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Global Gladiatoral Combat

Global Gladiatoral Combat Synopsis

A 500 word story of Russian maid pitted against a 12 yr old boy


The creaks and moans of her bones were louder than the floorboards. In the closet hangs an indecent garb. A black latex web mesh body suit comes out, looking like some bondage apparatus. Her house dress slips to the floor with nary a sound. Then, suddenly, the nearly naked aged body begins to move more fluidly and does a yoga movement of the proud warrior. Faster and faster she switches through the yoga routine loosening the ever creaking joints. Donning the web-suit with a deftness that only repeated times can master, she plugs her self into the port on the wall.

“Angie? “

“Connection made, self diagnostic running......self diagnosis complete. Good morning Irina it is precisely 1150 Zulu. Your match begins in ten minutes. Would you like to warm up?” the electronic voice was indistinguishable from human speech, programmed years before.

“ No, Angie . Let's just go to the stadium”. The four walls shifted from a serene scene in the Hawaiian Islands to the gateway for Global Gladiatoral Combat.

The stadium was a sphere 100 meters across. A football stadium on steroids with a negative G atmosphere and completely opaque hexagonal view ports riddling all points of the sphere. Gladiators from around the world have come through the digital gates for 6 years now, but more to the point, the spectators flowing in with their money faster and faster placing their bets is what the corporation wants.“All Gladiators must check in 5 minutes before their combat” another electronic voice clearly states above all the noise.

Time. Irina stepped into the sphere and the two rubber leashes attached to her hips tighten up. Her feet dangling above the floor in real life. Irina was young and vibrant in this world. The digital world of cyberspace year 2020. Her avatar shone brightly amongst the dark and dreary ones that usually pit themselves. “Today's the day we find out ” she calmly says aloud. In the Stadium her golden sexily shaped avatar hovers in. Armed with only a blade and shield she is the reigning champion for three months running. The challenger, a boy of 12, with a blaster and a cold spray apparatus, clumsily steps through the digital portal on the other side of the sphere. Both hovering, waiting for the start. The claxon sounds and without hesitation the blaster spits 100 rounds of plasma toward the yoga master. The blasts coming form an s shaped spread that Irina side skirts with a small move making her avatar curl into the same shape but left of the blasts. Next comes the ice flow from the boy and there is no way to dodge the ball of snow as it comes in . Irina uses her one defensive movement to curl into a ball and hide behind the shield. Having spent his weaponry and waiting for re-charge he waits for .6 seconds. Just enough time for the golden avatar floating across the stadium to deliver the death blow and de-rezz the boy.

planetariumnut (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Oct 02 2009 17:53:39 EST
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Genre: Adventure
Created: 10-02-2009
Word Count: 500

Copyright © 2008-2019 planetariumnut. All rights reserved.

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