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Cyber Druid

By: gr8dragon
gr8dragon's Profile

Real Name: Matthew Teets
Age: 42
Sex: m
Location: Littleton CO

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Writing Style:
Fantasy,Action, Science fiction

It had been a long summer for Ayden Masters, long but thoroughly enjoyable. His sister had gotten married again and that was as good an excuse as any to see his favorite nephew.That was always fun. Little Matthew was ten and had an obsession with a particular old comic book hero, Dr Druid. Even his action figures were one of a kind. It was fun to play again for a month, but now he was back and that meant bad news would follow him back. Follow him back it did, for he hadn't been back long when an ominous knock graced his dorm door. He was an associate professor for a rather eccentric Occult Studies and archeology professor there at Brown University. He thought the knocks didn't go away. When he opened the door, there in front of him stood the university's attorney. He had a letter in his hands. "Are you Ayden Masters," he asked.

"Yes," Ayden reluctantly replied as the attorney handed him his letter. "Professor Rutlidge in the Archeology department has died. He has left his home and all of his books to you. All are most precious and rare. He also left you all of his research."

Ayden couldn't believe it. He knew that Rutlidge was a Druid by religion, but what kind of research could he have been doing that the college didn't know about. Ayden knew the man was secretive that he was the only one the Professor trusted with his most secret secrets. Ayden took the letter and read it. It was his last will and testament. He scanned through it some more.

"Are you sure i am the only one he willed to?" Ayden asked.

"In fact, you are."

The lawyer handed him a key,"as a condition of the will you must move into his home and complete his research."

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Jan 22 2009 21:36:59 EST

Ayden had pack all his things and did move into the Professors home after unpacking Ayden decided he must get to work and try to complete the Professor's research but thought maybe I can even improve what the Professor had started. He decided to start a fire in the tremendous hearth in the library and sit for a while with the journal. Ayden read all night. It was great deal to take in, fusing magic with technology. The last entry was a bit of an oddity. It read,"If the spell I have found in the old text works, I should be able to successfully fuse magic and technology and create something new."

He modified an old spell? Ayden thought. It wasn't recorded in the professor's journal. He read the rest of the night until he fell into a deep sleep. The next day as quickly as the previous one had left. It was quiet in the house; quiet enough to think. Ayden yawned and stretched as he awoke. He had yet another look at the will. It was longer than he had thought before. There were instructions making him the executor of Professor Rutlidge's estate. He called the attorney back. "Jackson Llewellyn's office," a strong female voice said on the other end, "how may I help you?

"I am Ayden Masters, Professor Rutlidge's executor I need to speak with Mr. Llewellyn as soon as he is free."

"I will make sure he knows."

"Thank you."

It got harder and harder to wait so Ayden began his work in the basement by looking at the computers there. He called a friend Katherine Drake. She was a computer science major and knew more about these things. She looked them all over.

"Well," She told him,"looks like the last time these computers were used they were totaled. You're going to have replace every single one of them."

"alright Kathy", he replied thankfully,"is there anything else I need to do?"

"You might want to consider having the electrical systems redone or the next time this experiment is done it won't be good."

d1i2a3n4e5 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Jan 23 2009 01:51:24 EST

He had another look at the Professor's will. Not only had he left to Ayden, but all the money he had saved in the past thirty years of his life. The number astounded him. There wasn't much unpacking left to do. Most of it could go in the basement so he started taking it down. That is when he saw everything. The base ment was huge. In the corner to the left of the stairs was a set of shelves filled to brimming with books. All of the other walls were fill with computers some newer, some kind of old. In the center of the basement was an encircled pentacle with a druid knot inside. On the table lay a large open book and to the side of it int the right hand corner a smaller leather bound book. One of his journals, Ayden thought as he went over and picked it up.

Just then he heard a light thunder sound outside and remembered that the hatchback on the legacy was still up. Ayden quickly shut the book tucking it under his arm and running outside. It had already begun to mist when he got to his car. He rolled up the windows and shut the hatchback. By now the journal was beckoning him.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Jan 23 2009 14:13:37 EST

Ayden went back into the drafty old mansion and searched for a place to call his own,some spot to read that felt right.Finally climbing up into the attic he found it.The attic was divided into three rooms.One had a large spinning wheel that looked as though it had just stopped turning straw into gold.Another was filled with a child's toys including an ornate rocking horse.The final room was dominated by a large easel on which a covered canvas stood.A paint box lay open with a palette of bright colors beside it.Ayden stood under the unexpected skylight and marveled at the silver light .The artist was still here.Their breath was in the dust motes sighing past his open mouth.The touch was on the chair where smudges saved red fingerprints till now.This is where the words should also be.This was where he would read and come to understand.

He pulled the chair underneath the skylight and sat staring at the book in his hand,"Magnum Opus" read the title and he began the great connection that would change his life.

"Solve et Coagula" The title of the first chapter meant "To separate and to join together." A thrill of fear and joy went through Ayden as he said out loud,'Dear God Professor, You have found the Mystic Key!The art of transformation.'

The air in the studio seemed to crackle with electricity as the covering slipped from the canvas before him.Some kind of superhuman entity hovered high above a range of mountains.The powerful being had Professor Rutledge's face.

Ayden couldn't believe it. It was like being in one of his nephew Matthew's superhero shows. The computers were dated so he called his friend Katherine Akers in for some advice. Katherine had an amazing amount of time for having a husband and a set of twin boys Matthew's age. She was going for her masters degree in computer engineering-smart and drop dead beautiful it was a lethal combination.

"Hey, Kathy," he asked as she answered,"how is everyone over there?"

"Ayden," he heard on the other side of the line,"its been at least four months since we talked last. To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?"

"Advice from you and your husband. I inherited professor Rutledge's small mansion and it needs some improvements," He answered.

"We can do that? Professor have a big back yard?"

"Haven't been back there yet, but I am sure he did. It would be good to hear some noise coming from it. You were asking is George and Tyler could come?"

"You know me too well,Ayden. We can be there in an hour."

"I'll Be ready."

Almost as soon as Ayden hung up the phone, it rang off the hook. It was the Llewellyn responding to his previous call.

"Mr. Masters I got your message. What can I do for you."

"I need to know if the Professor has any frugal children or grandchildren to which I can give some of the money."

"I will do that. Anything else I can do for you?"

"Yes, I need to trade some of the shares he has in Cybermax corporation for some of their most advanced equipment, including a bio-digitizer if there is such a thing."

"How much?"

"Thirty percent should do it."

"Alright I will contact the CFO and see if we can do that."

"Thank you. With the portion of the liquid money going to his family nothing is to go to the most greedy or irresponsible of them, just to those whose circumstances need changing or upgrading. That and make out a check for Akers Electric for seventy-five thousand dollars."

Within the hour the door bell rang. It was Katherine and her family. "Welcome," Ayden offered looking down to George and Tyler. I must confess that I am nor totally set up yet, but if you two feel the need to stretch out after the long ride door to the back is in the kitchen."

The Boys smiled and ran through to the kitchen door noise and all. Katherine and Bill laughed as Tyler came back. “I had a little too much soda on the way,” he said, “where’s your bathroom?”

The three adults chuckled for a moment then Ayden directed him up the stairs, “Up the stairs and to your right. Don’t get into any trouble up there and come right back down those stairs and out the back door, okay?”

“Yes sir,” Tyler promised saluting curtly, ”right back down the stairs, gotcha.”

Up the stairs he went like superman at full speed, but he didn’t come back down immediately. The attic just seemed to call this little boy’s name. ‘Tyler, oh Tyler’ and like any boy with a penchant for being scared out of his pants he obeyed it.

Downstairs, Kathy, Ayden and bill had made their way down to the basement. Kathy looked around a bit, as did bill. Bill was the first to chime in, “Well all of the electric down here is old and out-dated. That’s probably what caused this accident to happen.” He continued to look around some more.

Katherine was next, “all of the computers down here are shot, or exploded would be a better word for it? You will have to replace every single one. The professor was lucky not to burn the place to the ground.”

Bill found the line conditioning box the professor had installed before his death. “It looks like the old man knew the experiment without some conditioning. This is a good thing, and we can build the new system around it.”
“How much will that cost to cover that through you, bill?” Ayden asked.

Just then the doorbell rang again, Tyler answered it. It was Llewellyn at the door with an envelope in his hand.

“Well, hello young man. Who are you?”

“I’m Tyler Akers. Um, you have something for Mr. Masters,” Tyler asked putting his hand out.

“Why yes I do, Tyler. Can you be a good lad and give this to him without opening it,” Llewellyn asked the boy.

“Yes,” Tyler replied giving a wink, “I can do that.”

“Good,” Llewellyn told him,” handing him two crisp tens one for him and one for the other boy who had rushed back in to use the facilities himself.

“Have a good day, lads.”

Tyler was just closing the door when the adult trio arrived.

“Whatcha got there, Tyler,” Ayden asked.

“It’s um, I don’t know really,” Tyler explained handing the envelope to Ayden, “That guy just said to give this to you and gave me two ten spots.”

Then he turned to his brother George and handed him the one of the tens.

“Ah, just what I was waiting for,” Ayden said looking at the check as he took it out to sign it, “How soon can you get the electric updated on this.”

Bill looked at the check. It had seventy-five thousand dollars written on it.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Jan 31 2009 00:40:14 EST

“Monday I should think, and be done by Friday same week.”

The two shook hands and turned around to find George and Tyler had come back in.

“What are you two doing back in here so soon,” Bill asked them.”

“It's starting to rain,” George exclaimed in shallow disappointment.

“Well then,” he then suggested, “If our host doesn't mind there is only one thing to do in a house like this one-Explore.

“Well,” Ayden replied, “if they are careful and stay out of the basement they can explore all they want.”

