by the magic of the spiral and made his way to Ulric's study. The door was slightly ajar so he peeked in quietly and had heard everything.

"Maybe you just need some time with them," they heard a small voice say. Ulric looked over to see Ronan standing in the crack of the door.

"I thought you said they were settled."

"The magic must have sent him."

Now it was Ulric's turn to thik a spell. It figured that the magic would send the wiser of the two. The magic was always right. Ulric motioned him in the door and took a position on Opal's lap. It surprised her. It was as if he knew who she truly was.

"The magic wants you to remember who she is." Ulric said.

A confused look came over the boy's face. It had every right to be there. Ronan hadn't noticed it before,but a medallion hung from her neck. He reached up and turned to inspect it more closely then looked at the seal on his hand. She was a Mythtamer like him.

"You sholdn't be here right now," Ronan said letting familial title slip in uncertainty,"auntie. Go be with your James."

The he fell back to sleep in her arms. His magic is righting itself, Ulric thought. Opal plucked the thought from the air between them. Ulric was right. She could feel the deeper things of who he was and she loved them and James. She needed to talk further with him.

"Take him back to bed," Ulric suggested,"then go talk to James."

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Opal was forty years old by that time and place but her heart was younger. Selflessness had nearly ruined something beautiful she had denied herself. How could she have been so cold and uncaring to the one she truly loved? But it was not too late to fix it all. Ulric was right.
She found James sitting in his favorite place in the garden under the wild roses.The vines grew on a lattice work under her window. He was dressed in a long white shirt over black pants and he was strumming a balalaika.The three stringed instrument had never sounded so lovely to her in her life. It was as though it was strumming heart strings on that misty autumn evening.
She spoke not a word but simply went to him and fell into his arms as he set aside the instrument to hold her.
"Forgive me Darling," she whispered," I'm so sorry,".
"No,it is I who must ask forgiveness," he replied," I nearly caused your destruction out of my own despair and stupidity,".
Moonlight played across her features and touched the silver tears on her cheeks as she turned her face up to be kissed.
"It doesn't matter now," she sighed ,"We are together at last."

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During the long walk back to Opal's estate James had had time to think about a great many things. Now that his mind was calm he could see the importance of his love's newest charges. He looked down and kissed her deeply with then on his mind. It felt natural to both of them. When the kiss was ended James asked Opal the question on his mind.

"How are your charges performing?"

"quite well, young Ronan is amazing." Opal reported.

"Oh really, in what way." James asked interested.

"For a six year old he is surprisingly wise and he allows the magic to guide him some." Opal answered.

"That is good. And what of the other boy who wouldn't trust you. Khetmat took care of that as artfully as he usually does."

"I see. Will they be ready for their first duel on All Hallows?"

"It is quite possible, but we will allow them their fun first. A chance to experience a magical time."

"Mmm, it will be that my sweet. Did the older boy like my gift."

"I think he did. The dog is warming his feet as we speak."

"Good. They will need animal companions here."

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"Yes," she mused,"No need to tell them that they are not ordinary companions . Better that they find it out for themselves."
"I will be curious to find out what Vixen makes of her boy," James said thoughtfully,"Peppermint is already acclimated ."
James picked a wild rose and handed it to Opal ,"isn't it strange to think of such ancient ones being called by those childish names?"
"Yes,but they enjoy the new adventure no matter how old they are and we need their input," replied Opal who put the rose in James' lapel.

James held her away from him to try and see into her eyes in the pale light, " Opal,Weermort is not done with this. He will do anything to break the cycle and stop the children. You must warn them."

"In due time ," she told him ,reaching out to put her arms around his waist. She was still trying to absorb the feeling of this new found emotion, allowing herself to enjoy being in love was wonderful no matter how complicated it might be.

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They soaked in one last hour of moonlight then retired to their beds for the night. Weemort was still out there tyring to disrupt the spiral and these two boys were in danger. Their training would have to be intense as Weemorts magic would be most powerful on All Hallows. Opal hoped the next few weeks of training would be enough.

The next morning peeked over the window sills of the estate house the orange light flowing through to touch the animals on the beds Vixen was the first to rouse. She took a long, gentle stretch then crawled onto Lucas' back and began to dance around some, claws only slightly extended. She thought that would work, but Lucas just turned over and went back to sleep.

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Vixen resorted to singing a song from ancient times,one that the boy's mother used to sing to him in the mornings. He dreamed of her face bending down to kiss him on the cheek when Vixen gave him a lick with her pink tongue."Yipes," he yelped and sat up straight."I'd rather have an alarm clock if you don't mind," he groused and headed for the bathroom.He did not register that the cat had been the source of the song.Vixen purred and licked her long black tail. This was going to be quite a shock when he found out she mused to herself.When he closed the bathroom door,she began to sing again .

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Ronan tossed and turned trying to awaken. Peppermint felt it and crawled up to lick his face all over. Eventually Ronan over one more time laughing furiously.

"Okay," Ronan quietly exclaimed,"I'm up boy."

He scratched hi new friend behind the ears with both little hands. Peppermint loved it leaning his head to one side or the other until Ronan pushed him gently away to get out of bed. He heard the song being sung next door. Peppermint was beginning to join in when Ronan hit the bathroom. It seemed to energize him from head to toe. Ronan looked through the open bathroom door to see Peppermint swaying in a meditative state. He thought it curious that an animal could dot that. what was it mother told me about animals? he thought. Then the thought came to him.

"Oh yeah, some of them are so ancient that they can speak if we listen."

Lucas heard it as he joined his friend. It sounded right, he remembered his parents told him even more. As he looked down to pick up a toothbrush he began to remember the place where he had been born. Ronan did too. He finished up, dresiing himself in the orange robes he had missed in the passed day. There was a new cap above it and he decided to try it on.

"Looks good," Lucas said as he tried on his own.

"Thanks," Ronan returned,"yours do too."

They filtered into Ronans's room taking a place by the window which looked over the seemingly vast yard in the rear of the house. Neither boy could wait to be outside as a waft of lavendar rushed to their noses on the gentle breeze. It took them deeper into meditation as the animals joined them at the window still singing their song. They were swept away in vision to be shown the current state of the spiral and all that the future held for them.

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They saw the familiar faces of their families,they saw themselves younger and older and they saw the fluid stream of possibilities caused by various courses of action.It was hypnotic and exhilarating at the same time. The ancient souls beside them guided them through the learning process while lending them energy and power when needed.
Opal and Ulric looked in on them and saw what was taking place.
Opal turned and shut the door whispering,"I knew this was to happen just not so soon. They are stronger than we knew my friend."

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"I think we should move out to the yard today," Ulric said.

Opal looked him in the eyes now. MOving out to the yard meant that he thought they were ready to duel. It also meant thatthey were beginning to remmeber more about who they really are. If he was right, in a few more years they would be more than ready for Weemort. She caught another thought on the air.

"Perhaps sooner."

Weemort sat in the small study he had built from a small storage closet brooding. Nothing was going as planned. He had wanted James, but now he would never have the younger wizard. A Mythtamer and Shadowshield were in his midst. If they came into their magical abilities his plans would be for nought. He went over to a shelf, pulled off a grimoir and took it to his small desk waving his hand over it. It opened, pages turning quickly. They finally came to a spell the had never thought of using.

"Okay, but only as a final resort." He told the magic.

The vision was done; the foursome was on their way down from it. They now knew for sure who they were and why they were on this world. They wanted to go outside but knew they couldn't, not yet. About then Ayn was making her way down the corridor. She stopped at each door, knocking. Lucas wasn't in his bedroom so she tried Ronan's. Ronan heard the knock and gently opened the door.

"Hi," he said,"sorry we didn't answer at first. We were indisposed. How can we help you?"

"Just wanted to know what you would like for breakfast."

"Eggs and maybe some of that funny red fruit."

"Do you mean strawberries?"

"Yes," Lucas answered,"can you slice them?"

"Of course," Ayn said.

She looked into Ronan's eyes; they had the depth that came with the knowing. In this boy it was powerful. There was also an incredible eagerness; eagerness for the magic. Lucas had it too. Something was up and she could feel it in the air around the boy's room. Then they told her.

"We need everything brought to the library, can you have Whitman bring it?"

"Of course."

She left, but said nothing to the others about where the boys were at breakfast. It piqued their curiosity. They had to know what was going on. When the morning meal was done they retired to the library. What they saw amazed them; it made them wonder what drove them to study magic on their own. Book after book was strewn across each of the six tables set across the floor. It was if the magic had called them to a purpose.

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Weermort stroked his wispy white beard and smiled. The plague had been mostly his doing and he was proud of the results. Many a promising young warlock and mage had died before ever having known of their magnificent abilities.But now he had to deal with these two new interlopers who had managed to slip through the cracks. He was not worried ,rather he felt the surge of excitement that comes with a challenge. He was supported by a phalanx of omnipresent beings of sheer malevolence . He welcomed an opportunity to call on their power and burgeoning evil.They were bored and writhing with energy.

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The boys were just cleaning up. Their study had been frantic running from shelf to shelf looking for justthe right things to use. Finally, only two podiums, two books and two circles were left. On the floor were two large circles and th boys were casting lots for which spell each would take.

