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Clandestine Club No 4

By: gr8dragon
gr8dragon's Profile

Real Name: Matthew Teets
Age: 42
Sex: m
Location: Littleton CO

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Writing Style:
Fantasy,Action, Science fiction

Chapter One

September 20, 1999 5:00 pm Shanghai Time

Zhuan Lun watched in horror as his grandparents were carted away by the Shaodong Domestic Security Division. He cried for them as he tried to keep them from being taken away. Zhuan followed them outside until an officer kicked the ten year-old in the ribs sending him to the ground, telling the others to go. He kicked the boy twice more and he cried louder in Cantonese.

"Mother! Father! You cowards, they did nothing to you! Let them go!"

The officer looked at the boy with nothing but contempt in his eyes, "This will happen to you too if you following this trash, "The officer said.

He threw the blue book into the boy's face and kicked him one last time. This boy will be trouble, Lun Tan Wei thought as he turned to leave. Hatred for this man and what he represented filled Zhuan's soul. Wei hadn't gotten very far before Zhuan rose to his feet and spat at the next inspector to leave his family home.

"Communism will die. It is evil and will die!" Lung screamed as a neighbor woman and scooped him up and away from the scene before he could be injured more.

The disheartened boy looked for a friend's face in a window at the home next door to his. His face and eyes were there watching everything. Trenton Matson was deaf but could see the searing anger in his young friend's eyes. He smiled at his newest friend and signed a phrase of respect and consolation to Zhuan. Zhuan smiled in return; he had a good friend in the American the best ever. Trenton signed one more thing as his friend looked away and he was collected for dinner by his father Interpol Agent Garrett Matson. Garrett saw the finalities of the scene and turned his son to look him in the eye.

"He will be fine," Garrett signed.

"I know. I just...," Trenton signed in return.

"You just what son," Garrett asked.

"I want to help, dad."

It resounded with unwavering power. His son's best friend was in trouble, but Garrett didn't know what to say. He just grabbed him into his arms and held him close for a few moments, rubbing his back.

"It'll be okay," Garrett finally offered knowing the promise wouldn't be heard in that ear. He switched sides and said it again lending it a tighter embrace, "The best I can do, now come to dinner okay.

Trenton took his hand and they went together. On a nearby shelf sat a picture of the family that had once been. His mother was gone now. For the better part of a year she had battled lymphoma. She had begun to study Falun Gong as a way to help with some of the symptoms. Anna never knew of course that it might lead to her two favorite men having to go it alone. Anna thought that she would learn the art and use it just long enough to put her cancer into remission or even to cure it. Practicing Falun Gong had made that happen, but once she was sighted practicing the art she was taken and beaten in front of them on the way out the door. The next morning they found their wife and mother in the Shaodong county morgue beaten to death. It made him sad to think he might lose her and angry that they could just take his mother away like that. Trenton still felt some of that anger.

He still cried for her at night. Garrett had too. So yes Trenton felt the same way, because of it he couldn't bear to see another child suffer for loss of a parent or in this case two. At least I got Lung to smile, he thought happily, he needed that. The evening news rag sat on the dinner table next to Garrett. On the front page was a story about the suppression of the practitioners of Falun Gong. Trenton's Mandarin wasn't yet as good as he wanted it to be. Still, he could make out a small article and sometimes a larger one depending on how good the writing was. When Trenton reached for the story he didn't stop his son. If he had a hunger to know what was going on just then, it had to be satiated. As Trenton read slowly over the story a gentle rage and sorrow filled him up. He couldn't eat anymore, just wasn't hungry like a ten year old boy should be. He excused himself to his room and went to cry yet again.

Garrett came in sometime later. He had been crying at Anna's memory too. Trenton could see it even when his father tried to hide it. Garrett didn't know what to tell him and he was beginning to regret that he had taken this posting with Interpol. It was hurting the only family he had. They were powerless to stop the slaughter, but there was only one thing that he could offer his son.

He touched Trenton's shoulder to capture his attention. Trenton rolled over and sat up embracing him. It made him feel better as he returned yet another hug. Garrett took a breath and offered a saying he had once been offered, but paraphrased.

"Son," He began, "all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Do you understand?" he signed with a pause afterward.

Trenton put his hands on his father's and pushing them down gently signed the word "Yes." Garrett gave his son a final hug and tucked him in knowing that this young mind would not forget what he had said. Tomorrow would be another day that would find both father and son on a path to do something for these people. Garrett had been saving and investing his money for a long time. He now found himself before the tall skyscraper in Hong Kong that housed his investment firm of choice; Goldman-Saks. He took a breath and walked in. As he did he was met by Martin Hamilton, his broker. Martin was a fit and vital man of forty years who knew all of his customers on sight. Garrett was no exception.