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Feb 02 2009 19:23:16 EST

When the boys were out of earshot,Bill turned to Ayden and asked,"Say Ayden,what exactly are you going to be working on down here?Or is it a secret?Why do you need all these computers?"
Ayden debated for a moment and then said."Bill,I'm going to need your help on this so I am going to confide in you and Kathy but I need your word that you will not tell anyone else about it."
"Bill looked surprised but agreed to keep it quiet.
Ayden said,"It begins with the fact that all human thought can be broken down into a set of mathematical computations. We will soon be able to duplicate the human mind and create a super human creature capable of thinking and feeling. A cyber being with a sense of self,a sense of personal identity.Professor Rutledge had begun such an endeavor using thirty motors equipped with computer chips.These were set to run off of more than a dozen computers constantly updating information.Then something catastrophic happened ."

"Yes ,he blew it all out.Some kind of massive power surge it looks like."said Bill."This is bizarre and dangerous Ayden.Are you sure you want to pursue this experiment?"

"Of course,"said Ayden,"He was on the verge of a world changing discovery and he has entrusted it to me .However there is much more to it than the physical elements of scientific discovery Bill.There is a spiritual,magical connection that must be made and I must find out how to make it."

"This sounds crazy my friend.How can you learn to connect the reality of a hard drive to the magical,spiritual realm?"

"That's what I must figure out."answered Ayden."That's where the Professor's journal comes in."

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Feb 02 2009 20:09:46 EST

Just at that moment a scream from the attic ended their conversation abruptly. While the adults stood around talking, Tyler and George had made up their minds to go explore some of the old mansion. They crept quietly into the door and just stepped inside the attic when lightning flashed showing them something only children and open-minded adults could see. Out on the ledge was the ghostly image of an amulet with a two headed dragon. One head was a normal amulet type dragon and the other was more like something of a game they played a great deal. It was a creature called Cyber Dragon. It scared them out of their wits if they had any at all sneaking into the attic like that. Almost simultaneously both dragons reached out and shed a little shock onto each of their hands as if nibbling them. They hadn't noticed it but this had placed a little dragon tattoo on each of their arms; George on the right and Tyler on the left. The pair ran out of the attic screaming like little banshees clomping down the front stairs. On his way out George grabbed a couple of things without really paying attention to what they were; the amulet he saw in the vision and a wooden half staff.

Ayden thought he had heard something upstairs, so he counted aloud from five. He used a technique he had used for Matthew until he was seven. By the time Ayden reached two they were barreling down the stairs screaming at the top of their lungs.

“You gotta come and see,” Tyler bellowed out.

“Your attic is soooo cool,” George added
Ayden wagged his head as he bent down to make his eyes meet George’s, “What’s so cool about it.”

“It’s too much to tell,” Tyler exclaimed grabbing Ayden’s hand, “You have to come and see.”

They took everyone back to the attic. The attic was still gloomy, but most things were still visible. Soon they came to the third room and Katherine flipped on the light. There it was; the one thing Ayden had missed that morning. In one corner was a druid cloak, but something was different about it. The cloth it was made of had a blue tint to it.

“You gotta touch it,” George exclaimed, “It moves.”

“Moves,” Katherine asked, “What do you mean, moves?”
“Touch it and see, mom,” Tyler urged.

Katherine shrugged as she came forward and touched the cloak.

“My God, it’s smart cloth. Looks like the professor knew you, too.”

“Indeed,” replied Ayden.

By now, George had made his way to the pedestal in the other corner of the room.

“Then there’s this,” he said pulling out a golden medallion.

“It looks like a two headed snake only one looks like it went through my computer game or became a vent dragon from ‘Kamen Rider’.

Ayden knelt down and took the medallion from George inspecting it more closely.

“Hmm,” he replied, “a modified druid’s knot. This one must represent the fusion of magic and technology.”

His four guests gave one another a set of bewildered faces. The druid robes and medallion were here for him to complete the experiment Rutledge had started. It all went together. That would be something for later when the repair projects were done. For now, he as content to treat his friends and their children like family. Now relieved that there was nothing upstairs that could hurt them, the twins emitted a gaping sigh. Ayden laughed at the situation in spite of himself. It had been good day with much accomplished. Ayden didn’t know quite what awaited him, but was optimistic. The chance to become something new was compelling.

Just when Ayden thought that nothing had left the attic George slipped the medallion out of his pocket handing it and the staff with the moissanite ball on top to him.

“I’m sorry,” not in a punishing mood, Ayden just nodded and laughed again,” Your untimely curiosity has already been dealt with today. It’s quite alright, George.”

Ayden noticed a bit of a mark on each of the boys' arms. He knelt down to their eye level and asked in a very serious tone,"Boys, what happened up there?"

Tyler caught his breath and started first,"It was weird. We were in the last room and this circle thing came into the window. It had dragons in it and we couldn't move. When it got to the window..."

Then George chimed in as he presented his arm to Ayden,"They came out of the circle and touched us on the hands. Ty on the left one and me on the right. Here,look."

Ayden raised his sleeve up and a real tech-like dragon ran all the way up his forearm. It was unusual, like nothing he had ever seen. then he looked Tyler in the eye,"Can I see yours, too?"

Tyler put out his arm and Ayden gently pushed his sleeve up. The tattoos were nearly identical. One was newer in form and the other one almost ancient. As he went up Tyler's arm Ayden noticed that it ran over his shoulder, by the bottom of his neck. Curiosity got the better of him.

"Katherine," he asked gently,"mind if I have a look at the boys' backs?"

Katherine had seen that look before. Ayden only got it when he thought he was on to something. It was a burning curiosity type of look. There was nothing she could do he was incurable. Still, she had a trust in this curiosity and in the man that possessed it. Katherine just knew he wouldn't hurt them. Still, she had to ask.

"It's alright, but why?"

"It's curious Kathy," Ayden explained,"the tattoo seems to go over their shoulders. I want to see if it goes down their back."

"Okay," Kathy said again and Bill agreed.

"Okay gentlemen," he gently ordered,"can you turn round for me?"

The unique pair turned their backs to their host. "now," he asked them,"can you lift your shirt tails for me?"

George and Tyler did as he asked. Ayden's suspicions were correct. The boys' tattoos ran over their small shoulders, down to the end of their torsos and around to the small of their backs where they ended in a curl with a two dimensional version of a sphere in the middle. One was blue and one was green-Technology and Magic.

"You should all stay here tonight. It may be a strange house, but I think the powers that be are telling me something. Besides, it is never good to eat alone in a new place and I would be happy to have you."

All went well for the rest of the night until bedtime. Kathy looked at the old victorian grandfather clock by the bookcase in the living room. It was time for the boys to go to bed.

"Since we are staying the night," she said,"boy's it is time for bed now. Give Mr. masters a hug goodnight and go get cleaned up and don't forget your ears and ankles."

They hugged Ayden around the neck,"Thank you."

"You welcome. If at any time tonight you need me, I Sleep in the west room. Bad dreams and weird visions included."

"Okay," the boys said in stereophonic sound as they ran up the stairs to the bathroom.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Feb 04 2009 13:15:56 EST

There was only one more thing to be taken care of.Ayden needed an assistant and there was only one person for the job. Sheila Cavanaugh had been there for him all during his time as associate professor.She knew his research inside and out and she was familiar with Rudledge's work as well. When she arrived for their appointment the next day he was really glad to see her freckled face again.

She had that tomboy look that reminded him of his sister and all the fun they used to have together. She wasn't much for make up and she always wore her long blond hair in a pony tail. She showed up ready to work and he was anxious to show her around.

"Ayden,this is all so amazing.Did you have any idea Professor Rutledge was going to give all this to you?"

"Not a clue."said Ayden.We were a good team but I was still surprised."

Ayden showed her the basement first and told her of the coming improvements.Then he took her to the attic. At the bottom of the stairs he turned to her and said,"The attic in this house is a strange place. I want to warn you that some unusual things have been happening up there."

Sheila laughed and said"What? Is it haunted or something?
"Or something," he answered,"Are you familiar with Druids at all?"

"Not too much.I do know that the Druids were the Magi of the Celtic civilization. A Druid was considered to have 'gnosis' or spiritual awareness and magical powers."

"Well just keep that in mind. I'll tell you more after you see the place. Why don't come for Sunday brunch, Kathy and Bill will be there too."

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Feb 04 2009 16:31:50 EST

"It's been so long since have seen them; it will be fun. I'll be there. What time should I come?" Sheila asked

"Come about nine-thirty so you can catch up with the other guests. The boys will be there too so expect the unexpected," Ayden replied.

"Alright,I will there. See you tomorrow." she replied.

"See you then." Then he hung up the phone."

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Feb 04 2009 20:12:55 EST

When Kathy saw the designs on the arms of her children she was very upset."Why didn't you tell me when it happened?"she said to the boys."There is something sinister going on here.I don't want either of you back in the attic again,do you both understand?"The boys hung there heads and nodded in unison.

"It's not their fault Kathy."I said."This is all part of something amazing that professor Rutledge was onto.The boys smiled secretly at each other.They thought the markings were cool.

"Well I still don't want them up there alone.Who knows what could happen next."Ayden let it go at that because he didn't want her to pull out of the project.Besides the boys added a lot of life and energy to the old place.he didn't want Kathy to get scared off.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Feb 05 2009 04:01:27 EST

It was getting late and no one had eaten as yet. "Well he finally offered, how about some dinner."

George and Tyler got excited. This was the first time they had been to dinner at one of their parents' important friends' homes. It was such a cool one, too; scary and everything. Even though, they settled down some and became a bit more polite.

There wasn't much for anyone to do. George and Tyler knew that exploring was over for the evening and they really didn't want to anyway. All they could do is sit until it was time to set table.

Ayden had only just moved in himself, so he hadn't hade time to get something ready. "You guys mind if we do pizza and monopoly tonight? I haven't had a chance to shop this week," He asked Bill and Kathy.

The boys we wide-eyed at the prospect of pizza an soda. It was the dinner of champions everywhere. Kathy shifted her gaze between Ayden and the boys. "Well," she pined,"I guess it's okay for one night."