"Good luck!" they heard Lucas say.

"Same here, cast it!" Lucas had won the toss.

He took the first podium, Ronan the second but didn't seem unhappy at his loss. The sigils ateach podium lit up the way they should. Ronan nodded to his friend to begin with Peppermint and Vixen standing by. Lucas began the first spell with Vixen whispering in his ear.

"Orbis Ferula!" Lucas bellowed castin a look to Ronan.

In a few seconds all three short rods from the corridor walls appeared in the boy's circle dancing around it. Ronan was next Peppermint's paws beside his hands as he called out,"Orbis Stavo." They appeared as he called out the last word. They encanted for each wand and staff in turn until they arrived at their own. The final elemental spells were placed on the stalves and wands, but something else was needed; a powerful protection against the dark. Furry hands turned several pages in both books coming to exactly the right spell. It looks esay enough, Lucas thought putting a hand to give it a try.

Lords of light
Lend to these wands
Power and might
To keep us from
The Servants of the
Edge of night.

Three sigils appeared each burning copies of themselves into the wands. This surprised everyone even Meagan who had finally squeezed between the adult in the room. Her wand came right to her waiting for her little hands to come out. When they did it just dropped right into them. Ronan was next, his wand dropped onto the podium and rolled downward to be picked up as did Lucas' wand. Both boys then walked to the center of the circle of staves sitting in the blazened circle. They said the spell together this time, but received a different result. Each staff received a different figure at its head.

Meagan's was the most beautiful. Her staff was adorned with angels of green and white jade sealed with a gold band at the bottom. Ronan's was adorned with the same only in orange and blue jade secured with a copper band. Lucas' staff had a curious black onyx flame guarded by an angel with a flaming sword. Sigils ran down the side of each staff. Opal searched her mind for what they belonged to. Lords of Light, she thought, what does this world call them? That's right...angels. She saw a painting of the one on Lucas's staff once. What was they called him?

Ulric caught her in her quiet thoughts. He searched his mind for the name. Then it came to him. The angel and Lucas' staff is Michael. He asked Lucas if he could inspect the staff. Lucas sent the staff to him. All of this Sigils were angels. First was Metatron, then Uriel and Yehudiel. Ronan sent his as well. All but one of the sigils was different they were for Raziel and Nathaniel. Meagan walked hers over to her father. Sofiel and rofiel accompanied Metratron on hers, this was probably for guidance and protection. Angels and magic had made these choices and Ulric now knew that these were guardian staves. They fit the children that wielded them.

"You have done very well with these spells, young masters. No more magic for a while today. Go, be children for a short while," Ulric told them,"Return in a few hours and we will begin further lessons."

The trio exited the library and up to their rooms to change. When they arrived at the park only a few others were there. One of them was a bully that began to make life unbearable for Lucas. His name was Aries Anderson. He was ten and bullied any kid younger than he was. He was also slightly larger that some of the other kids his age and had chosen to use it in the worst way. This time he didn't know what he was getting into. The little kids were fresh meat for him. Meagan and Ronan picked up on Lucas' thoughts. They were dangerous and risked exposure. Aries approached as Lucas gently pulled his wand from its place.

"Oh look," Aries chided,"he's going to fight me with a stick."

Other children passed by on their way to school and began to gather. Most were rooting for Lucas secretly. They were fed up with Aries.

"Poor pathetic being, you don't know what you're against," he said.

"I'm so affraid," the pre-teen said.

Lucas could sense his true thoughts were elsewise. He raised his wand, giving it a small flick. Aries was sent flying to the grass just behind him. Aries came at Lucas again. Lucas shook his finger at him planting a fearful thought in the bully's head. Aries ran off scared out of his whits as the other kids cheered Lucas on. Meagan touched him on the shoulder.

"You're not really going to do that to him are you?"

"Nah, just want to make him think that I am."

"That's good. We can't let them know about us like that."

"I know," Lucas said,"I wanted to make him disappear,but that would make everyone else be affraid of me too."

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Meagan knew they were in for a big lecture when they got home but she didn't want to think about it."Promise me that you won't think about magic right now,"she said to the boys,"Let's just have some fun."
There was a wooden nature walk out over the tall grass and Meagan ran out on it laughing happily to be free for even a little while.Thousands of white butterflies darted over the long grasses and the boys tried to grab them . Meagan jumped off the boardwalk to investigate a bird's nest even though the signs warned against it.Ronan leaned his elbows on the railings and watched her antics but Lucas saw something menacing."Look out !" he yelled as she approached the low tree,
Ronan yelled to Lucas who was closer,"Use the Onyx flame,NOW!"
Lucas hesitated not at all and a shaft of Sparkling Darkness leapt out and obliterated the viper at the exact moment its fangs would have torn Meagan's calf. Meagan screamed and the boys jumped the railings to get to her.
Shaking she whispered,"Thank you for ignoring my ban on magic,". Nervous laughter followed as Ronan said,"Let's just go back. This is too difficult. They made a pact to keep the whole afternoon's events to themselves but somehow they knew the adults would find out anyway.

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They couldn't be more right. As they walked in Ulric was sitting in his big chair in the parlor. He took a quick look passed the entry way and saw them. There was something in their eyes that he couldn't make out. Ulric tried to go deeper but all of them had a barrier. Only one thing could cause that, a pact not to tell. That was more powerful than any spell ever could be. Whatever it was all three knew it was serious enough to keep it from him as long as possible. He called out to them.

"Children," he said,"I know you are hiding something from me."

The powerful, knowing sentence rammed thorugh their hearts and minds. Still, they had made a promise and would keep it for now. They said nothing and went quietly up the stairs and to their rooms. In his room, Ronan searched the sky for a bright star upon which he could tell his parents he loved them and missed them deeply. Lucas was doing the same when Vixen came to offer her two cents crawling into his lap as he sat down. He scratched her ears a bit as she offered it.

"You know," young master,"Ulric will sense whatever you three are hiding from him eventually."

Peppermint was doing the same as Ronan stared out the window,"You should tell him immediately. He appreciates honesty whatever it may lead to."

Both animals ended on the same note. It made the two boys think as th load began to remove itself from their minds. The old ones were right. They had to tell Ulric. The thought became very important.

"You should tell him now so that the secret doesn't fester inside you and cause froblems with your magic. Tell him!"

After a few moments of deep thought Ronan, Lucas and Meagan found themselves standing before the man, petrified nervous.

"Do you three have something to tell me?"

They looked to one another, their hearts palpetating. Lucas couldn't stand it anymore. The story just rushed over his yound, tender lips.

"There was a bully and I..." he said almost chaking.

Ulric turned around in his chair,"I know who you speak of and he is not what you think he is. Did you use magic with him?"

Lucas took another swallow, but couldn't speak and just nodded in the affirmative. On the second repetition he noticed a sigil on the floor. It was a sigil of truth whose power now flowed through him with the sting of lightning. Lucas finally found the serenity of mind to answer Ulric.

"Yes," I did.

"And a second time to save a new freind?"

"Yes," escaped from Lucas' mouth again."

"You used magic for the right reasons, young master. There is no reason to find shame or fear in that. Lesson number two learned, you now trust yourselves and your hearts. This needed to be done for your magic to work more fully. You can trust it and it can trustyou now. Allow it to flow and it will not fail you...ever. Come off the seal Firebrand." He beckoned.

Lucas stepped off the seal and he felt free; the others did too. They had thought that they would be in trouble for the exposure. The next thing said was also a surprise to them.

"You can't expose yourselves, young ones," Opal explained, to those who are magical. They already know who you are. We shall enroll you in regular, non-magical school tomorrow. You need to learn of this world. Aries Anderson is a young watcher for Weemort, so take care young Lucas. You magic is powerful, but he ought not know just how powerful you really are. Prepare before you face him again, and do so well. Learn your magics competely."

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Three lighthearted children left the room with a feeling of relief and happiness."Have you ever been to school?" Meagan inquired. The boys shook their heads in the negative."Well don't worry about it,"confided the girl.,"It will be easy for you both. The only problem will be controlling the wish to use your new abilities. Just remember how upsetting it was to tell Ulric today and you won't be tempted." The boys laughed and agreed to that. Opal joined them and said,"Come with me children,I have a special treat for you. "
Meagan winked at Opal and whispered to her,"Is it in Halloworld?"
Opal nodded and took her by the hand,"Follow me," she called over her shoulder and skipped away down the hallway. Meagan giggled and skipped with her through a pair of wide double doors that opened out into a huge empty space .A little out of breath,Opal stopped and waited for the boys who ran up laughing at her antics. "Meagan," she said," Think us a schoolroom please. We want the boys to know what they are getting into."

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Meagan sat in a chair in the center of the room and began to relax her young mind. Lucas and Ronan watched her closely as her energy flowed throughout the room. The room lit up some and a few moments later began to change. Walls once blank and stark white assumed bright primary colors. Windows became covered in blinds. Shelves and cubbies took their places behind several square tables. A desk appeared at the very front of the room as a blackboard popped in behind it. A lone sink appeared behind them. Meagan's power was amazing as thre rest of the walls were covered with a relaxing color of paint with calanders and lunch menu on a cork board. THe floor went from wood to tile in a shot. In another moment the classroom was complete and amazingly detailed with Meagan sitting at a center table as she opened her eyes and beckoned the boys over in her cute little way.