"Inspector Matson," Martin Greeted, "To what to I owe the personal visit."

"I need to see how the investments I have made for my son are doing and maybe redirect some more funds there," Garrett answered.

Martin checked the accounts. They had become substantial in their own right. Hamilton was impressed. All of the stocks and funds had done well enough to make the man smile as he spoke. Over the last ten years Garrett had amassed millions; so had Anna and Trenton. However half of the work in transferring funds to Trenton's account had already been completed.

"Well," he began, "It seems that chose well your son's investments from the beginning. He is one wealthy young man and you aren't so bad off either. Why do you ask this now?"

"Miss the wife, huh? Well it seems she beat you to the punch in getting her money to Trenton. When her turns eighteen he will be powerful indeed."

"Something like that, Martin. I am going to take a stand for her and it might leave him alone for a short while. I just want him to be solvent. The other thing is that I want to channel all of my wife's money into his investments to day and most of mine too. The other portion will go to the Chinese Falun Gong Society for thanks in helping cure my wife before her demise."
"Indeed," Martin agreed.
"Of course I will old friend."
"Thanks, I have one last errand. Will you join me for lunch?"
"Certainly," Martin answered.
Trenton couldn't wait for lunchtime. He just wasn't collected enough after the night before. Concentration was impossible. Then he looked out the window of his American school. The DB9 was parked outside. 'Dad's here,' he thought, 'I'm saved.' The bell rang and Trenton ran for the bottom floor as fast as his short legs could carry him. Eyes lit up and smiles appeared as Trenton ran to into Garrett's arms embracing him tightly. Garrett couldn't believe it.
"Alright, alright son I am glad to see you too," Garrett greeted.
"Where are we going?"
"To the attorney, then to lunch; is that okay with you?"
Garrett looked over his son's face. There was some redness in his eyes, "How long were you awake after I left you last night?"
Trenton got sheepish. He'd been caught and knew it. There was only one thing to do, tell the truth. Trenton took a deep breath and squeezed the sentence out.

"Yeah, I just couldn't help it."

They signed the conversation from there on. No need for everyone to know what was going on. It made Garrett thankful that Anna had taught at a deaf school before they got the posting in Weifang. The only thing is that now he couldn't function as an agent of Interpol. His son could see it too. It was time for Garrett and his son to move on and now they could. When the pair arrived at the attorney's office they were welcomed with great respect. The Chinese secretaries in the office had always taken good care of Trenton while Garrett and Anna discussed business in their supervisor's office. Trenton liked the attention; it helped him put off the bad memories of the past year. Aftr about thirty minutes of this Garett emerged from his director's office.

Three months went by and Garrett went on with things in a normal way knowing Trenton would eventually catch on. Next thing he knew he was being taken as planned and beaten in fron of his son. Their attorney wasa there too and took him outside and next door to say his goodbyes.

"Here you are young man. Say your farewells to your friend; I will wait here for you." he said.

Trenton didn't argue, he just knocked on the door. His friend answered and Trenton was invited in. The sadness in his heart locked his ability to say anything, much less goodbye. All he could do for the first five minutes of the experience was look into Lung's eyes with tears of the worst mix of emotions any child could feel fear, anger and revenge lust. Trenton didn't know which one was the worst. Another crept in; a deep, painful and empty sadness. Finally the boy took a deep breath as his eyes met those of his friend's and said it.

"Goodbye, my friend. I'll return if I can."

Lung ran up the stairs to get something and brought it down shoving it into Trenton's chest with a smile that had shared tears behind it.

"You remember me, never forget. If you come back as a man look for me. I will be here, take this to help you remember." Lung charged.

Trenton looke through his backpack for something to give in return. Many things had made their way into its pockets. He searched them and found the perfect thing. Trenton reached in and pulled out a Hank Aaron baseball. Lung wagged his head at his friend, pushing the gift away and taking the backpack from him. It was fifteen minutes before Lung found what he wanted, a small picture of the three of them.

"This is better, I can remember all of you." he continued.

"Alright," Trenton relented reaching for another framed photo on a nearby table,"then I need this one."

They embeaced and Trehton left with the attorney. In the car Trenton was read his father's last will. It left him basically everything. From this Trenton knew he would be back when the time was right.

gr8dragon (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Oct 01 2010 13:38:13 EST
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Genre: Adventure
Created: 09-10-2009
Word Count: 1974

Copyright © 2008-2019 gr8dragon. All rights reserved.

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