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By: ratlover
ratlover's Profile

Age: not specified
Sex: female
Location: Birmingham AL

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Cousins Synopsis

This is a true story but was included in my fiction novel, "Innocents Have Been Changed..."


When I was eight months old, my first cousin Dana was born. We had a very close bond as children. We did everything together. We would spend the night with each other and laugh all night long. I felt like she was the only real cousin I had, I guess because we were about the same age. We shared many wonderful encounters. I never imagined anything could come between us. That was not to be the case. The rude interloper that implemented our separation would show its ugly face way too soon.

When I was fifteen, Dana was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. At the time, I wasn't aware of all the ramifications of this diagnosis. I learned quickly, however. What I learned was that she would probably die before she reached thirty-five or so and her faith would be tested to unreasonable and unfathomable depths. I found that the close bond we had enjoyed would not survive much longer. To outsiders, I'm sure I seemed weak and complacent and didn't want to be slowed in the goings-on of my life. In actuality, I couldn't even watch her give herself a shot of insulin. How could I stick around and watch her die?

After Dana married, she so wanted to have babies. She knew she shouldn't. Pregnancy for a woman with juvenile diabetes puts a horrible strain on her kidneys. However, She was elated when she gave birth to a beautiful girl. I mean this was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I talked to Dana when she was still in the hospital with her. She told me there was something wrong with Amy; that her chest looked funny when she breathed. I told her not to worry; newborns always looked strange. This was not to be the case. Amy had a hole in her heart. They would do surgery when she got a little better, a little stronger.

Again, that was not to be the case. Amanda died when she was about two weeks old. I never, ever wanted to go to another funeral like that.

Dana kept trying for a child. She tried too many times. She finally got her daughter, another beautiful girl, but at a high cost. Dana died at the age of thirty-nine. She only weighed about seventy pounds. She slipped away during a dialysis treatment.

Her daughter, Beth died tragically at the age of thirty-two leaving four children of her own. Hers was a senseless car accident. I did, after all, go to one more funeral like that.

ratlover (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Nov 30 2009 15:42:47 EST
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Genre: Drama
Created: 11-30-2009
Word Count: 450

Copyright © 2008-2019 ratlover. All rights reserved.

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