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Around them at the other tables sat 15 boys and girls of every ethnic background. One small girl stood at the chalkboard laboring over her ABC's. At the tables some of the children whispered behind her back and some busied themselves with various activities from chewing gum to throwing spit balls until a young woman with chocolate colored skin walked in the door.
"Pay attention children," she intoned,"Your turn may be next."
Ronan reached out to touch her skirt as she passed by but his hand went right through it."Amazing ," he said to Opal,"Can anyone generate a scene like this?
Opal smiled,"This is a learned ability but you are definitely capable of achieving it in time.However for now,I want you to concentrate on what she is explaining to you. You will be skipping kindergarten and going directly into first grade.I want to see what you know."
Ms Teacher sent the girl to her seat and took out a science book which she began to read to the class. It was about the solar system and Lucas burst out laughing,"Do they really think that's all there is to it?" he said.
Meagan stood up and glitched a hunk out of Ms Teacher's head,"Will you just pay attention?" she fumed,"This is to help you know what not to say and do as well as what you should act like to hide your identity."
Opal calmed her and Ms. teacher resumed her reading. The boys settled down and only asked relevant questions after that until it came to recess.

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In the back of the old craft store, Weermort worked in his laboratory. Bunsen burners lit up the corners while bubbling vials choked the air with colored smoke.His adopted daughter, Raven, entered with a scarf over her face and went to open a window."Father ,you must be careful,many of these ingredients are toxic!"
Weermort waved her away saying,"Not now girl,I am on to something."
"You cannot make any progress without Thurumandium and you know that. The Shivalinga Stone is still back in our old world and we must have help to retrieve it."
Raven was the only child sent to this outworld whom Weermort had been able to turn to his ways.She loved him for saving her from a pedophile who found her first.Still she often butted heads with the old alchemist.
"Raven,turn off the flames,I will stop for today. I have something to discuss with you now."
"If it is about the two little ones who have come through,I don't want to talk about it."
"Raven,my daughter, You know that with their powers we could finish this. The Philosopher's Stone would be ours and thus the whole world.I just need for you to bring them to me.I promise not to hurt them."

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It was then that Aries walked in. He was both slightly injured and humiliated. It infuriated him that these little imps had gotten the best of him. His eyes now seethed with disgust and hatred for them. Weemort sensed his nephew's thoughts. This was wonderful, just what he needed. Weemort turned his head slowly toward aries.

"Tell me my nephew, do youthink they are ready for a magical duel?"

Aries didn't want to say it. He found it repugnant that some children of the spiral inherit their magic from it. This Shadowshield imp has actually hurt him. He was supposed to be the most powerful wizard in this town. Now he wasn't. The resentment came in his next spoken words.

"Yes," Aries growled as he slunk down the drafty staircase to his basement room,"Almost, they have made wands an probably staves too.

"Hmm," Weemort thought caressing his stubble,"they have performed both dancings. Any protective spells, Aries."

Trying to hold back his contempt for Lucas Aries finally answered,"not sure uncle, he only used a natural defense spell."

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Weermort was excited but kept it hidden.Everything was falling into place now.Between his nephew and his daughter he knew he could gain control of the young boys. They were as yet weak and their full powers were unknown to them. He had as much right to them as Opal and Ulric did and he intended to lure them over somehow. Afterall his machinations had worked perfectly on Raven and Aries.He must have everything prepared for the moment when their combined power would bring forth the magic from their world.
Raven touched his shoulder and said,"I'm going down to check on Aries.I think he's been injured."
Weermort nodded,he encouraged their connection knowing that Raven needed the evil influence.
In the basement ,Aries was busying himself with his own experiments. He was a powerful channel for his uncle's dark endeavors. He had been encouraged as a small boy to work on mutations and changelings.When Raven's eyes got accustomed to the dim light,she saw an awful sight. A lizard's head sticking out of a turtle's shell eating another more unfortunate creature.Aries laughed at the grimace on her face."Too bad I haven't graduated to warm blooded animals yet," he laughed.
He was darkly handsome with thick eyebrows and red-brown eyes that seemed to glow like blood in the semi- darkness.
Raven took a candy bar out of her coat pocket and said,"Want half Arrie,"she had a way of bringing him back to a touch of normal when she came around."Sure,he said and took the chunk of chocolate with grubby hands.
"How do you like my Lizurdle? "he asked ,Only trouble is ,they die really fast.I think it would last a lot longer on a mammal."
Raven frowned and said,"I want to meet the new boys.I want to ask them about our home and find out if they know my parents."
"They're a couple of rats." growled Aries but I can arrange for you to meet them if you want."
Raven slumped down on the corner of the cluttered bed,"Arrie,do you think we will ever get to go home again? I used to have a little sister back there.Sometimes I can almost see her face.She had a little star birthmark on her ankle.
"Stop whining Rave.They are dying there and you are safe here so get over it!I'll fix it up so you can see the two baby losers though if you get out of here and leave me alone."
Aries was in love with Raven but he knew she did not care for him that way.Still,he hoped that in time she might grow to care for him. If he could get the munchkins out of their protected zone she would be impressed.

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Hearing Lucas' experience with Aries Anderson made Ulric think that there had to be a way for him to learn his magic faster. Meagan and Ronan were studeous, so was Lucas but not as much. He liked the thrill of the battle. 'Maybe it is time to teach them all. Aries has powerful magic, but Lucas had still beat him to the punch. Is he already a quick caster.' There was no doubt that that this boy from Celestia was indeed a quick caster, but just how quick remained to be seen. He beckoned Lucas over to his chair.

"You young one, I beleive to be a quick caster. Would you like to help find out?" Ulric asked.

Lucas considered it a moment, then nodded in earnest. Meagan just smiled and looked to Ronan who just gave her an uncertain shrug. Only a few wizards were endowed with this ability every generation. Whatwas needed was a young, experienced wizard whose powers were set in; one who knew the limits of his abilities. Ulric looked into Khetmat as if to ask if he knew anyone. Khetmat nodded and looked straight to the door. My eldest, he thought. The boy was still young but favored by the magic. At ten years old by this world's reckoning he was a strong balance wizard. HIs name was Chigaru and he stood taller then some of the other boys his age at four feet eleven inches. Aries stood just as tall but Chigaru was set into his goodness. Aries was conflicted and Ulric knew it. Khet mat called his son one more time.

"Chigaru, come to me my son. Some little ones have need of you and bring your powerful friend."

Chigaru had just arrived home with his best friend LLewyn. Llewyn felt something flow through him. He had extra energy. Chigaru felt it too. Father, he thought.

"C'mon Llew, my father needs us. We should go now."

"Now, but I'm hungry."

"This is more important. Besides, Ulric has better food anyway. We should port; it is faster.

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In moments the two boys were standing before them with half eaten cookies in their hands. Khetmat laughed and said,"Thank you son for answering my summons so quickly. You will eat well when we are done ."The boys half bowed and Khetmat walked over to Lucas ,guiding him to the center of the room.
He placed his son and Llew on each side of him a few paces apart. "We are going to play something a bit like Dodge ball except that you,Lucas must catch the "ball" and throw it back before the next one reaches you and so on and so on.
Khetmat went to the desk and took three metallic gloves out to give to the boys. Taking another for himself,he held his right gloved hand high and simply cried "Plasma".A faint humming sound filled the air and gradually grew louder a ball of crackling white light hovered just above his gloved hand.
"Think fast" ,he laughed and cast the ball towards Llew who spun around and sent it flying to Lucas. Lucas flicked it from its trajectory and cast it at Chigaru.While Khetmat drew another glowing ball of plasma from the atmosphere to spin over to Lucas. Meagan held her breath as the spinning balls flew almost faster than the eye could follow. Chigaru got a little carried away and tried to add a new ball to the mix of his own making. It was an oval with jagged bolts of energy exuding from its core. Llew tried to send it back to Lucas but it zigzagged and burst apart over Meagan's head sending hot sparks falling about her. They dissipated instantly but the sight still elicited a scream from the little girl bringing an end to the game.

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Lucas wagged his head. He didn't that the game was done. Khetmat smiled at the boy's determination. He called another plasma ball this time passing it his son's way, it was deflected to Lucas at greater speed than before. Lucas raised his wand and quickly flicked it to LLew. As the speed of the game rose so did reaction times. Eventually, Lucas had to start using just his hands. His speed was unimaginable. How was he managing it. This time the game ended as Ulric and Khetmat had expected with Llew having to throw himself aside to avoid the plasma ball. Khetmat caught it before the wall could take a burn discipating it in mid air.

"Well done, young firebrand. You have your family's gift. Notall of them have had it."

"What gift?"

"You are a speed caster. You can cast a spell at many times the speed of any normal wizard," Ulric explained.

A raven landed on the window sill outside the room they were in. It was watching the lesson its eyes glowing in the moonlight. This was not good. They could fail if this boy was challenged. There would be more duels, and what if the other boy had the gift too. The danger to her father's plan would be compounded many times over. Raven stayed a little longer to find out. Ronan was next uo as the game started again.