"What's everybody want on their pizza, tonight. I know pepperoni is the staple. Do they like mushrooms?"

"George does; Tyler tends to pick them off since one told the other what mushrooms really were," Kathy noted.

"I don't think," Ayden assured her,"it won't hapen this time. I sense that neither boy wants to rile you up just now."

"You know you might be right," Kathy laughed.

"I just order a vegetarian and a Supreme then. What's everyone like to drink?"

"The boys haven't had any water today; I would like them to have some. I think I packed some and just left it in my car you can go get it if you like."


Ayden called Via Via Pizza and made the order. "How long will it be?"

"What's the Address sir," The order taker asked.

"84 Terrace st."

"The Rutledge Mansion?"

"You know it?"

"Yes sir were a lot of parties their at one time. It shouldn't be any longer that twenty minutes, sir."

"Good. We'll see your driver then. Don't be surprised if a third grader opens the door; I have friends over."

"I'll let the driver know."

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Feb 06 2009 22:35:12 EST

George and Tyler were glad for the diversion. They both knew that nothing was going to keep them out of that attic but they didn't want to rile their mother up right now. They had barely begun to play with Tyler as banker when the pizza came.

"Tyler would you take this and pay the driver for me,"Ayden requested handing him a bare twenty and an envelope,"the envelope has two tens let him know that one is for the young man that handled our order."

"I will," Tyler said.

Ayden arose the escort him to the door. When Tyler opened the door the driver stood there for a second with an amazed smile,"Is he yours sir,"he asked.

"No," Ayden answered,"how much is it?"

"Seventeen-fifty," the driver told him handing the pizza over.

Tyler handed the older boy the crisp new twenty dollar bill and accepted the change. He then handed the driver the envelope saying,"there are two tens in there one for you and one for the order taker. Make sure he gets his."

"I will," the older boy laughed.

The five of them enjoyed the evening after that. Soon the game was over and the pizza all but gone. It was time to go for ice cream sundaes. Meeting street wasn't far away so Ayden suggested Carvel's not far away.

It was only a couple miles, but it was also getting late so Ayden asked,"your care or mine?"

"The Forrester?" Kathy asked,"it has more room. Let's take yours."

Ayden grabbed his keys and they all went out the door. It was a warm night so Katherine didn't complain about the boys not wearing a coat. They drove the three miles to Carvel's. When they arrived, George and Tyler could barely contain themselves; it was ice cream after all. In fact, they were first out of the car and to the counter. Ayden smiled, laughing inside.

When the adults got inside George and Tyler already had their sundaes. Katherine shook a finger at them in silence. They showed a quick frown and went back to their ice cream. Ayden ordered his shake and went sit at the table the boys had chosen having paid for the lot. They talked amongst each other for the better part of an hour.

It was getting late and George and Tyler were already asleep sitting up in the booth their heads touching at the crowns.

“Well,” Katherine said, looking at her watch, “That means they had fun, so thank you.”

“Any time, Katherine,” Ayden returned, “All of you needed a break and I was glad to help you get it.”

Bill had already made his way over to pick up George and was already out the door. Katherine looked to Ayden again, “Can you get Tyler for me?”

“I’d be happy to.” He said, “I wouldn’t be a good host if I didn’t.”

Katherine got up and waited for him as Bill came back into the store. “You got him, Ayd.” Bill quietly exclaimed.
“Yeah Bill, I think so,” Ayden replied as Tyler placed his over his shoulders and laid his head down on Ayden’s soft right shoulder, “I’ll be just fine. You have his seat ready?”

“Sure do,” Bill replied, “Come one, I’ll help you get him in.”

The trio walked carefully and quietly out the door as an employee quietly responded, “Thank you. Come again soon.”
“You’re welcome,” Ayden returned handing her a fiver, “you have a good night yourself.”

And he went out the door little boy and all. All in all it had been a very good day. All that was left was to get everyone else to bed and finish the journal he was in. Ayden needed to know everything about the experiment and why it wasn't working the first time around and why it had taken Rutledge's life. For his guests tomorrow would be a big day too with Sheila coming over for brunch to catch up. Maybe he would get some more info then.

Soon they were back at the mansion. Katherine went back inside while the guys took care of Tyler and George. They are remarkably light Ayden thought as he and Bill shuffled them upstairs. When Ayden got half way up the huge flight Tyler began to rustle and finally half awoke saying,"I'm okay you can put me down. I'll go myself. Thank you."

"Alright I'll just follow you into the bedroom," Ayden replied gently placing the tired boy on his feet,"I'll be right behind you."

The boy slogged rest up the stairs barely making it to the bedroom door as Ayden took his hand and guided him to the edge of the bed,"I'll let you get it from here," he said to Bill.

Bill nodded in acknowledgment. When Ayden arrived down stairs, Katherine thanked him again.

"You gonna kiss the boys goodnight?"

She smiled,"Guess I should."

As Katherine made her way upstairs, Ayden crossed the room and picked the old leather journal off the side table and settled in to finish it.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Feb 07 2009 01:04:22 EST

He refused to give in to the fear. Perhaps the Professor was not dead at all. Maybe he was trapped in invisibility.How had he died after all? Ayden being the absent minded professor that he was,had assumed it was a heart attack. Now he realized he had to find out the details. No! He told the Professor is dead, digitized due to a serious overload during the experiment. There, he had said it. He took a breath of firm resolve and moved on.

He read on in the Journal.

Day Two:

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sat, Feb 07 2009 18:14:12 EST

Ayden rose early to start preparing things for brunch later and get some other forms of entertainment for the boys. He new of a video game store in town that was open early and would drop by there after the collecting ingredients at the market for eggs Benedict and some fruit to keep the boys off the cinnamon rolls while they cooled of a bit.

He quietly washed, shaved and went out the door to the Forrester. He knew that Saturday had been a long day for his guests and they might be asleep jus long enough to get some of breakfast done by the time sheila showed. Ayden left a note as to where he had gone.

Kathy and Bill:

Will be back soon. Went to get a couple of things for brunch later. Say good morning to the boys for me and keep them away from the basement until it is done.

See you when I get back.


gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Feb 17 2009 10:21:26 EST

After a couple hours they heard the quiet rev of Ayde's well tuned Forrester. George and Tyler thought they would get to the door first, but they didn't. Bill was on his way down the staircase and arrived their first. As soon as Ayden opened the door, Bill took couple of bags,"Good morning, let me get those."

"Thanks Bill," Ayden responded releasing and knealing to meet the boys eye-to-eye,"I have some thing for you two as well."

The boys took the bag from his right hand and ran off as if they knew what it was. They were right, but something was missing. Tyler went back,"What's in that one," He asked.

"Something you need to play the other one," Ayden replied.

Tyler snatched the bag as soon as it was opened, and he had peered in. He took it in to George who was now exhibiting extreme technical talent puting the system up. Tyler had neve had a clue how to do any of that stuff yet and always deferred to George or Bill.

Having accomplished the first part of his mission, Ayden went to work on the menu for brunch, trying to have most of it finished by the time sheila reached his front porch.

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Reading the next entry in the journal,Ayden felt as though he could hear the old man's voice beside him."The world will be amazed to learn that I have developed a 'genetic algorithm' that can create a range of images and visual patterns identical to those of the human brain.That along with the Mystic Key of transformation translated from the Fourth Book of Paracelsus will surely bring about the Solve et Coagula I have been so desperately seeking.Uploading the programs simultaneously into all the computers as I wield the Druid .. The sound of the telephone made Ayden reluctantly close the journal.
As they took their places, sheila began to talk about some things that were going on with the Druid Hill dig.

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Ayden answered the call. It was Jason Saunders,"Hey Ayd, What's this I heard about you inheriting all of Rutledge's worldly possessions?"

"Yeah. Freakish isn't it?" Ayden replied.

"Well got a call from the attorney. I did as he asked and can have everything you asked for delivered on Friday." Jason told him,"There was some change, though. I will send a check over."

"How are you and your daughter?" Ayden asked.

"Jessie's fine. I on the other hand am touch and go." Jason replied.

"Sorry to hear that. Sounds like what you need is a party. I should be finished fixing up the house by Halloween night and truly ready to have celebrations here. Would you come and celebrate Christmas with Matthew and myself on the 24th of December." Ayden invited.

"That would be good; I need to be happy again. I miss it." Jason responded.

"Alright then,"Ayden told him,"I will send you and invitation through my nephew Matthew."

"So Jessie will get it first?" Jason Asked

"Yes. And to answer your next question, Jessie can come." Ayden replied,"Thanks again Jason."

Ayden hung up the phone. It was good news the computers coming just as the electrics in the house were being completed. He knew then that he had to have the hard drives from the other computers. Just when he had that thought he saw something curious going on in the parlor. George had set up the system faster than a normal boy his age. George was a smart boy, but from Katherine's assessment he still needed help from Bill or herself from time to time. Today he had set the game console up on just a few minutes, two to be exact. Ayden found this to be curious. Was this an effect of the vision from the night before? He had to know.

"George","Ayden Called out,"can you come here for a moment?

The boy rose and came over to Ayden. "What do you want?"

"I want to know if either you or your brother had another dream last night. Not you usual kind, but the spiritual kind."

"No," George responded,"but i didn't go to sleep for a long time."

"Alright. Could you do that before you came here?" Ayden asked him.

He just wagged his head in the negative. Ayden was satisfied with his answer. "Okay," go back to the video game now. Could you set a console up like that before your vision?"

"Uhn-uh," George replied,"slower. Does that mean I'm dumb?"

"Of course not," Ayden told him,"Don't you ever think that, okay."

George smiled and hugged Ayden around the neck. Ayden took a breath,"It was hard for me too the first time. You are holding a gift for me that I will take from you next summer."

"Alright," George acknowledged.

