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Actually this is a story which i am writing! I used to live abroad! Far away from my native land! A beautiful world with apartment ! I was having a litter brother! And ONE was twelve. i used to have bad dreams which was ending with bad ending!!"An old women in black which was dressed in Indian dress and was eagerly blinking off the tears and looked for someone! Her house was small which look like hut! She... was broken heart and was anxious! She was having children which was grown up! He was working with some tools in the corner of that hut!

I saw a small building with dark shadows covering part of the area! And there was a women who was waiting for someone and looked out! She was talking to a men who was dressed with long hair! He walked to goat and hold it! Spoken with anger on face! He was whispering out words from his mouth!
There was road from gate were a man was walking with some vehicles there!! There was a person sitting with people speaking to each other! Gambling! A person was looking through a lawn with eager! A men came running from back of the lawn they were talking to each other! They turned around looked at the lawn with house in it! they were whispering words then one of the man took something out and he was walking with a sharp which was a bright light reflecting and he was anxious his eyes was sharp which was red and sparkling. The man next was looking keen at the door he was picking to move out. He moved and looked. And saw a room. And there were many rooms .It was dark and there was glazing of floor he moved and saw a passage which was big dark and covering with darkness it was place for more person for burial .he moved towards a room and it was closed and looked through door .There was a hole. He hear sound snoring and were sleeping. He move towards with alerts .he was carrying cloths and tools for doors.
Darkness was covering... a place of fear and journey

In the darkness his guilt grows ever larger, he sprayed and covered with cloths were breath is covered but conscious and attacked with tools. He saw blood splashing drops and they drag with guilt and took the ladder. They hear dog howling and they dragged with strength and pour some cements and materials splash it through the body and covered it up.
In the Loneliness of darkness, a foul smell cover finding the air until dead body mummified. Foul environment of death there was crowded people. Police clarifying a record for the dead. The officer clarifying a house search and there were two investigators.
He look for records through the house and into an occupied unmarked areas and there were seals obstructing people from passing. He was having a radio phone and a micro set and investigating witness with him. The officer next to him was hard hearted.
He open one of the cardboard and was look through the checks and files before him. The witness was heartbroken .He asked for some evident for court . He was suspicious and returned to office he was hearing in activities of crimes through micro set. There was evidences of some witnesses for courts. And ask for corruption ambition and called for one of the witnesses. He planned for journey and plan to take some person with his journey along .He was cover up and can't recognized him for further investigation. He planned some peoples at shops and places with gangsters and riots with aim. Planned a car with robbers for house breaking.
There were four persons for robbery and their cloths were rage and covered some cloths form appearance and they looking for deserted areas. Paths was in right way for house break

A sudden bright light make me to open my eyes and recognized it is a dream!
After a few years on my journey to my native land I realized that I am seeing the same peoples on my dreams

dp123456 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Oct 30 2014 03:36:34 EST
Genre: General Fiction
Created: 10-30-2014
Word Count: 2103

Copyright © 2008-2019 dp123456. All rights reserved.

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