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As the plasma orbs flashed around the room,it was obvious that Ronan was not as fast but he made it up in accuracy. His slightly slower uptake was followed by dead on power that had the other boys on their toes.Raven danced nervously from claw to claw on her perch outside. This was worse than she thought. She decided to wait and see what Meagan brought to the game before flying back with the bad news.Khetmat upped the anti by tossing in a third orb. As it came down over Ronan's head ,he used his glove and his wand to flick the other two orbs .One went toward each of the other boys and then the third ball was slammed at Llew. He managed the first ball but the second one struck him on the shoulder and burst into falling sparklers.Khetmat laughed heartily and called an intermission during which he pulled the shades . Raven couldn't help but let out a cry of frustration. "Just as I thought ,"said Khetmat,"we were being observed.So we shall keep or little wild card a secret,eh Meagan?"
Meagan smiled,she had played this game many times and had her own special stategy. Khetmat put the two orbs into motion and watched the mood change perceptibly . His son had a crush on Meagan and she used it to her advantage. Such was her craft. She was a psychological player who used a feint and dodge attack to her advantage. She was quick and accurate,falling somewhere between Lucas and Ronan in her skills. They were a perfect team and Ulric was excited to see such abilities in these young ones.Meagan took a glancing blow but recovered by blasting a direct hit into Chigaru's chest.The room was aglow with kinetic energy as Khetmat snatched the orbs out of the air and ended the game. "Well done,my young friends,"he said,You are all gifted in your own right.Formidable opponents wait to test you I fear but you will be ready now." The children were all full of nervous energy .Ulric thanked Khetmat and said"Follow me ,I have a place to show you that you have not yet seen."
They trailed behind him down a long hall and out a side door that led to an olympic sized swimming pool where Ulric's wife was doing laps.
"In the dressing rooms you will find swim wear ,towels and anything else you might need. Please avail yourselves of the facilities and relax. Food will be served shortly ,"instructed Ulric.

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The trio gathered in the study for a few moments. Raven being at the window sill meant that Weemort would soon know how powerful their wards were. With this incident the training had to be moved up. They had to hurry. Ulric, Khetmet and Opal moved to the center of the study. A knowledge spell was called for. The trio hadn't seen Ronan sneeking into the house and listening by the door. All he knew was that as soon as he reached doorway something had him in its grasp. It was the magic. Ulric's spell surged through him foot to brain. An exchange was being made, an exchange of knowledge along the leylines. Ulrich noticed Ronan's energy and looked back toward the doorway. Ronan just smiled.

"Hello young one," Ulric said.

Ronan was still trying to get the amgic to release him from the spell but it wasn't finished yet. The knowledge flowed through him like a raging river. After a few moments Ulric looked back again this time offering a solution.

"Ronan, if you stop struggling the magic can release you with all knowledge intact."

Ronan straightened up and closed his eyes as the knowledge spell completed its effect. In the middle of his fifth breath it released him and he fainted, falling gently to the floor. When he awoke he was in his bed with everyone looking over.

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"You must all go through this," said Ulric,"As you can see it is best to relax and go with the flow. But you must believe me it is well worth the small inconvenience. You will no longer be caught by surprise."Ronan moaned and held his head. "Hey," he smiled ,"The next time I could use a little warning if you don't mind,".Ulric was a bit chagrined for he should have said something but he was not sure who would be the first to receive the gift. "Never mind ,my boy," he soothed,"You did fine and there will be no aftereffects save for special ones that you shall greatly appreciate at some future time.Now let us give the boy some time to recuperate.The next one of you could be receiving the 'gift' at any moment or it could be days."With that said,they exited the room to let the child recover in peace.

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Ronan slept all that afternoon and evening. At midday the next day he awoke. He had slept longer than he had thought possible. His head ached slightly, but he was okay. Ronan's body tingled all over in as good way. He was a day behind everyone now and wanted to catch up. A light rap came sounded at his door as Ronan began to rise to his feet. He was't ready to let anyone in as he hadn't even bathed. Ronan swung his feet back into the bed and covered up.

"Come in," he called out.

It was Ayn with a fresh breakfast of everything an boy cold ever want, and some that Ulric thought he might like. Ronan couldn't wait to get started as Ayn presented it to him.

"Ulric thought that you might like your breakfast up here this morning. Enjoy, little one."

"Tell Ulric thank you for me," Ronan said as she walked out slowly closing the door.

It took a while to finish everything and he was glad that the had been so hungry. Ayn had passed word to Whitman that the boy had a hunger in his eyes that was more than for lack of food to eat. A thirst also ran through him. Whitman knocked at the door this time. He had Ronan's homework from his first day of school.

"Your other instructor sent this for you. She says you can turn it in tomorrow." The man said.

"Thanks Whitman," Ronan offered,"could you take my tray away, and..."

"Get some clothes ready? I have already done so." Whitman alighted pointing to the youth valet next to Ronan's bed,"It would be best if you took a shower before you started your learning for the day, young master."

Ronan thought about it and agreed rolling himself out of bed. The headache was gone now and he felt more than before. Peppermint sang him a sing as he showered. It made him feel even better than he had a few moments ago. Was the spirit here to call on the magic to heal him. If wasn't the only reason for Peppermint to be here Ronan was glad for it. Every child needs a best animal friend, he thought, peppermint is mine. As Ronan listened to the song its magic healed him deeper than expected. Hardly anyone was around as he ran down the stairs to the library school packet in hand. Ulric noticed him from the study and bade him good morning.

"Good day young master. Did you rest well?"

"Yes sir, I did thank you. "

"Good. Are going to study now?"

"Yes sir, can't get behind."

"Then I will hinder you no further."

Ronan turned his attention back to his task at hand. The regular work had to be first. It all seemed familiar enough. He was always a quick study at spelling and math. Everything he had learned before he was sent here was returning. He couldn't explain it but like it that way. Not every thing should be explained right away. As he finished the last parts and reassembled the packet into a neat stack. One of the shelves in the library seemed to call out to him. Ronan slid a huge paper clip over the packet and sliding it into the envelope magically closed it and whisked it off to the schoolmarm. The books called louder now, but only certain ones, five to be exact. Each one had a seal on it. As the took each one down, Ronan noticed that they were quite heavy. Was just that they were big books, or was it that the magic inside was that heavy? Ronan called a small table to the side of the one where he stood.

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Raven sat outside the library hopping back and forth . She was torn between her curiosity and a deep feeling that her loyalties were awry.She loved her adoptive father but she was not inclined toward evil pursuits.These children were amazing and fascinating in their own right. She wanted to befriend them and learn from them .She watched as the boy brought up a table full of old volumes and began to delve into them enthusiastically. One seemed to leap into his hand and a face appeared inside the opened page. It was a woman whose blue aura caught the child by surprise. "Grandmother!" he exclaimed and dropped the book as though it had burned him.

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Aries walked up behind Raven whispering,"He's in for a big surprise now. His Grandmother is a Grand Mistress of the Magical Arts.I don't know why they didn't tell him.I wonder if I could get that book away from him before he can use it against us. He will be the only one able to bring the spells to fruition in there."
Raven squawked and reformed . Standing there together she said,"How could you get it from him now?
Aries opened his mouth and pulled out a gold socket from a hollow tooth with a great grimacing jerk."This will do it!"
He cried and then whipping a circle into the pane of glass,he reached a long arm in and grabbed the book .

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Ronan saw Aries' arm come through the portal out he corner of his eye. He knew he had ti be quick with a spell or Aries would get the book. Ronan turned the pages as quickly as he could until he came to a cancellation spell. "This is it", he whispered. He looked it over for just a second then waved his hand as he muttered its words saying the last one with power he never thought he had. The portal began to close Around Aries' arms.

"What, no way!" Aries exclaimed in surprise.

Raven laughed quietly as the portal closed and Aries was thrust into the wall behind him. Itching powder fell off a nearby shelf and all over Aries body. Grandmum, she tried to warn me, Ronan thought. It then occurred to him that he could call his grandmother. There was a mirror in the corner he hadn't noticed before. It seemed to call him to it as the five volumes had. Ronan inspected every inch of its frame. The mirror was exquisite. Its relief carved symbols looed familiar; he had seen them before in the first Volume he'd read this morning. As Ronan touched them he could feel their power. Ronan called the first magical volume from its table both hands reaching out until it was snug in his little hands. The table behind him came with it stopping under the voulme as it came down with a huge Bang! Ronan thought about the symbols and waved the book open. It made him wonder if she had written this volume of magic specifically for him. He turned to the front page with a wave and a smile. Ulric had come to the library door when heard the book smack the table. Ronan was gently and respectfully touching the page with his grandmother's picture on it.

"Graymum, wish I could see you again." he whispered as a tear rolled down his cheek.

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Ulric saw the broken window and knew what had almost happened. Thankfully the boy's new powers of precognition had given him the edge this time. Raven flapped away into the sky feeling very unhappy. She was angry with Aries for his botched attempt.Flying home ahead of him,she sought out Weermort in his laboratory.She must tell him of the Grandmother's involvement in this and apprise him of Aries inadequacies.

