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Little Kidder

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Children of the Revolution

By: Little Kidder
Little Kidder's Profile

Real Name: Annie
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Location: USA

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I live in a small town in Michigan, where I attend an overachieving public school. School is fun, but oftentimes takes a lot out of me and leaves little time for writing, which is my passion. If creative writing was still frowned upon and subdued, I think music would be my passion. I play piano, and sing a little, though not in public. I also enjoy archery, learning and working with animals. Aside from algebra, reading takes up most of my time, particularly when I'm sick. (Which is quite often, as my immune system seems to have rebelled)

Writing Style:
Fantasy, realistic fiction, sci-fi, adventure

Eve's POV | Tryn's POV | Chirp's POV | Frey's POV

     Children of the Revolution from Eve's Point of View...

Children of the Revolution Synopsis

A revolution has ended, the government of Verle is overthrown, and the country thrown into chaos. Other large and powerful economies see this as a opportunity to conquer the weakened nation and its valuable oil and coal trade. A group of people orphaned and scarred by the Revolution and its remains band together during the uncertain times in a attempt to establish order and government, while holding hostile nations at bay. In a era that face-to-face interaction has become rare, they learn many valuable lessons from each other. The group that calls themselves 'Children of the Revolution' show that strangers that band together for a common cause can impact the world in ways you cannot imagine...


Take away the black jumpsuit,the guns and the explosives and Eve would be your average teenager .That is if you were insane.There was nothing typical about Eve Montessori ,the self proclaimed leader of the People's Revolution of Light.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Sep 28 2009 23:21:03 EST

Eve climbed out of the hammock swinging high in the banyan tree and grabbed for the rope ladder.She clung there for a moment gazing out at the panoramic view before her.The forest and then further on the grasslands lay untouched.One of the few places left unravaged by the wars.Hurrying downward ,she passed others in hammocks and finally jumped off onto a platform about twenty feet above the forest floor.

Standing on the porch,she opened the door into a tree house and went inside.It was empty except for a huge macaw perched on the window sill."Hello,"the bird called out as she entered.She said,"Good Morning Starlight" .If she had given the wrong response,the parrot would have raised a ruckus until the sentry came to investigate.

In one corner was a dressing table with a mirror and combs and brushes.Eve stood before it and picked up an ebony brush.
She began to brush her long silvery hair until all the knots were gone and it hung in a shining curtain around her oval face.Behind her the parrot squawked,"Pretty,Pretty"

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Oct 08 2009 18:30:22 EST

A handsome young man entered the room and said,"I agree with Starlight."

Coming up behind her he put his hands on her shoulders but she ducked away saying,"You're still on guard duty Stark,act like it.What do you want?"

Angry at being rebuffed,Stark ran one hand through his thick red hair and slumped down in a chair."I saw something odd last night,"he muttered,"Something big ,an animal of some kind prowling around the camp."

Eve watched him in the mirror while she tied her hair back from her face with a beaded leather strap."So what?Why is that so strange?"she scoffed.

Stark grabbed a leather wineskin and poured a stream of red wine into his open mouth,letting it dribble down his chin.
"Because,"he said,"there was someone or something riding on its back."

Eve slapped the wine out of his hand,sending it flying across the room."You are still on duty!"she yelled.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Oct 12 2009 22:39:12 EST

The young man flushed a bright red but said nothing.Grabbing the wineskin,he slammed out of the room.Eve was concerned about the news he had given her.She swung down through the trees to land in the clearing below.Pangs of hunger hit as she caught the drifting smell of breakfast on the air but she had work to do first.The tracks of whatever Stark had seen should still be visible and she needed to find them before the afternoon rains began.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Nov 15 2009 13:17:46 EST

"Evie,Evie,"a little boy called as she headed toward the edge of camp.A child of about seven came running toward her carrying a hunk of brown bread in one hand and a wooden sword in the other.
"What is it Kolo? I'm in a hurry."she said.
"I made this for your breakfast,"the child told her proudly,"It has Singing Bee honey on it."
She stopped then and knelt down to talk to the boy.She knew he idolized his leader and she was hungry.
He proffered the dripping chunk of bread and stood at attention as she took the first bite.
"It is delicious,"she told him honestly.Singing bees were very rare and the taste was exquisite.
"Where did you get the honey?" she inquired.
"Jozor brought it back from Nether Town with lots of other good stuff.She is in the Cavern of Silence giving it out to everyone."
Eve stopped chewing and stood up.Jozor was Blackened,a banished soldier who was not to enter camp without permission.
She threw down the bread and started running toward the caves with Kolo right behind her .

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Sun, Nov 15 2009 13:25:31 EST

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Created: 09-28-2009
# of Story Views: 1030

Copyright © 2008-2009 celeritas, Derek, Little Kidder. All rights reserved.

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