George rejoined his brother and was laughing and carrying on while they waited for brunch to be done. Ayden went into the kitchen and began preparations for the meal.

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After a couple hours most of the food was done. Cinnamon rolls sat on the cutting board a waft of cinnamon spice filling the air in all places. Tyler caught the scent and was soon in the kitchen and ready to pounce on them when Ayden turned, seeing him.

"You can have one later, little man. For right now you can take some grapes for you and your brother." He told the boy.

As Tyler took his bunches of grapes, he saw the next question coming. Ayden turned again,"Tyler when you were outside the other day what was back there?"

Tyler smiled a little,"Yeah you should see it! It has everything." Tyler exclaimed

"Can we eat out there?" Ayden asked

"Yeah, I think I saw a place for that. It was big enough for everyone here plus a few more." Tyler answered

Ayden looked over and saw that the table cloth he had taken out was not on the counter. Tyler saw wher he was looking and said,"I think my mom took it out already. She wanted to surprise you."

"You can go and help her if you'd like. The special silverware is right over there." Ayden offered Tyler.

Tyler crefully inspected the old leather box. It was beautiful. Tyler opened it up and found perfectly shined silver knives forks and spoons. "Wow," He quietly exclaimed.

"Can you be careful with them," Ayden asked. Tyler knodded in the affirmative as he closd the lid and sealed the latch. He was happy to go outside again. It was a glorious, sunny day with nothing but blue in the sky. Kathy had already finished placing the table cloth and the mats. She smiled to Tyler as he cme up to the table.

"Decided to come out eh," She asked in the humorous way she ususally would. Kathy like to see her little boys smile even if she had to make them. It wasn't hard really, but woth the effort. Tyler smiled at her as if to laugh, but it came out a hand-over-mouth snicker. as he opened the little leather box.

"Did Ayden say to use these," She asked him.

"Uh-huh," came the answer over a chuckle.

It was getting late when, Ayden heard the doorbell. George, thinking Ayden was still busy answred th door. It was Sheila. She hadn't seem the twims since they were two and they had grown quite a bit and changed a little in the face.

"So, which twin doi have here," Sheila asked with a smile.

"I'm George," the answer came.

"Well," Sheila then added,"Where are the other three handsome men in the place."

George snickered as he turned bright red,"two are outside one's in the kitchen," He dutifully answered popping a grape into his perfect little boy mouth.

Sheila went into the kitchen to meet up with Ayden. He noticed her out the corner of his left eye. She had a back filled with a couple of things. Ayden hadn't asked her to bring anything, but she had made some blueberry muffins and marmalade for the occasion.

"You didn't have to you know," Ayden sheepishly chided.

"I know sweety, but I wouldn't be a very good guest if i didn't bring something now would I," explained.

By then George had wandered in looking for something to do.
Two more helpers he thought. He turned to them with a smile and requested,"We need to get started. Why dont you two start taking the plates out for everyone. I will be out in a minute." They took the plates, Sheila two and George one.

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Ayden had just completed the second plates as Tyler sheila came to take them. He followed them out with the cinnamon rolls. As he walked outside the sun sun shone on his face. It felt glorious. Bill and George had set up croquet out on the most level portion of the yard. They seemed to be having fun at it, too. That made him feel good after the events of the past 12 hours.

Sheila saw Ayden out the corner of her eye. She had a curious question for him.

"Ayden," She asked,"over the last month I have been going over the files from the Druid Hill dig."

Ayden listened closely as he placed the last two dishes of food on the table, sheila's and his own.

"Find anything peculiar," Ayden asked.

"Records," She began,"say that thr Professor went to a circle beyond the hill to meditate. Some of the other students on the dig say that he didn't come out of the tent there for hours. When he finally did come out he thought he had only been gone for a few moments."

"Anything else," Bill interjected.

"As a matter of fact there was something curious," Sheila replied, "When I checked the logs for the items they brought back two amulets and an urn from the list were missing."

She then turned to Ayden, "You wouldn't know where they are, would you?"

"Haven't seen them," Answered Ayden, "I could have a look later and call you."

"That could work," Sheila agreed.

Ayden called Bill and George over to the table. After a bit of short conversation from the boys, he called everyone to blessing of the food. He had George say grace it was remarkably short and a little irreverent, but he was a little boy so Ayden let it pass.

"Good food, good drink, good God let's eat." He prayed with a snicker.

Tyler snickered, too. Their parents just wagged their heads humorously. Everyone was having a good time which made Ayden feel better.

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The most level portion of the yard had rock gardens at all four sides of it, positioned in a way that really made the lawn not a square or rectangle, but similar to an oval.

Ayden stood beside the adult guests, watching the twins' croquet match, marvelling at the sizes and colors of the rocks all around the yard. As a ball went through a wicket and rolled into a section of rock, he noticed something unusual, something he couldn't believe he'd failed to see sooner.

"Sheila! Could you come here, please?"

She rushed to his side and walked with him, circling the perimeter of the flat portion of yard.

"What is it, Ayden?"

"First, have a look beyond the rocks. Out there by that hill, particularly."

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Sheila squinted her eyes and looked real close. George and Tyler had gotten in trouble the last time they saw something strange, so they kept quiet about noticing it. George looked where Ayden was pointing.

"Maybe you need to get closer. I did, and it's really cool. Hope it's what your looking for." He said excitedly as he took position for a great shot.

It was like receiving a revelation, though she had never received one. The forces that be always had the habit of telling Sheila almost everything she needed to when exactly when she needed to know it. Sometimes the revelations came in the usual way, some times in rather unusual ways. This time was no different. The dragon on the boy's arm seemed to point tellingly to where she needed to go. Sheila nervously wandered over behind the old Lavendar bush, it smelled wonderful to her, both sweet and pungent. As she knelt down she saw the pot that had been missing. Something jingled inside. She hadn't known of a second amulet before. It wasn't listed in the checklist. George had made his way over to the bush as she stood.

"It looks like this one doesn't it?" he asked with a wry smile.

Ayden saw it as it glistened in the autumn sun. How did he get it? Could he just call it now that they had been initiated? The boy just looked back at him with the same smile. Sheila barely got a look at it before it showed up in Ayden's pocket again. He took it out and inspected it more carefully. There was an inscription Ayden could barely make out. He asked Shiela to see if she could decipher it and perhaps give it a meaning. The twins stood by waiting for the others to see it. As Sheila caressed the face of the amulet she could feel the energy that came from it. It made that of the boys more powerful, more able to be sensed. When she looked up again Tyler had called his amulet to hand. It hung from his little fingers, swinging in the light breeze that now swept through the yard. It felt magical in some way. The energy surged through his young body from crown to toes. Tyler snickered a little boy snicker as the surge reached them. It tickled. Then the most peculiar thing happened the boy spoke in the old celtic tongue. Ayden didn't recongize it for a moment that is until Tyler looked him in the eye. The wirds were clear as they passed the boy's lips in Carnute and then in Welsh.

"Y eich ti," he said, "you are the chosen one."

"Chosen one," Ayden then asked,"Chosen for what?"

It was georges turn now as his forearm glowed with power and the second amulet appeared around his little neck. A panel opened at the base of the foliage covered statue. Shiela reached inside. She felt something round and smooth inside. The others joined the unlikely group as she pulled out a small, round vase. Sheila dusted it off with care. It was the one missing from the dig list. POwer began to flow through her body as he vase began to glow. The two boys' amulets began to glow too. Before Shiela knew it the vase had stopped glowing and had appeared around Ayden's neck with its gem taking a place over his heart glowing brightly.

In the excitement and mystery of the day the little things had not been noticed. Shiela inspected the vase even more closely now. It was the one that had gone missing. The was also the one listed in the inventory just three months earlier. Everyone had taken their eyes off of George and Tyler and hadn't noticed the change in their dress. Everything on them had turned white and over their suit sets were white robes. Shiela was the first to point it out as she was facing them. She touched Ayden on the shoulder, whispering into his ear and pointing to bring his attention to the apparent change. Ayden turned to see them dressed in the robes. on further inspection Ayden found each robe to be distinctly different. Georges was edged in squared knots of gold with a dragon flowing from one hem to the other. Tyler's was the same but the knotting and dragon were more rounded and flowing in its form.

"Magic and technology." Ayden thought,"my Amulet must be a center of focus for the other two."

He took their hands as Bill and Kathy approached in haste. Sheila nodded and they slowed their pace. They were worried abou their boys. What was happening to them. Ayden had promised nothing else would happen during their stay. They realized now that Ayden had no control over it, or wouldn't until he had accepted his new calling in life. It had little to do with him, a higher purpose was calling him and their sons were a part of that. Ayden realized that he had to complete the experiment within the next few months. He turned looking sheila in the eye. She knew that look, knew what it meant. He wanted to return to Druid Hill. Ayden confirmed it for her.

"Sheila, assemble a new dig team. We are going back to Druid Hill starting Monday," he said, "I have to understand exactly what my new call is if I am to serve well in it.""Alright," Sheila said,"I'll get a few Occult Studies and Archeology students together."

"Thanks, Shiela," Ayden replied,"Let me know when we are ready to go."

"Will do, Ayde." Sheila said.

"Let's get back to breakfast, folks," Ayden suggested gently turning George and Tyler toward their parents.

Bill and Kathy weren't quite sure what to think, but knew this wasn't their friend's fault. They all turned back toward the table boys still in white druid robes. Shiela had been right the professor had been practicing alchemy And a very unusual kind too. A Type more power than any other that had been practiced since the dark ages. He had been only marginally successful. Everything was charred almost beyond recognition. It would take exactly the time had given Bill to fix it. Kathy wasn't no longer irked by these occurences. Her son's and their host had been chosen for something important, she didn't know what exactly that was but there was nothing to say of it. Besides her little cherubs looked handsome in their new clothes. She mad the three take a photo together partly to get even and partly to remember the moment. Her little boys were different now, more than they had ever been or would have been under normal circumstances. In a way, she was thankful for the gift the powers that be had given her little cherubs. Still, she wondered what it meant for their future. Would there be residual influence on their young minds? Kathy took a deep breath of acceptance. A flwweing breeze had come in during the event and was beginning to subside giving way to the heat of the sun as the group reassumed their positions around the table.