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Weemort was displeased and pleased at the same time. He was pleased that for the most part the plan was going well. When Raven walked into the lab his eyes met hers. She she could feel the darkness of his soul as they pierced hers to its deepest reaches. The coldness of it made her shiver for a short moment.

"So Aries failed again?" BHe inquired.

Raven nodded slowly. It was becoming more apparent that if she was going to turn it would have to be before the All Hallows moon. She had hidden that thought in a place where she hoped her adoptive father would never find it. If he did he would become expendable. The little ones were gaining power the longer they were under Ulric's care. The Mythtamer matriarch's appearance would make things more difficult indeed. Aries walked in the door as Raven was having these thoughts.

"It won't be a problem, children as long as we keep our wits about us."

"But the Mythtamer boy has precognition now. With his matriarch here his power will grow. Aries couldn't get the book because of it. Ronan will guard it well now and the mirror too, father." Raven intimated.

"This I know, daughter. Keep watch over the boys and that accursed little witch of a daughter of Ulric's."

Aries was beginning to hate his father in his deepest reaches. He just looked at the man and said nothing as he slunk back down to his own lab. It wasn't much but it served him well. On the table were a few tomes he had taken from Weemort's shelves. One was open to its center; the place where the reversal spell for his father's spiral virus lay. He didn't have all of the ingredients, but two or three powerful wizards could find them for him. Aries decided right then that Raven had been right. It wouldn't be any good to fight the two younger, high born wizards. Aries hadn't realized it at first, but he was beginning to develop a great respect for the squirts. He took a deep breath and released it and Raven walked in.

"Does your father know how you really feel, Aries?" She asked.

"No, he doesn't and don't you tell him either!" Aries chided.

"Don't worry I won't. I like those two boys two. They're brave and are becoming more wise while they stay with Ulric."

"Ronan has precognition, he could beat me in a duel right now. Do you think we can help them without Weemort knowing?"

"Do you know a good cover spell?"

"I think so," Raven answered summoning a book from the shelf she kept here so Weemort wouldn't know its whereabouts. She turned a few dozen pages coming to the spell with an 'Ah-hah'. She wrote it down and sent the book back to its place on the shelf,"we don't have much time."

"I know. I will stay here, you take that to them in a discrete way. Don't give it to them directly, just drop it in one of the boys' hands."

Aries seemed more focused and awake now. Perhaps it was the new purpose he had found. He had the help he needed to save the home he had been missing so much the past year. Raven left out the flew in great haste flying toward Ulric's home.

Ulric watched the events that next transpired with Ronan's magic, intrigued. He had been wondering when the boy would find the book his matriarch had written especially for him. Ronan touched the symbols on the right side of the mirror's frame as he recited the first part of the spell.

Mothers and fathers of Mythtamers past
come to this lone boy
bestow your magics at last
Make them intertwine with
The magic that is mine
With your love and power
Embrace me this hour
be my guides as here I reside
Help me become part of the
mythtamer pride.

Through the mirror all the Mythtamer matriarchs came each lending him a gentle kiss hello. His Patriarchs each gave him a token and a smile. He smiled back to all of them. Finally the last Patriarch and Matriarch came through carrying the family claymore. It shortened and became lighter as they handed it to him.

"This is yours now," his grandmother said.

"Grandma Pearl, I don't know if I am ready for this yet."

"Hush boy, It is yours and it knows you. Besides, this isn't the original but one fashioned after it especially for you. It is your sword."

Ronan understood more fully now. His family's power was in that sword and he now possessed it. They all then stood in a circle and chanted the family incantation. All their magics began to flow through him and his claymore began to glow with the blade changing hue to a pale gold tint and the hilt to to copper. The two animals felt the magic pouring through the house and ran to join in.

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Ulric knew that something of this magnitude and power had to happen for each of the children in time. He had not realized exactly who they were in the chain of ever opening and expanding emanations from that other world. He decided to have a meeting with the adults and try to facilitate the next child's coming into full fledged power the way Ronan had done.

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For now the best thing to do for Ronan was to get him out of the house. Ulric exited the shadows from whence he had been watching the boy. It startled Ronan for but a moment in which he did nothing but get caught by the man's gaze and think that he wss in trouble.

"Why would you think that my young friend; it isn't true after all." Ulric said.

Ronan gulped hard wetting his tongue and not knowing what to offer. Both possible reactions came to his mind. Neither one leapt into the air. The one that did showed how nervous and frightened Ronan actually was.

" just." He started.

"Everything is alright. I just didn't expect your magic to come to you this quickly. What you did their just now was nothing short of amazing. It looks like some of your things from home decided to follow you here."

Ronan smiled sighing in relier. He wasn't in trouble after all. Just the opposite; he'd been noticed. The fear from the event that had just taken place was also subsiding as the two spoke more. fter a while Ulric made a suggestion.

"What do you say we clean all this up and we go to the park?"

"Can you hide the books? I think the dark one's children want them. They tried to take them. Sorry about the window." Ronan explained.

"Of course, that is wise of you to suggest. Don't worry about the window, child." Ulric said giving his hand a wave.

A curious wind swept through the room subsiding as quickly as it had come. It turned Ronan completely around to face the previously shattered pane. All he could to was look up and smile.

"Now about the park; shall we go?"

"Yeah, Let's go!"

As they came to the park Ronan could see a man there. He was doing something Ronan had never seen anyone do. His body moved and flowed like a river. Energy flowed off the man too and he seemed to glow. This was Wei Lo Chen. Chen noticed the boy's curiosity at his movements. Ronan hadn't noticed it but he had begun to move with Chen. In his mind Ronan heard a thought come through from Ulrich.

"Chen here will keep you safe for me while a run a few errands. I will return in two hours. There is much Chen can teach you about the energy inside of you. Be attentive and learn all you can." Ulric charged.

"I will," Ronan replied.

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That evening the meeting was called. Every wizard in town but two attended and everyone knew why. Ulric had brought out the long conference table for this meeting and a meal magically spread. The children were ushered outside as the elder wizards entered Ulric's home. Six eyes watched from outside, curious as to what was going on. Lucas recognized one of them and smiled. His Elpa had made it and was here too. The two wizards had a short conversation about the boy.

"What? My grandson is here? Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I am sorry, but i did not find them first. You know I would have told you if I had."

"Of course, old friend. Then it was Opal who found them. Is Lucas in danger?"

"He is. Weemort wants him."

Elza nodded. He wanted his grandson with him but knew that The key was for him to step back and allow Lucas to discover his real power again.

"If Weemort is after him then he will need this, I think." Elza said handing him a wooden box Ulric had never before seen in his associations with the Shadowshield clan.

"What is it?" Ulric asked.

"Just a few things his mother and father forgot to give him before sending their son here."

"Did they know how long the magic would make his journey?"

Lucas changed windows to get a better look. It was then that he saw the box his Elpa was holding remembering it on the spot. SOme important memories began to return to his young mind. Images of his father showing him his special box rushed through him. For the longest time selected Shadowshields had become alchemists of the spiral. Maybe it was time for him to become such an alchemist. Elza saw them out the corner of his eye and smiled when he felt Lucas.

"Don't look now Ulric, but I think we have wee spectators. Mind them not. I know they have become fast friends."

"The fastest I have ever seen, old friend."

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Farwyn and Andra Shadowshield held each other close and toasted to another day of life. Farwyn reached up and wiped a crystal tear from his wife's cheek. She did not need to explain . They missed their child terribly but the sickness was something they could not have chanced for him."What do you feel from him?" Farwyn whispered in her ear.
"I do not allow myself to venture there in any way,my Darling"
she said with bowed head,"I only speak of him in my prayers lest some stray element of evil take flight to find him."

Farwyn's soul was in turmoil. He could not know it was because of the amazing things going on so far away."I wonder if he has learned any of the elementary spells he was allotted ?"
Lucas envisioned his dear parents at that moment in time and sent them a silent wave of loving reassurance . They stared into each other's eyes and knew he was alive and well.
A cry of pure joy escaped their lips and they fell into each other's arms . "Thank God!" said Farwyn.

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Farwyn remembered that a child's magic was bound until their eighth year. This could be a problem, but then how was Awryn's boy receiving his magics faster. Had the ancients decided to step in? If they had, was it because these times, such as they were required them to have their powers now? That had to be it, why else. Farwyn went to the family library. When he arrived Farwyn checked all of the shelves. Three volumes written by his grandfather Kalfor Shadowshield were missing. They had decided to go where he who needed them most would be. Suddenly a book fell from a high shelf on the far side of the room hitting the floor with clap as loud as thunder opening to a page somewhere near the middle. Farwyn picked it up and went to a comfortable chair nearby. As he read, Farwyn discovered that the words on this page and the next few read like a prophecy, A powerful one that included Lucas and the Mythtamer heir. The only thing missing from the picture was the sword his only son was to have. Another book fell from the shelf beside him on his left side. This one didn't open when it hit as if what was needed was to be discovered by one who could do the magic. Farwyn took the grimoir from its place on the floor and blew the dust from its binding and cover. Voices began to whisper in the empty room.

