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Groom Lake 51

By: gr8dragon
gr8dragon's Profile

Real Name: Matthew Teets
Age: 42
Sex: m
Location: Littleton CO

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not specified

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Writing Style:
Fantasy,Action, Science fiction

Two boys approached the hulk of a military installation that was Area 51. The Air Force had claimed to move everything to Utah years before. Many in the area anround Groom Lake and everywhere else thought this a ruse to keep them away from the area. For the most part it was true, but there was still something going on there. Vehicles were always exiting and entering the gates. Something was going on there, just what no one knew. John and Garrett Sun Eagle loved to camping in the hills above the facility. Like many others the energy of the place seemed to attract them like a magnet. Most weekends would the the two boys there by sundown on fridays watching the facility and wondering what was going on below them. John had just turned twelve. Garrett was eight. It was the one thing the two did together. Everything else got in the way and they couldn't stop it. This friday was like any other there was a little homework, their mother had their dinners packed and ready. It was four thirty when the boys completed their homework, usually ahead of their teacher. It gave them more time to do what they really loved horseback riding. They loved the wind in their young faces as their horses ran.

"You boys finished up here," She called up to them.

They both smiled as they looked up at on another. It was just her and them. Their father had died in an automobile crash a few years before. Before that the couple had agreed to allow their sons to just be boys as much as possible. These over night camping trips were a part of that. the loving silence ended as an excited Garrett answered.

"Yeah mom, everything," he said.

"Not everything," she said looking around their room.

They knew what she meant. Their bedroom was a mess and had been for the last few days. A fine coat of dust had settled on their bookshelves and dust bunnies were peeking out from under the comforters that garnished their beds. They wondered where their cousins were right now and what they were doing. They hadn't gotten a letter from Matt in a month and wondered what was new. The computer on John's desk was still on. His America Online account shouted out an ominous "you've got mail." After a few seconds the attached animated web graphic of a dancing professor popped up. It was Matt's calling card and they all always got a kick out of it. Naomi would always send him back an email with another such thing with a little Frank Sinatra singing "I get a kick Outa You" and pointing at him. 'He may be a genius," she would say, but he has a wicked and twisted sense of humor. He gets it from my side of the family." This would of course be returned with a modified version singing "You Get Under My Skin."

"You had better not let those dust bunnies out," she said with a smile.

It had been rough rasing these two the past four years. That was when their Husband and father James had died in an ominous accident. To this day no one knew what the cause was. The evidence had been removed from the car, no stone left unturned. James had been an intelligence officer for the Navy. Naomi knew that it could be risky marrying any Military man with such classifications, but fell in love with him any way. That's the way it always seems to work on both sides of the coin. She had always thought that it had something to do with Area 51, but was never sure. It was only in the past two years that she had allowed her boys to camp near the place. She didn't like its energy, but for her boys she could see that this place was their connection to him. It was their way to remember him. They had transfered to Nevada when Garrett was just getting ready to turn four years old. He didn't remember much about James, just what he had been told the year before.

The mail continued its plea to be opened as John finshed his rounds, dusting everything in sight. It wasn't too thankless a job after all. Besides, Matt's email would still be there beckoning him in a few minutes. He let it go on with its beckoning tyrade. Out of breath John sat down to read the email. It was happy news he was sending. Matt was coming across the country to Fort Huachuca for the National Science Fair Competition. Joh was excited as he looked up and smiled at his mother.

"What's up," Naomi asked him.

"It's from Matt. He's gotten to the National level of the Science Fair Technology Division at Fort Huachuca Middle School." John Reported.

This was good news. Naomi would get to see her brother and his funny little man again. She wondered if they would make a stop to see them. It had been a long time and they needed to catch up.

"Are they going to stop and see us," Garrett asked before his mother could utter the words,"Is he bringing Ptolemy?!"

It was Matt, They were coming to Nevada and Arizona for vacation. This was good news. It had been a lot of christmases since he had seen them. They would be stopping in the area for a few days. This could be it, they thought.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Apr 25 2010 09:37:03 EST
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Genre: Adventure
Created: 04-25-2010
Word Count: 919

Copyright © 2008-2019 gr8dragon. All rights reserved.

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