"So what does all this mean," Kathy asked, concerned.

"it means our lives and their links have changed character, Kathy," Ayden told her.

"And my boys," Bill asked.

"I can't say for sure," Sheila explained," they may experience their spikes in intelligence for a while. It depends on how often they visit the house. We are getting close to a time when the veil over our eyes is lifted for a short while."

Bill understood but wanted to know more. His boys were one of his most important treasures. He knew he would have to watch them close. George and Tyler were noe sitting by their parents. Their energy was differnt, but still the same in many ways.

"So what effects will that have on them?"

"They will have the elevated intelligence, tongues mostly welsh and older forms of the Gaelic Language Carnute, Helvetti, some others as the magical energy begins to increase. All hallows will be the peak day," Shiela said.

"Anything else," Kathy asked.

"You will feel one another's energy with greater power until it is transferred to Ayden," Sheila further explained.

Kathy started to think that the situation may not be as inclement as she had thought before. The more she understood what was happening to her little boys the more she could accept. It was the house, she told herself, It's not Ayden's fault. Besides, the effects are all positive. I shouldn't be afraid for them, just love them more and support them and Ayden in this; be a better mom amd friend. She took another breath and stared back at her plate. The small vase was now in the center of the table, its energy spreading to everyone around it.

The Boys' tattoos had moved back to their forearms. They poked their heads out from under George and Tyler's shirt sleeves. Kathy pulled Tyler's sleeve back to see the Tattoo that had frightened her just a night or two before, caressing her son's arm in a motherly fashion as he looked up and and smiled at her blue eyes piercing her to her soul. It didn't feel uncomfortable, different warmer than before. The energy was the energy of his childlike love being given to her. Tyler came to his knees and whispered into her ear.

"I love you mommy."

She could only share a smile of comfort as she pulled his head forward to kiss it. He kissed her back, landing it on her forehead.

"I love you too,kiddo," She said.

"Don't worry about us, we're okay. We'll just be different for a while. We have to help uncle Ayden. It won't be long." Tyler whispered.

It was like a kiss on a hurt elbow. Kathy took another breath and sat Tyler back down placing his napkin back on his little lap. All fear left her mind and body as she did. Tyler smiled and went back to his breakfast taking more fruit than usual. George did the same with a smile. Shiela reached over and took Ayden's hand and they shared a fleeting glance. The day was filled with a magic that felt as though it would never end.

"So he's an honorary uncle now?"

"Something like that, mommy," George piped up.

All the adults could do was to laugh. Ayden wasn't sure how to respond to it. He shook his head, smiling. He'd never been honorary. It was new to him.

"Well, it's an unexpected and well accepted honor you two," Ayden said, "Thank you."

They settled back into their meal finishing up and taking a cinnamon roll each. Those were gone in just a few moments and both boys were slouched in their chairs rubbing their stomachs. Ayden made one last request of Kathy and Bill.

"Kathy, can you come to Druid Hill with us? I need them to be in the circle when I perform the spirit quest in the grove." Ayden asked.

Bill and Kathy nodded in agreement. The next few days were frantic as Ayden and Sheila arranged for transport for the new dig crew. Everything was set and Bill was asked to sit the house and agreed. Tyler and George were more than ready to take the trip. They had never been further than their school yard and were excited. Ayden also called his sister to arrange for Matthew to come and help as well. Susan thought it would be alright and Matthew came for the magical weekend. He arrived within a few hours from Connecticut. Matthew was happy to see his uncle again and embraced him on sight at the airport.

"What's going on uncle Ayde?" Matthew asked.

"I have been chosen for a very important task. We are going to find out just what that task is." Ayden told his nephew.

"How were you called?" Matthew further inquired.

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you. Suffice it to say, the powers that be used a pair of younger boys to tell me." Ayden explained with a smile.

"Wierd, uncle Ayde but very cool."

Ayden took his nephew's carry-on placing an arm around his small shoulders guiding him out to the car. They went to University first to make sure thigs were in order for the trip to Druid Hill. Sheila had been waiting for them in Ayden's lecture hall.

"Hi Ayde," she said giving the boy next to him a once over," Is this your nephew?"

"Yes, Matthew Carson this is Sheila Grant my assistant." Ayden introduced.

"Good to meet you, young man. Got your curiosity on?" Sheila asked the boy.

"Yes ma'am," Matthew said, "always."

That was enough for Sheila. She went back to the table beside the lecturn. A pile of files sat on topo it. Some were his own research into the stone circle at Druid Hill. The three went over the files as the dig assistants poured into the room. The lecture was short, an explanation of things that occured at the last dig and a few others before. Ayden also went over the plan for his visit to the stone circle in Lowell. Everyone milled around for a few minutes and then went out to load up gear and leave. When they arrived at the park where the circle stood Kathy, George and Tyler had already arrived. George and Tyler reassassing their wiggles on the playground so Matthew asked if he could join them. Ayden approved.

"We're going to need you soon so stay close." Ayden charged.

"Okay, uncle Ayde." Matthew said running to the play ground to stretch out.

The three boys played hide an seek together as Ayden, kathy and Sheila read the one file Ayden had decided to bring with him. It was an article from the internet about a dig in 1984. This one was before the professor had come here. The Archeologist had decided to meditate at the sun circle toward the back of the circle. Ayden investigated the stones. All three boys looked up at that moment and walked over to the circle each touching several stones along the way. The energy of the place flowed into them as they took places at three interior stones all of which faced Ayden directly. Kathy and Sheila took places on the edge of the circle watching everything that went on. Ayden sat down in the sun circle and began to meditate. In the previous investigations the meditative period was only ten minutes in length. Ayden decided to go for thirty minutes. This is passover threshold. Passover threshold is the point at which the mind and spirit pass over to the world between waking and sleeping activity. The previous investigation hadn't quite made it there. The first ten minutes went by quickly then faded into twenty and thirty. Everyone saw him disappear,fade away to another place.

Ayden found himself in another place far from where he thought he was. He walked for a while in this astral state until he reached a half-way point. The power here was immense as it flowed through him. George and Tyler felt it from outside the unseen world. Before long trees and a trail formed in front of him. Ayden followed the trail until he came to an older man in white robes trimmed with golden knotting with a dragon through the center of it. He bade Ayden to join him as if the man had known him before somehow.

"You are wodering if I knew you, before this time aren't you?" The old man said.

He was of course. Before now Ayden had never considered past lives as a possibility. Now it had been opened to him and he didn't know what to think. Did he have another life before this one? It was running through his head and he couldn't escape it. He had been through a past life or two. Who was he? The images were still fuzzy. The old spirit began to tell Ayden everything he could remember as he took the seat.

"You my young friend were a great and powerful night backed by the magic of the druids in your town birth. This is where you started out. With you were to younger acolites on the verge of becoming the youngest high druids ever. They were very gifted in their magical abilities. They and another went with you to court when you became squire to a knight who was both honest and true to his heart. He taught you the things you would need to know to survive if he was to pass. Your druid friends taught you the magic. Many years passed and the knight left his young son in your charge as a page. The four of you went to war against an advancing force. Your army was slaughtered. Only the four of you survived dying sometime later in their dungeons. Just before that occurence The young druids cast a spell that you would return in a time when the world would again need heroes. That time has come Ayden masters and you have been called to the task. My name is Amergin and my charge is to watch over the times as they passed away. Peace is beginning to leave this world and wars are coming your assistance is needed." Amergin concluded.

"So that's what Georgge and Tyler meant by their charge. I accept." Ayden said.

"Then take care of your charges. They are young. Protect them and take the girl to wife that works at your side. The boys and this amulet hold the key to your powers as you have suspected. Learn responsibility with it and care for it garner the youns ones' powers as well they will carry some from this time forth." Amergin charged.

"I will," Ayden replied,"Something told me to call Matthew to help out."

"Your nephew has returned as the page. His role is to assist in your final transformation." Amergin replied.

Ayden understood everyone's purpose thinking about it as he rose to leave. His purpose as clear now. He had to go back and complete the experiment that the professor had attempted before. He had everyone and everything her needed. Soon he was fading back into view and the others could see him again plain and clear. Ayden rose and gathered everyone together. There was just this one last thing to do. He called to Sheila and the others together.

"It's time," he called out.

Kathy was the first to reach him with george and Tyler close by. The dig crew had completed their activities by then and were cleaning up and returning the soil to its old location.

"How long was I away, Kathy?" Ayden asked.

"I dont know, fifteen minutes I guess." Kathy answered.

Sheila verified her assessment,"sixteen minutes thirty-five seconds. That was amazing. What happened?"

"Yeah uncle Ayde, what happened," Matthew replied.

Ayden cast his eyes to the two cherubs that stood at the innermost stones in the circle. This experience had shed new light on the connection he had with George and Tyler. He knew who they had been It was the same with Matthew. They had grown closer every year and now he knew why. He remionded himself to sit everyone down at the house and explain things further.

"I think," he finally said,"that this would best be discussed in secret. We will drop the crew and our new artifacts off at the school and go right there." Ayden explained.

They all agreed. It especially made sense to Kathy who knew that Bill would want to know. Sheila called the crew together.

"Everyone pack up, we are done here. Thank you for your time and hard works we will see that you get your credits for this trip. Thank you all." Sheila said.

Matthew, George and Tyler were very cuirous as they entered the cars. This was the first time Matthew was with Avery while he was in the field. He thought it would be run of the mill a bunch of older boys and girls digging for stuff, but it was much more than that. It left him feeling that there was something more to himself than even he had seen before. He wasn't the same anymore, more...important, Focused on something of which before today he hadn't had any knowledge whatsoever. He was someone else. As Ayden got into Matthew's curiosity boiled over. He couldn't stand the secret anymore.