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A freak wind swept by the book as Alora entered. It turned to a page on which a sword was drawn. The prophecy had turned to such a page as well. This magic was ancient and his wife knew how to accomplish it. It was she who had to forge the enchanted blade their son would wield. He looked deeply into her eyes, deeper than he had when they had first met.

"Can you do it?" Farwyn asked.

"Yes, my beloved," she answered,"if Lucas needs it I can make it."

"Then we should hurry so his power can come to him."

Andra took the aged grimoir from her husband's hands. Closing it gently she glided out the library door the runes committed to memory. In a few moments she was back at the forge. It always seemed to know that she was coming. As she entered it lit up with a dry, white flame. The materials she required appeared out of nowhere. The magic must have seen them in my mind, she thought. Andra placed the Hematite into the smelter when it was melten she guided the shimmering mass of metal into a a sheet mold of just the right thickness for the blade of a sword. When it was cooled she began her work. Folding the metal and pounding it as she muttered an incantation.

Shimmering blade made with love
Set my angel's magic free
Protect him at the rise of need
When darkness ventures near
Be light's pillar
To guide him through an endless night
His magic unbind for all time
With that of his freinds to intertwine
Let his power come from tree
of our ancient family
at this spell's end
so mote it be.

The sword glowed with a golden aura as Andra began the incantation for the sword'd crystal eye. It energy seemed to fill her up, ease the fear she had for her young son. It was then that she knew the blade was perfect as it floated before her in the air.

Golden stone who sees all
Be my angel's protection
From evil's call
Be his guide down the path of light
Your eye always open
Watching, giving second sight
making shadows flee
so mote it be.

The final touch was the scabbard. Andra looked around for the one she thought was best. Nothing seemed right until one of the scabbards floated off an old,dusty shelf. Andra saw it out of the corner of her eye. It was made of the finest leather and trimmed in the finest gold. She thought she had seen it before as she lifted the blade to call it over. It hit the hilt with such power that it nearly knocked her over. The sword was complete and andra walked into the house making her way back to Farwyn via the family gallery. on a far wall in low light hung a painting og her beloved father and smiled as it dawned on her that the scabbard was his and he wanted Lucas to have it. Farwyn entered a short time later placing his arms around her with a gentle kiss.

"Is that thw sword?" he asked.

"Yes," Andra answered,"the only one he will ever need."

She presented it to him and Farwyn was as pleased as she was. He could feel her love in it.

"Then we should hurry to the mirror portal."

They ran alll the way down the hall to the room where it was kept. Both took a breath as they approached it. Neither had used it in quite a long while, but this was important. The fate of the spiral depended on their son, his new freinds and this sword. Farwyn activated the portal. It sent a warm breeze through to the other side.

Lucas and Ronan felt it as they began the Shadowshield family call. It gave Lucas a shot of confidence as Ronan begand the unbinding spell. Ronan was nervous. His mirror had never done this before, opened without his magic to do so. Someone else had to be doing it. He began anyway.

I call on Shadowshields passed
As a well for magic new
Break this spell of binding
In our hour of need
Spirit of light...

That was as far as Ronan got with his spell sword fell through the mirror. He'd stopped cold eying it as Peppermint and vixen sauntered in on them. They began to sniff around at the sword. Where had it come from and who was it for? There was a seal on the hilt and a crystal on the pommel.It became an open eye as vixen pawed at it. At that moment it rose into the air inspecting the two boys thoroughly. When it came to Lucas the sword drew and Lucas was compelled to reach for it. Its song was pure and its blade shimmered in the waning moonlight that was beaming into the room. Its runes now glowed brightly before Lucas and he knew who had sent it. The sword was his and he took it up and the scabbard too.

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Then,there in the mirror were his parents looking intensely across the void. No words were spoken but the message was clear.
Generations had come together to deliver this great gift . Lucas concentrated. He would burn this image into his memory forever.Until this moment his recollection of his parents had been hazy and indistinct ,just a young child's passing fancy .Now he knew that it might be years before he saw them again and he would not forget.
The animals wound around the boy's legs,drawing off the aura that was a heavy mist pouring onto the floor.Not even the adults noticed the subtle changes in the creatures.A deep maturity was seeping into the consciousness of the animals,giving them a new level of understanding of their masters' abilities.They also were receiving the gift of precognition.

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Lucas took the sword in his hand as he turned from the mirror and Shadowshields back a thousand years passed. A circle from outside the study door moved into the library and under Lucas' little feet. The sword's eye opened not for danger but for acceptance of the new powers that would come. Each boy looked into the other's eyes with a greater understanding then they had before. The swords had to come together at exactly this moment. The idea came to both of them at the same time. Meagan had to be included. It had to be the three of them making this journey together. There wasn't any other way. Ronan looked over Lucas' shoulder to the window that had broken the last time he had performed this spell. There sat Rave clear as day, but he sensed no evil intentions from her. Ares was there too, intentions changed for the better and a longing for home as deep as their own.

"They're here to help," Ronan said.

"I know, I'm not afraid," Lucas replied.

He teleported the two into the library, still ill at ease over what their true intentions might be. Ares noticed the circle under Lucas' feet. He knew it to mena no harm and advised them as to what to do.

"It is there to bring your powers to bear. Continue the spell Ronan."

Ronan nodded curtly, gently turning his new friend around to face him. Meagan had just entered the house behind Lucas. She could feel the magic surging through the floor to her mind. It spread throughout the house to the conference room where the adult wizards were meeting. Khetmat looked up into Ulric's eyes. An intertwining was being performed, a merging of three families worth of magic to bring the boy's magic to bear. But this requires the family swords to be present. Ulric looked to the wall where he kept Meagan's family sword. It was gone. The balde had been called by its owner and was now firmly in her right hand. Meagan walked into the library sword in hand and joined the other two. The trinity of powers was complete. Ronan nodded.

"This is a spiritual alchemy spell and I shouldn't do it," he said approaching Lucas and placing his right hand on Lucas' shoulder, "It should be a Shadowshield."

"But, I don't know how. I'm not an Alchemist," Lucas whined.

It was just then that the adult wizards walked in. Ulric saw whathtey were preparing for and nodded to Lucas. "But you can young wizard, just open your heart and mind to the magic. Even your friend knows this."

Lucas nodded and closed his eyes and the animals began to sing again calling the magic to come to their young friend. The power almost overwhemed his small frame as he fought to control it. Lucas began again the spell he and Ronan had started before the sword was delivered. The alchemical runes there on began to glow bright blue as the magic flowed to its tip. The runes on the other swords began to glow as he spoke the incantation.

I call on the souls of Shadowshields passed
As a well for magic to cross the generations
And break this spell of binding set upon me
Return to me my inheritance
Break the holds on my body and mind
Let my inner light shine
Bring to me
The magic of my family
As I speak it so mote it be.

As the swords came together a nearly blinding light filled the room and Lucas nearly collapsed. It took moment to regsin his balance. Once he did, the spells other half could begin. All three children took a deep breath. This time the flats of the baldes had to touch as they began. The ancient spirits gathered round the younger ones forming a circle.

Wizards and witches at this gate
Help us in this working
Allow your power to move between
The young wizards in this circle forged
To combine the powers
Of these alchemical wards three
Our magics intertwine
So mote it be.

Magical rings began to flow down their small forms from crown to foot. Lucas' power felt by all. After a few moments their magics were combined. The lowest ring spread out to make a new magic circle on the floor as the children were lowered to their family seals. In the center the family seals were combined to make one seal to maginify their powers.

The lines leading to each of the three children were now glowing white and they could feel one another better now. Their minds seemed to be more in sync too. They all looked at one another, curiosity piqued. It was like looking into one another's mind. Every one of them felt that there was a test coming on. They looked to Ulric with questioning eyes. Ulrics eyes had questions in them too. Just how much of Lucas' power had been returned to him? Was it for good that they were returned or would they disappear when Weemort was defeated? Peppermint and Vixen teleported to the table taking positions in relation to their masters as Meagan called for her own ancient one. His name came into her mind like lightning to a rod as she put out her arm now donning a glove.

"Morynn, come to me!" She whispered.

Outside a black head and blue-edged wings rose and came to attention. The library balcony doors flew open as a warm, had wind blew them in. Marlyn spread his magnificent blue and brown wings to the sky and let out a powerful cry as he flew into the library landing on Meagan's right hand. It felt like a hammer as he landed, her hand came dowm briefly. Good to see you again, my dear, she heard in her young mind.

"Good to see you too," She said reaching up to stroke his silken feathers.

"It is time for your sealing isn't it? I wouldn't miss it for the world. Your power is the power to see things none else do. This will be dangerous for Weemort for you may come to know his plans. He will try and stop it,Ulric." explained Marlyn.

With all three ancient ones assembled there was not much left to do as Marlyn let out a final scream. All Ulric needed was for Lucas to learn his new Magic of Alchemy. there wer also two other primary family magics missing. One nneded the other to come to light. In his dark preoccupations Weemort had forgotten about his two young benefactors. Where were they? Then he heard the screech of the falcon in his mind. He nearly curdled with fear and one singular dark hope. I hope, Weemort thought, that Ares and Raven aren't with them. When the second hawken scream hit his withering form he realized that they were indeed with the other young wizard. Another thought raced through his mind to his lips.