"C'mon uncle Ayde," he pined,"what's going on that's so secret and why couldn't we tell them?

Ayden turned back, before pulling pulling the cat out of its space; he didn't know if he should tell the boy yet. He smiled and quietly began by taking a deep breath.

"Matthew, do you believe in past lives?" Ayden asked.

Matthew just stared into his uncle's eyes. This was a question to which he did not know the answer. His parents were always away and he stayed with neighbors until school was out and they were home. Though church was a part of his life he was still somewhat unsure what he believed in his heart.

"I don't know," he finally said, "what do you mean?"

"I mean Matthew, have you ever felt as though you were someone else sometimes?" Ayden asked rephrasing as best he could.

"I guess," Matthew posited,"maybe when I help another kid with a bully or something."

"How does that make you feel?" Ayden then asked.

"Brave, I guess," the boy answered,"like I used to do it before and...."

Matthew was beginning to catch onto what Ayden was getting at. He clammed up after that and just thought about it on the way home. They were just about home when he remembered a letter he had gotten from his parents. Ayden saw him take it out of the front pocket of his backpack as they approached the house.

"What's that Matt?"

"A letter from mom and dad. They want you to take me for the rest of the year. I'm actually ahead in school so transfer won't be hard." Matthew said.

"And you are just telling me now?" Ayden questioned.

"Everything just happened too quickly. I didn't get a chance to show it to you until now." Matthew replied.

"Alright. Let me see it, kiddo." Ayden said reaching back for it.

Matthew put the letter in his uncle's hand. Ayden took it forward and held it until he exites the car. Kathy, George and Tyler were pulling in behind when he had begun to read it. The envelope was postmarked Afghanistan. Both his sister and brother-in-law were marines stationed in Kabul. He could feel that it was bad news, but he couldn't place how. The seal on the envelope had already been opened. Ayden knew who it had been. Matthew had probably read it on the plane. The way the letter read was quite dire.

Dearest Matthew,

I hope this letter finds you well. You are dear to us and we will always love you and be proud of you. Things aren't going too well here, but we don't want you to worry about where you will be if turns truly bad here, angel. We have willed your care to your uncle Ayden. It is our hope that this will be exciting for you and unusual. If something should happen to us give him all of the love and respect you gave us. I am telling you this because we think that our intelligence office has been ferretted out. As I write this letter your father and I are being moved to another location and we don't know if we will make it out of here alive for you. We hope this letter will make kit before the final one that tells you how we will be returning. Hope it's the way we want, but if not keep us with you always and know that we love you forever.

All our hearts,

Mom and Dad.

Ayden had just finished reading the letter when Kathy reached them. His mood had changed subtly and Kathy was curious. It felt as though something was wrong.

"Ayden, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Family stuff, John and Susan are in Kabul. Their intelligence station has been discovered. They think that there is a chance that they might not be returning to Matthew. They have willed his care to me." Ayden explained.

Kathy sun where she stood, knealing to make her eyes meet Matthew's. Her mother instincts were clicking in. She could see the hurt behind his smile. Matthew was thinking the worst of what could happen. She smiled to him releasing a sigh.

"You shouldn't think the worst right now, Matthew. They could still be alive. Keep hope in your heart that they are. Everyone here loves you, especially your uncle." Kathy offered.

Matthew began to tear up. He didn't know what to feel; his parents were in Afghanistan and on the run. Tears now ran down his face. Matthew nodded to her in promise. It was like having a second mother right here with him. He didn't know why, but a hug seemed in order and he shared one with her.

"Thank you," he sniffled.

She returned the unexpected embrace setting Matthew back onto his heals,"You're quite welcome. Just remember that your mom and dad are okay until you hear otherwise. No excuses." Kathy said.

"Okay," Matthew said.

Kathy rubbed his arms and shoulders as she rose from her knees. It was different with Ayden. She could just give him a look and he knew what it meant. He was being strong for his nephew, it was in his eyes. George and Tyler hugged Tyler as they passed him, taking their mother's cue. Matthew accepted gaining new strength.

"They're okay," the younger boys whispered to him.

"Thank you," Matthew said again.

The unlikely group filed into the house heading into the living room. Taking a breath to dispell the feeling of gloom, Ayden began to tell everyone what happened when he disappeared from the circle.

"When I disappeared," Ayden began,"a path formed before me and I followed it to a clearing. In the clearing sat an old man that told me that I had been a hero in a past life, a great knight. George and Tyler were young druids on the verge of becoming high druids of great power and Matthew was my page. That explains his middle name somewhat."

Bill rubbed his chin as if to say, "this is all very interesting." He didn't know what all this meant for his family, but knew that he had to keep his mind open. It always had been. There was something else there now, a more firm desire to complete the professor's experiment so he chimed in.

"Ayden," he began,"in light of all this new information, I think you should do the experiment now. while you still can."

"No, not quite yet Bill. Matthew needs a little time to wade through some things."

"Really, Uncle Ayde I'll be okay." Matthew said.

"I know, but you could end up with a new life with a great deal of weight on your shoulders. Just trying to lighten your load." Ayden told him.

"I understand. How long will we wait. Just until we hear about your parents and if they are okay or not. And then you'll need a little time after that." Ayden offered.

"Okay," Matt submitted.

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A new day was beginning in the Afghan desert. The sky was ablaze with a red sun. John and Susan stood at their posts. The air was thick with tension. If you couldn't see the Taliban, you could sure feel their presence in this new area. The opressive tone of the morning mosque call seemed to speed through the air and slam their eardrums. John knew something was going to happen. He looked into Susan's eyes then to the troops waiting behind in the tense, cool desert air.

"Take care my love," John bade his wife,"It's a red sun day."

"That's okay," Susan said,"as long as it doesn't create dismay for Matt and Ayden."

"I know," John said wishing they had been able to spen more time with their letter to their only son,"But if it does Ayden will get them both through it."

"I know," Susan mused for a short moment,"Ayde's always been like that. Matt'll bounce back, they both will."

With that John looked back to his troops once more, nodding to his number one. Everyone was ready for the worst to happen and it very well could in the next few minutes. At first only a lone Taliban soldier crested the sand covered hill. He was a lookout.

"Everyone at your ready. It starts now, be on your toes." John called out.

Then there was machine gun and rifle fire from behind him. The battle was on, and it was thick. The Takiban soldiers rushed them like a tidal swell. Machine Guns and AK-47s echanging volleys. When the smoke cleared only two of the Taliban lived to tell the battle story. It was mostly the same with John ans Susan's company, but five, including the medic had survived. John and Susan were severely injured. They had done their job protecting as many of their troops as they could. I their last moments they could hear the Corporal call out,"Medic!" Then they slipped out of consciosness. After hours of trying to bring them back to life the medic finally looked up to the corporal and nodded in the negative. They were gone and the five remaining soldiers soluted them as they were covered up.

"Any next of kin," the chaplain said.

"Susan has a brother and a son."

"Make sure they are notified of the situation."

"Yes sir," The chaplain said.

"Marcus," Corporal Jackson called out.

The younger man came to his side,"Yes sir."

"Get on the horn and call for immediate evac. We're gettin' outa here and returning these two to their family."

"Got it," Marcus said,"you want me to see if our leave time is still open."

"Yes, Marcus," Jackson replied, "There's something I have to do."

A few weeks later Jackson sat in his office, now a Seargent. There was a new Corporal in his shadow that was always ahead of things. Terrance Andrews had always been that way.

"What's up Terry?" Jackson asked him.

"This letter came in. It outlines a new program for kids that have lost their parents to the nation's counter terrorism efforts. You should read the list, the Malcomes' son is on it." Terry told him.

"Let me see that, Terry." Jackson said.

Terry handed the letter over. The presidential seal only made its importance more paramount than before. Jackson smiled as he read it.

"The civilian's silver star," Jackson said rubbing hid chin.

Matthew's name was indeed on the list to recieve one. Jackson wanted to know where the boy was living now.

"Terry," he asked,"where is this boy now."

"Well sir, there is a rumor that his care has been willed out to Susan's brother, Ayden Masters. He's a professor of Occult Studies and Archeology at Brown University." Terry informed him.

"Get me the next plane out to Rhode Island. Have the boy's letter ready and prepare the funerary service and appropriate funds for it." Jackson ordered.

"Yes sir, Immediately," Andrews said.

Jackson cleaned up, dawning his best uniform for the task ahead. He had to look his best. Nothing could be out of place. Andrews came in as Jackson placed put his cover on.

"Sir," he said,"here is the letter you requested, your plane is also ready and here is the silver star for the boy. The Malcomes' funeral is next Tuesday ten hundred hours."

"Thanks Andrews," Jackson said turning to exit his office.

He opened the medal's box it shined brightly like he thought the boys new future could. One more thing needed to be done to honor the Malcomes' wishes.

"Andrews, I need you to do one more thing." jackson requested.
"Anything sir, shoot." Andrews replied.

"I want you to hook up with JAG and make sure that if Professor Matthews adopts his nephew it goes through without a single hitch." Jackson said.

"Will do, sir."

Jackson left left his office with firm resolve to help Matthew in whatever way he could. He knew the professor would do most of that for him, but wanted to make himself available just in case. Jackson has lost his father in the last war and knew what Matthew and the other kids would be going through. The boy was in Jackson's thoughts as he boarded the plane to Rhode Island. He hated making trips like this and also thought of retiring from military service after serving this letter. He didn't want t do it anymore. He'd had enough. Jackson rented a car as soon as he landed and drove out to the University Housing grounds. The GPS led him to the old home where Matthew and Ayden lived now. He exited the car taking a breath as the memory of receiving this letter himself one day after school. He'd just started up the driveway when the Army Colonel caught him mid way. He coveredhis mouth as the man knealed to make his eyes meet jackson's. Jackson remembered tears flowing out of his eyes as he was handed the letter. It wasn't what he wanted to hear just then. He had lost his mother the year before to cancer and was living with grandparents and then with his aunt on his mother's side. He cried for a week. It wasn't until he turned twelve and entered military academy that his life turned around. He felt as though he was honoring his father by being there following in his footsteps. His thoughts returned to the task at hand as he reached for the doorbell. Matthew answered it.