"Little traiters!" He thought aloud. "Ingrates!" was the next thought to leave his lips,"they will be the death of me."

It was probably what they wanted. Weemort was furious now. He was alone to stop these imputant children from saving the spiral of wizarding worlds. The old man wasn't even sure he could stop them now. Everything would come to naught if they weren't stopped soon. Weemort looked at the time worn calendar on his wall. All hallows was now a day away. That would be his only chance to attempt their destruction or downfall. That's when it had to be done and at no time else. Preparations had to be made quickly.

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Aries inspected the three of them closely. Their powers had magnified since his last encounter with them. Lucas couldn't decide how far to trust the young death wizard. Sure, he was of the same magic, but he still felt that the other was still somehow connected to Weemort. It was going to be difficult to trust him. Aries knew this too. It would take a great deal of time for anyone in the room to trust him completely. He knew he deserved this reaction, but decided to move forward with his plan. Time was of the essence as Ulric inspected the nephew of Weemort. There was a definite, longing for home and something else. What was it? A hope for a new, more powerful way of thinking. There was a light trying to come out; inching its way through the cracks of Aries' psyche. It was overpowering the darkness Weemort had placed there and soon the transformation would be complete. Aries was becoming good, becoming the child he once was. All hallows was the key and there was still much to be done. The young alchemist had to learn his art.

"You're an Alchemist," Aries said breaking the long silence,"It is a skill you will need to defeat my uncle and we should start teaching him as much as possible immediately. He must make a stone."

"But I don't know how," Lucas pined.

"You will," Ulric said rubbing his chin,"you will."

"Don't be a dummy Lucas, you will," Ronan exclaimed, "I'll help."

"Me too," Meagan in,"It will be fun."

Ronan closed his eyes and looked for the right book among the hundreds with mind and heart, then opened his eyes and went to the end of a row of books with old covers and curious markings. He caressed them with his little fingers until one burned him slightly.

"Call this one to you," he called to Lucas.

Lucas reached out with his spirit and mind, but the book wouldn't budge, refusing to move even a fraction of an inch. It returned his call. What youth calls me into hand? In his mind lucas answered reaching out with as much power as he could. Ah, a Shadowshield calls me. This is a good day then. Alright I will come. It shot out of the shelf and into Lucas' waiting hands pushing him back into a shelf behind his small frame.

"You okay," Ronan asked as Lucas shook off the knock on his head.

"I think so. That was awesome I never felt so much power.

The book lay on his little belly open exactly to the middle. Ordinarily this wouldn't seem unusual as it happens once in a while. With magic grimoir it sometimes has a particular purpose in mind. The book had chosen his first alchemical formula. Lucas raised the book off his body suspending it in mid air. the formula was immense in size and would require quite a few quests, or one long one. Lucas looked over the ingredients of the potion. One moment they had spiral ingredients and the next moment they had changed to become things available in their current world. Some grew right around them and others they would have to search the world for.

"Master Ulric," Ronan said,"We'll never find some of these in time. How would we do it? We've never ported before, much less to some of these places."

"Yeah, Master Ulric what are we supposed to do?" Lucas chimed in.

"I know where some of these are. I've seen them in the park but we have to hurry because they will be gone soon." Meagan said.

Ulric smiled, proud of his daughter's resourcefulness. This could be their first quest in saving the spiral from the plans of Weemort. Weemort went to his crystal ball and peered in not liking what he saw. Another Shadowshield had gained the tools of Alchemy. Lucas was now more dangerous to his plans then he wished him to be. All three children having the magics intertwined could thwart it all together. How could he slow the plan laid out for these three whelps. They were hardly ever alone.

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He thought of the four humors,wind,fire,earth and water. These were his choices but which ones and how best to use them? He brought up the images,asking for the weakest links from the powers that ran through his dark universe.
The visage of Meagan and her pet rose up in his crystal orb.Just as he thought. Meagan had not been integrated with Camilla. Their bond was superficial at best. She would have to be sealed to her father and soon. It was going to happen, but how? The Mythtamer boy hadn't gained that power yet. Weemort looked into the orb again. The little whelp had learned the mirror spell to call his family. If Ronan completed the spell his powers would become unbound.

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Marlyn stood behind Meagan as she read the book. She touched her daughter's ear. There was another energy in the room watching. Aries felt it too. He looked into Camilla's eyes as she brought her head errect. A question had been passed to her,one for which she had not thought of a sufficient answer. Camilla caressed her little angel's ear,then bent down and whispered.

"There is something we must do?" Morynn whispered in daughter's ear.

As she looked up Meagan she said something Camilla had not thought of,"I know mommy, we have to perform the bonding."

Then she looked to Ares to dispel his Uncle's magic. He had to be made to think that Meagan and her mother were still unbound and unsealed. Aries nodded and waved his hand with a powerful thrust to the ceiling above then motioned for mothere nad daughter fo ome to him. They both looked to Ulric who also stood by watching everything and he nodded his approval of the action sending a message of,"trust this one. He has his proper direction now."

Camilla took Meagan to a place on the floor ten feet from where Aries stood. Aries took out a scroll and began to chant. Camilla began to recognize the words of the spell. It was a spell of protection. On the iteration of the last word he handed each of them an amulet, a further protection.

"You must take the falcon with you," He explaine,"He can see any attempt to break my protections."

"Thank you," Camilla said,"I hope that you complete your turning and get your wish."

Aries nodded and summoned Meagan's staff to her hand. She latched onto it tightly as Morynn placed a cloak on her shoulders and called her staff. Ulric went with them as the bonding required both parents to work. Everyone followed Ronan out to the spacious courtyard. It was a beautiful space like none he had ever seen. Thr floor was of the finest alabaster and trimmed in bronze. No altar had been made yet, but that wasn't a problem for the little wizard. Ronan called the sealing altar from his own home in Mooshu. When it arrived Ronan called for his sealing robes. He felt it strange that he was beginning to remember so much magic.

Awryn and Alora had returned briefly to Mooshu. The virus had begun to creep further into this beautiful world of the spiral. They had been in Celestia for the last month setting up a non-permanent abode. Alora was beginning to pack some of her little prince's clothes when his new sealing robes rose into the air. They were being called, but before they left for their destination sAlora heard a sound that told her who was calling them, "Good taste as always mother, thank you." Then the brass staff with a square star was inspected with the same reaction. His power has grown much, Alora thought, he must need them.

The robes came in an instant draping Ronan in red, gold and white. His staff had come too. Its head glowed as the young wizard touched it. He waved it over the floor of the courtyard and two squares instantly appeared one changing axis on top of the other. As their positions locked a circle came into the center of the star they formed. The sigil moved, coming to rest in the center of the courtyard, adding four smaller versions of itself and emlarging in size to accomodate the four people involved in the sealing. Ronan called the altar to its center. Arwyn was in the family courtyard when the family seal on the Altar began to glow and it it too disappeared. He rushed to his wife with the news.

"Our son," He started out of breath.

"I know," Alora told him,"It is a proud day. Our son is performing his first sealing."

They shared a smile then went on packing. Their son was coming into the fulless of his power. He was now a true Mythtamer and a powerful one at that. Ronan called his first family forward to their seals.

"This day I make you a family forever. Ulric and Camilla Firelance come forward to the altar." He called.

They came forward and Ronan began the ceremony to seal them in marriage. They hadn't as yet been married this way. They had planned it for later in the year, but the need was greater now and they knew it.

"Ulric and Camilla you have come to the Mythtamer family to be sealed for the eternities. This is a special time for all involved. Master Ulrich take Camilla's hand and say your vows."

Ulric took his wife's hand, took a deep breath and began his vows. He meant every word he said as he said them. Camilla felt their power as she looked deeply into her husband's eyes.

Camilla I took you, once before to be my companion in life. Now I have the chance to seal that love forever. I take you to be my partneer from eternity to eternity as my faithful partner and my love. In the presence of magic of the spiral, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, in joy and in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, honor and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for time and all eternity.

Ulric Firelance I took you as my husband nine years ago. You have completed my soul and blessed my life. The spiral then blessed us both with a beautiful and magical child. Now I have this day to seal my soul to yours for time and all eternity and to make the three of us a family for the eternities. I will love you, honor you and cherish you for time and all eternity. I am your wife forever and ever.

Camilla looked up to Ronan's cherubic form. He was a truly handsome boy in his new sealing robes. She could see the power in the boy's as he lifted his stalf to seal their marraige. His voice almost rang out like a sweet, tender song as Fireplume's wings spread to their full glory.

"This is well with you this day and for all others. Now, on the authority given my family by the magic of the spiral I pronounce you husband and wife sealed forever to one another in love. Now it is time to seal your daughter to you and kae this a family that will walk the eternities in the light never again to be separated in your magics. Meagan come forwardand join you mother and father at the altar." Ronan said reaching out to her to come.

Meagan came to the altar and her clother instantly changed. She looked each parent in the eye for a moment as she took their hands in her own, then looked into Ronan's eyes their color had changed to a very pale blue that was almost white. His power ran through the altar; it made Meagan's tingle in a good way. Ronan was about to enact the final sealing, but something felt wrong; there was a dark figure on the edge of the light. Ares had come out to join the others just then and saw it as he peered into the shadowy forest. As he scanned he saw something and felt his uncle's spirit but couldn't be sure that was what he felt. Ares shot a quick look to each bird of prey in the ceremony. The he turned to Raven, now standing behind him.