"Yes," Matthew said.

"Are you Matthew Malcome?" Jackson asked.

"Yes, I am." Matthew said.

Jackson could see in the boy's eyes that he knew what was coming. He took another breath and handed Matthew the letter and star in his pocket. It was small consolation, but it made Matthew feel somewhat better though he didn't know quite what to feel.

"I am Sargeant Wendell Jackson. Your parents died in action two weeks ago. They were guarding a serveillance post fifty miles outside of Kabul when their unit was attacked by a band of forty Taliban. I was with them and they faught hard, but they didn't make it out." Jackson reported.

"Were you there?" Matthew asked.

"Yes," He said,"There were so many."

What came next was't a surprise to Jackson. It had been his reaction too. Jackson found himself taking yet another breath as the power of the sadness came out.

"Why couldn't you save them. You were right there!" Matthew blurted out.

"I don't blame you for feeling the way you do, son. When it was my father, I felt the same way." Jackson said.

"Why didn't you save them!" matthew asked again, louder this time.

By now Ayden had heard and had made it to the door just in time to se Matthew through everything in his hand to the floor and run upstairs to his room and slam the door. He walked over to the mess and picked it up making his way to the door soon after. Jackson was still standing on his porch. Ayden invited the man in.

"Sargeant, come in." Ayden offered.

Jackson stepped in the doorway to a victorian style mansion. He was impressed. Now he had to present the information a second time and hoped that the current audience wouldn't be more of the same. Ayden took him into the living room and they sat down for a while.

"Sorry for Matthew just then," Ayden apologized.

"Don't be. I was the same way. In fact, I kinda half expected that to happen." Jackson said.

"So this must mean that John and Susan died in action." Ayden said.

"It does," Jackson said, "If you are wondering about the star it's a new program congress just signed in. Children who lost parents are given a silver star just like their parents receive. It doesn't really pay them for their sacrifice but..."

Jackson didn't know what to say after that point, but Ayden knew what the man was thinking. Ayden thanked him for coming by and for dropping by the silver star.

"Well, thanks for letting us know. I'll do what I can to help him." Ayden said.

"I wish you the best. If you need some help with that, let me know," Jackson said handing him a business card,"I am available any time."

"Thank you Sargeant. I'll let you know." Ayden promised.

Jackson turned out the door taking one last look inside wishing Matthew well, wishing him peace of mind. He said nothing as he got back into his car. Ayden watched him leave then closed the door. He made his way to Matthew's room and knocked gently on the door as he opened it.

"Can I come in?" Ayden asked.

"I guess," Matthew said tears still in his eyes.

Ayden sat down beside his nephew as he made room. He was feeling some of the same things Matthew was. Matthew sniffled and wiped his tears away.

"You know it's okay to do that." Ayden told him.

"Do what?" Matthew asked with a sniffle.

"Cry." Ayden said.

"I'm sorry about that army guy." Matthew said.

"You know, I think he expected that to happen. It was in his eyes. He's lost someone this way too." Ayden told him.

"You think so, uncle Ayde?" Matthew asked.

Ayden nodded in the affirmative, thinking about things he could do to reduce the amount of pain his nephew was feeling. He knew it might never work, but he had to try.

"Of course I think so. I also think that you need a comfort breakfast. What would you like?" Ayden offered

Matthew took his time sorting through all the emotions and images running through his young mind. They seemed to just dash by at the speed of light until two sensations seemed to stop the deluge, the scent of cinnamon and bananas.

"Banana Pancakes, like mom made for me when I was sad." Matthew requested.

"Well she was good at making those. I'll see what I can do you just stay up here with this," he said handing Matthew the silver star, "Maybe later we can put this up later with the others in a special place."

Matthew nodded, sucking up a last bit of tears. He took the box from Ayden's hand, putting on his lap with a meager smile. His uncle was right, of course.

"Thanks," He finally said, "do you miss mom?"

"Of course I do, but you need me to be strong for you. Good thing is you get to stay with me until you want to go." Ayden said.

"Okay," Matthew sniffled.

Ayden tapped his thigh and rose from the bed to fix breakfast,making one last suggestion. He thought that having George and Tyler around might lift his nephew's spirits even further and made the suggestion.

"I was thinking about calling Bill and Kathy over to help us out with inside things. Think I should call them?" Ayden asked.

"Maybe," Matthew said.

"Alright, I'll call them. George and Tyler could be a good thing for you right now." Ayden suggested.

Matthew smiled. His sorrow was beginning to lift for a while as he opened the box that held his silver star. It was an unexpected honor. Matthew didn't know whether or not he deserved it, but liked thought that a president that he didn't even know would do this for military kids. Before not much as done when a kid's parents died. It madde him smile a little. Downstairs Ayden was making breakfast while Matthew got ready to take a shower. The smell of bananas and cinnamon began to reach into his room and the best memories of rainy days and sunny Saturdays flowed though Matthew's mind. When he came downstairs Ayden was on the phone with Kathy.

"Yeah, we just found out this morning." Ayden said.

"That's so sad, anything we can do for Matthew?" Kathy asked.

"Just bring George and Tyler. They can help him keep his mind off it for a while." Ayden suggested.

"Alright, we'll be there about nine thirty. Is that okay?" Kathy asked.

Ayden noticed Matthew on the bottom stair and hung up. He seemed less melancholy than before. Maybe the pancakes were working. As Matthew came closer to the kitchen counter he could see teh beginnings of a smile. It didn't mask the pain in his eyes, but it was there and for now that would do.

"Was that your friend Kathy on the phone?" Matthew asked.

"Yes it was. They'll be here at nine. Good to see you smiling after that. That's a visit you don't want to get, heck no one wants it." Ayden said.

Matthew emitted a long winded sigh. He didn't know where to go from here. Sure, he had Ayden but he still missed his mom and dad fiercely. Matt was thankful that his uncle understood and sensed that the wave of emotion hadn't caught up with him yet. Nine O'clock came and Ayden wasn't yet ready for his guests.

"Hey, they're coming at nine thirty and you're not ready yet. I can get this if you want to get ready." Matt offered.

"Alright, I'll be back down in ten minutes. Think you can have eggs ready by then?" Ayden asked.

Matt smiled,"yeah,I think so."

Ayden went upstairs and prepared himself for his breakfast. While he was away from the kitchen Sheila called and Matt answered. He had barely talked to her a few days before, but already liked her. Her energy just seemed right for Matt and Ayden and he could sense it suddenly.

"Hi, you must be Matthew," Sheila opened, "I remember you from the other day. What's new?"

"I don't have my mom and dad anymore." Matt answered.

"You know, I think I heard something about that. How you holding up, kiddo?" Sheila asked.

"I'm okay I guess, miss 'em though." Matt said.

"It's okay to do that. Did you cry?" Sheila probed further.

"Yeah, for about an hour." Matt said.

"You'll do it more over time. Is your uncle around.?" Sheila said.

"Yeah, he's getting ready for company though." Matt returned.

"Alright, think he'd mind another guest?" Sheila asked.

Matt looked over tothe stairs. Ayden was slowly making his way down to the bottom. Everything was almost done, he was proud of his nephew. The doorbell rang as Ayden took the phone.

"Matthew is that Sheila?" he asked.

"Yeah," Mat said,"She wants to know if she can join us."

Ayden took the phone,"go get the door and I'll take care of the rest of this and Sheila."

Matt handed Ayden the phone and went to th door. It was good to see George and Tyler again. He motioned them in taking George and Tyler into the living room. They played video games for an hour after breakfast. It was the most fun Matt had had in a month. Later, the three muskateers had found their way down to the basement as Sheila rang the doorbell. They had missed the boys slipping into the basement and were looking for them.

"Where is Matthew?" Sheila asked Ayden.

"I don't know, he was with George and Tyler." Ayden said.

Bill and Kathy looked over to the living room. The boys weren't there. Ayden began to wonder if they had strayed into the basemet. If they had it would mean it was time to perform the experiment. It made everyone nervous. Ayden took everyone down into the basement pulling robes out of the closet at the top of the stairs. Bill noticed that there were more platforms than were ordered. His men had set them around the seal on the floor. The boys had turned the computer on for the first time in their amazement. It had begun making calculations. The boys were also already in their places. There were still two spaces to be filled. Ayden and Sheila knew those spaces were for them. They took their breaths. Everything was ready as Kathy brought the grimoire to Ayden. Ayden began to recite the spell that would start the transformation. They said the last part together repeating three times.

In moments the power began to transfer. The dragons on George and Tyler began to glow brightly. They didn't seem to be in pain as Bill and Kathy looked on. The magic and technology began to fuse together as the generators revved. Soon Ayden's aura began to glow around him and before anyone could notice he was gone. everyone began to look for him. It was the that they noticed Matt was gone too. They has gone together. George Tyler remained, dragons still intact on their backs. They had been changed to data and were following the stream. he two of them were in awe as they travelled down it. They hopped through system after system eventually ending up in the University Hospital system. It was a nurse who first noticed them as they were shunted out the monitor half conscious. The nurse at the station felt her heart skip a beat as the pair emerged from the monitor landing before her feet. She pressed the patient emergency alarm. Two nurses and a doctor came running to the station.

"What's going on here Nurse Johnson," Dr Samuels said.

"These two just showed up out of nowhere and they don't look so good." Nurse Johnson said.

Dr. Samuels came around to take a closer look. Both man and boy were barely conscious. They were dressed in druid robes one in blue and the other white. Samuels ordered them to be taken to rooms and set up for tests later that day when they were awake. After a few hours Ayden awoke, surveying his surroundings. Matthew had been taken to the children's ward and had also just awakened. Another doctor tended to him as he awoke more fully.

"Hello, young man. Can you tell me who you are?" He asked.

"Matthew Malcome. Where am I?" Matthew said.

"Well, young man I am Dr. Saunders. Can you tell me how you got here?" Saunders asked.

"We were brought magically." Matthew told him, still groggy.

Saunders didn't know you should believe it. He thought the the kid was imagining it. In the other room, Samuels was questioning Ayden. He was told who Ayden was and how they came to be here.

"I am Ayden Masters and the boy is my nephew Matt." Ayden said.

"Wait, I know that name." One of the nurses said.

She had been taking classes with the professor before him. Ayden wasnow her professor. She told the doctor.

"Dr. Samuels," she said," Professor Masters here is studying a new form of alchemy. I don't know anything else beyond rumor. This could be the result of a first experiment."

It made Samuels wonder. After a while Samuels confered with Saunders and the story was the same. Together they decided to keep this a secret. Samuels went to the nurses station and retrieved the release paperwork and returned to Ayden.

"Alright Professor, I am going to release you and your nephew tonight. Your clothes are in the closets in your rooms. Just sign these and you are free to go." Samuels said.

As soon as Samuels left witht he release forms Ayden rose, taking a moment to think over things before donning his robes. His mind was still fuzzy and he knew that it probably would be until he got outside to the semi-fresh air of Providence. Ayden also wondered what powers he and Matthew had acquired. All he knew is that they wouldbe divided between magic and technology. One thing was certain after some practice they would be able to surf the internet data stream. He was relaxed now. Back at the house evveryone was worried. Bill began searching for where they might have gone. Tyler looked into the computer terminal, he could feel their energy around it. It was still strong as if it was nearby.

"George," he called out,"come help me."

George took a place by his brother, looking him in the eye then turning to his father knowing what his brothr wanted to do. Their diction was now more adult-like than ever. It was more precise and mentally elevated.

"We're going to find them, daddy. Everyone please be very still and quiet." George said.

"What are you going to do, hon?" Sheila asked.

"They went through here," Tyler started, "I can sense them along the data stream. I just need George to help me see them since his is the energy of technology."

They couldn't believe what the two were saying. George and Tyler joined hands and began to concentrate. Both boys became more relaxed with every breath they released. Soon their auras could be seen and they were floating a foot above the floor. Soon after Tyler opened his eyes and began to tell everyone what he saw.

"They were on the data stream. They followed it to the University Hospital." Tyler reported using his powerful, young mind to search for files on them.

"They are okay. Their minds are fuzzy, I can't see any more." he continued. It was just a few seconds more before Tyler released his brother, slowly lowering him to the floor. At that moment, he lost focus and dropped quickly to the floor landing on his bottom. He smiled impishly.

"Oops forgot don't release too fast,"Tyler said with a snicker. George snickered too.

"You said they were at the hospital," Sheila asked, "are they alright?"

"They're fine mom," George said,"they just needed to rest."

Kathy laughed with her little cherubs. Their little faces were brighter then ever before. Their eyes, though sparkling with youth they looked through her with the power and wisdom of age. She felt their energies as they tightly embraced her. It eased her heart, filling it with knowledge she never had before.

"You have been brave," Tyler said,"but what do you really feel, mom."

"It's mixed really," Kathy said,"concern, surprise and something I can't explain. I don't even know what it is."

"You will know in time," George and Tyler said together.

She sniffled a bit then took them both in her arms. Kathy felt something else when she did. It was urgency. They had to leave now if they were to catch them at the hospital. She kissed them both on the head, taking each by the hand. It made her face glow like it did just before her sons were born and for a long time after. Bill couldn't help but notice as she approaced him and Sheila. There was power in them he didn't totally understand. The three looked like angels to him.

"You three are my most splendid treasure," Bill said.

"I know," Kathy said,"But we have to get to the hospital soon."

They left the house in a frenzied rush. For all they knew the pair could already be out the door. At the hospital Ayden went to see Matthew in the children's ward. He had already risen and was shining. His feet were six inches off the floor. Matt didn't know it, of course. He thoght his feet were still touching cold tile floor. Aydeb drew his attention to it.

"Matt," he said, "look down, kiddo."

Matt lokked down to see that he was indeed not touching the floor. It was new to him and he wondered what else he could do. Matt closed his eyes and he floated back to the floor. His right arm was still outstretched. Before he knew it the closet door was open and his clothes were hanging from his arm. He smiled. Ayden said a word in Welsh and Matt floated down to the floor.

"Thanks, uncle Ayde," Matt said.

"You're welcome, kiddo now get dressed we've been released to go home." Ayden said.

It was then that the rest of the group swarmed into the hospital. The nurse at the outside statin told them that they were in two different rooms and that they had been released. Samuels came into the to see them feeling they were too late.

"Are you freinds of the Professor's?" He asked.

"Yes," Bill asked,"where are they?"

"I am nor sure, but if I were the professor I would be checking on his nephew in the children's ward. Matthew is in room 234." Samuels told them.

"Thank you, doctor," Kathy said.

They rushed down the hall toward Matt's room with moderate urgency. Matt poked his head around his uncle as they approached. "Hi!" He called out. Ayden turned to see his freinds coming through the door. It was good to see them.

"What's going on here?" Bill asked, "how did you get here?"

"We rode the data stream," Matt said,"just like George and Tyler told you. It was so cool."

None of them was sure exactly how Matt knew what they had been told. It surprised Kathy who was still quite new to all that was happening.

"How did you know..." She asked.

The two boys turned to her with their cherubic smiles. Their eyes showed a connection between the three boys and magical triangle. It now shown before her on the floor with Matthew at the zenith. Now she understood. These boys were connected through more than a thousand years of time. The family would have to stay in Providence now. Out from the triangle formed three circles one insid another, inside another. Suddenly, Matt began to hear something in his mind. He closed his eyes and saw what was coming to him.

"We have to go." he told everyone,"An innocent needs us."

Matthew walked over to Ayden taking his hand. In the next seconds they were gone. Matt and Ayden found themselves in the exact location of the innocent's cry. It nwas at the edge of a park where a thicket of trees covered any discernable geological features. A few rocks and small stones could be seen here and there.

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Matthew and Ayden followed the cry if the innocent. Uncle and nephew walked further into the forest continuing to follow the cry of the innocent. Matthew noticed that the cries did not have the energy of an adult behind them. The cries seemed to be getting closer and closer. Matthew closed his eyes again so that he could follow her cries even closer and realized that they are really close to her

Matthew then says, "she must be locked up somewhere tight and cannot get out of where she is. She has become very afraid,and is now starting to lose hope for being rescued."

"Then her time is shorter than I suspected. We will have to hurry." Ayden said.

Just then they saw the baddie who kidnapped the little girl enter a cave in the distance. It was getting dark and the moon was beginning to rise. They began to run for the cave, but half way there decided to go with a more silent approach. Ayden turned to his nephew.

"Can you get us inside the cave from here?" Ayden asked.

"Yeah,I think so," Matthew told his uncle.

"Good," Ayden said,"Let's go and may surprise be on our side."

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Matthew took his uncles hand again. As Ayden looked around he realized that his nephew could now walk into the between spaces that the professor had always told him about. It also came to him that this where he had been in the park in Lowell. It was just another part of that between place. Soon uncle and nephew eased through the walls of the cave to a place where they could see everything that was happening. The kidnapper smacked the girl across the face.

"Shut up!" he said,"no one can hear you here. Why do you even try."

"Because there is always hope and someone will come for me. You just wait and see." she chided.

He smacked her again and she turned over and whimpered. Matthew couldn't watch it anymore. Instead he just looked his uncle in the eyes. It was a look Ayden never seen there before. He was becoming something more than he was just like George and Tyler had. He began tro wonder if Sheila had been effected as well. His nephew had become clairaudient and psychokenetic. If they were going to save this girl it had toi be now while her assailent was asleep at the edge of the cave and unaware of their presence.

"We'll have to take a risk, Matt." Ayden said.

"I know, but we have to to get her out. Do you really think he'll wake up," Matt whispered.

"It's a possibility. Are you prepared for it?", Ayden asked him.

Matt didn't know how to answer a question like that. It was a new one for which Matthew had to look deep within to answer. Finally, he saw that he was ready. This was where he belonged, where he was supposed to be.

"I'll see you in a bit uncle Ayde; I have a distraction to create." Matt said.

"What are you going to do?"

The question was asked too late to get an answer. Matthew had already changed into a salamander and was crawling over to the place where the kidnapper had put the little girl. Ayden nodded, releasing a sigh of mixed emotions. Matthew began talking to the girl's mind.

"Hello," he said,"how are you doing?"

"Alright, I guess," The little girl said.

"A friend of mine and I are here to get you out."

The kidnapper was beginning to nod off when he heard his prisoner talking to someone. He couldn't see anyone and for a moment thought nothing of it. The fire shimmered on the walls of the cave as it began to flicker away. He came over to the little girl.

"Who are you talking to?" he said looking around for whoever it was.

"No one," She said.

Then he saw the silvery salamander sitting on the stone next to her. His stomach rumbled. It was dinner time. He picked up the salamander by the tail.

"Are you sure there is nobody here?" he said.

Matthew didn't know it but in this form he could emit extreme heat. It flowed throught his transfigured body from head to tail increasing until it burned the kidnapper's hand making him release matthew to the cae floor. Ayden had been watching from the rocks and shed his hiding place, catching the man by surprise.

"What, who are you?" the kidnapper asked.

Ayden thought of a name as quickly. One came to him at just the right moment. "I am Cyber Druid, and your name is jail fodder." Ayden said.

"We will see about that." The kidnapper said. He hadn't noticed that Matthew had made his way back to the little girl.

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