"Go witht them, Raven make sure I am not feeling my uncle in the shadow of the trees."

"Yes, of course." She said with a nod, transfiguring and flying toward the forest.

At the forest's edge stood a dark feline figure with brightly glowing golden eyes. Raven could feel the darkness in the creature and knew who it must be. There was no questioning it, this was Weemort himself. Raven soared toward the moon then reversed her course, calling out to all concerned. She swooped into the outer circle landing on Ares' shoulder as he stepped out to the courtyard whispering in his ear.

"Your uncle is here," she said,"I think he means to stop the sealing, but I don't know how exactly."

"He would have to kill Meagan or her mother. That would be the only way to stop this sealing from taking placc." Ares whispered back.

Another way crossed Raven's mind. Could he also do it by taking Ronan away from the ceremony? She knew that was possible too. Weemort had to be stopped, this ceremony could not be interfered with in any way. Raven flew off Ares' shoulder swooping close to the ground taking the form of a large, powerful she-lion. She took a protective position near Ronan so Weemort wouldn't get any ideas about kidnapping the boy sealer. Ronan shared her gaze for but a moment then returned to his task. Hawk and owl circled above. They had seen Weemort too and waited for him to act knowing it wouldn't take long.

Weemort seethed as the boy went on with the sealing. His animal eyes now glowed blood red as he roared witht he full voice of a male panther. The shreiking roar was heard clear to the courtyard. Meagan's helping spirit scampered onto her shoulder. Another was to come to protect her. This spirit's with her was only for the interim.

"I must leave you miss," she said,"another comes who can protect you better than I."

"What do you mean?" Meagan asked.

"You were to have a bird like the others. You are to be a seer as soon as your life is sealed to those of your parents. I shall miss you." The Squirrel said.

"And I you."

The Squirrel scampered off and a few moments after a chittering, blood curdling call echoed through the night. Its power was felt by all as it sped toward Meagan's shoulder gently setting down. It was a tight, powerful clasp that didn't seem to pierce her skin. Meagan took a breath as she knelt to the ground. The bird whispered into her tender ear one wing extended like a hand with a secret.

"I am Myrddyn, you protector and permanent guide young seer. Never mind him this sealing will occur whether he wants it to or not. Have no fear." The falcon said retracting his blue-grey wing and taking a resolute stance on her shoulder.

Meagan smiled as she knelt before the altar. A new sense oc courage flowed through her heart and mind. It made her feel powerful. She squeezed her parents' hands tightly as Ronan began the family sealing. Myrddyn looked toward the forest and waved his talon to set forth a protection that would last throught the next few moments.

"Meagan Firelance," Ronan began,"these to people have been your parents for seven years. Are you ready to be sealed to them for all time and eternity?"

"Yes," Meagan said,"I love them very much. I am ready."

"Then so shall it be," Ronan replied raising his stalf,"Great spiral accept this family I now seal into thy eternal peace with love and power. Fill them with your magic and seal them, make them one as a family for time and all eternity. So mote it be!"

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Weermort was not a fool. He knew when he was outnumbered.he slunk away to wait for a better time to undermine this new and powerful phenomenon.Back at his own abode,he went into an insane rage,setting fire to the Craft store and all connected with it. His traitorous children would pay for their disloyalty. Explosions rocked the night as Weermort watched his laboratory burst into flames.Mad laughter rose above the sound of the crackling fire. It was time to turn to his Mother for help at last.Somewhere on the darkest level of the Spiral,She felt his need,she sensed his grief and she groaned.
A tremor roiled through the levels of all the worlds. She had searched for him for eons and now at last he was seeking her!

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Ysbail van Weemort could feel her son's anger and frustration on the ripples it sent out. She searched for the reason of its being along the lines. The magic showed her everything that has transpired upto the now promenant ripples. Ysbail stopped when she saw the forms of the ancient ones assigned to the children. A thorn in his side, she thought. Then one looked straight through her as if it saw her across the ocean of magical energy. It was rife with power that pierced her to the very core of her being and screamed out a name. 'Myrddyn!'
Now she knew among other things the level of frustration her son was feeling and exactly what caused it. These three ancient ones had been guarding these three families for countless ages and if Myrddyn was to be the girl's protector, then her son's plan could inevitably fail. An alchemist, a seer and a sealer in the same place meant a triple threat. They would find a cure for the plague and it wouldn't take long. The young seer being sealed by the magic was a definite setback.

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Her misfit of a son was a terrible disappointment to Ysbail but she loved him and had been searching for him.His meager powers were an embarrassment to her but he was a vital component in her schemes for the future domination of the Spiral. Now that she had found him ,he could be groomed for the one purpose only he was good for. The joining in wedlock of the two greatest evils the world had ever known. She had to help him out of his present difficulties in order to get on with the business at hand. Her whole life and the future of her family had been hanging in the balance while she sought her son across every layer of the Great Spiral. She was shocked at his decadent appearance and the disgusting level to which he had sunk.No matter,Everything could be corrected now that he was back in her clutches.

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The three ancients eye Weemort as he left to fight another day. They didn't know when that would be, but knew it would be soon. Ronan returned his attention to the sealing, smiling at Meagan. His power flowed through the floor of the courtyard the ancients returned to their places as Ronan tapped his staff three times.

"By the power given me of the spiral," Ronan began, "I bring this family together to be sealed. Is there anyone who wishes this sealing not to occur?"

There was nought but silence in the courtyard. Ronan nodded and continued,"then so mote it be. By the power in my spirit vested, I pronounce this family sealed for all eternity."

The newly sealed family rose as power surged through Meagan. New powers were being granted to her as a piller of light nearly consumed her. After a few seconds the pillar disappeared and Meagan slunk over her energy slightly depleted, and breath nearly gone. Camilla took her into the house to rest. in a few hours Meagan's energy returned, but only slightly. She laid down, drifting off to sleep. Soon after the dreams of precognition began making Meagan toss and turn in fear with the power of the dream.

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Meagan knew she was in a waking dream.A waterfall fell in a mirrored sheet smoothly into an azure river. She stood staring at herself in the water. She was not surprised to see herself as a mature young woman . Her crimson cloak flowed back away from her body revealing several beings close to her. She gasped at the sight of Weermort and both his children.What could this mean? Would they change or did it simply mean that they would press in on her in a dangerous way? She was not familiar enough with precognition to decipher the hidden subleties.She studied her expression in the reflection,it was enigmatic but then a handsome young man approached her from behind. He was floating lightly above the flowers and as he reached her ,he transformed into a powerful falcon. She cried out,"Myrrdon!"and reached out her arms toward him.

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"Yes, child," a soft, welcoming voice greeted,"it is I."

Meagan could feel the power that flowed from his form. The waterfall had the same power as it misted her young skin. One energy seemed to empower the other. Myrrdon's eyes pierced Meagan's mind and soul to the very core as she flew to a tree branch just above her right shoulder. He could sense the questions Meagan was now asking in her mind. What was her vision a shadow of? Were Weemort's daughter and Nephew really here to help, or was there some underlying motive beneath the facade? What was ahead for her two new friends, and how would they accomplish it? 'All are good questions,' the ancient one thought.

"All of your questions, or at least most of them, will be answered here in this first vision. This is the reason I was chosen to be your helper," Myrrdon explained with care.

Meagan waved her hand over the pool as the ancient one watched. She sat closer to the pool of water so she could see every action and subtlty more clearly. The vision went slower this time. Meagan was able to read between the lines. At one point she paused the vision. The spiral had decided to speak to her and she dedcided to listen. Even in bitter agony the spiral was telling her what it thought she she needed to know. It was the near truth of all things. The spiral showed her that they could no long rely on the the elements of the spiral for their magic. They must learn to use every element and art of this world to defeat their first foe. The arts she saw were beautiful in their execution. What art is this? she thought. Meagan couldn't see who was practicing it,only the young hands as they moved. She hadn't noticed the practitioners robes before and she saw them she knew who it was and smiled. Her eyes behld the power and balance Lucas would begin to wield. After a while the vision switched to Ronan.

Ronan is already powerful and balanced,Meagan thought. Why does he need the new arts. The answer came in a soft and magical voice.

"Look, see," Myrrdon pointed out, "it magnifies his elemental powers. You will each have to study the elemental forms of this art, it is called Kung Fu. You will have to study water and earth forms, Master Ronan air and water; master Lucas will study earth with you and then fire with Ronan."

Meagan nodded,"so our spiral elements have been grouped into the new ones by their attributes?"

"Yes, death and Life are earth elements, Ice is water and Myth is air," Myrrdon explained,"You might also need to study some air art with Master Ronan who seems to be learning it quickly."

She hadn't noticed it before, but in the vision he really was learning it very well. She could see the power welling up in his young eyes. Suddenly, the vision Ronan blew somethinf to her. It was warm and...a kiss, she thought. Meagan blushed at the thought of the new boy liking her. His spirit was now telling her that he did and she smiled once more.

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