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An Imagination Free Entity

By: yesbee

Introduction :-

Summarized story – This needs a proper end.

I’ve in my mind a particular end for it but somehow I am not completely satisfied with it. It carries a twist that I love to have. Can you suggest few different finishers so as we reach a proper conclusion?

So here’s the story –

An Imagination Free Entity

Mathews is a grieved husband of Lillie. His grief is his mother’s death. He has got a typical habit of daydreaming, imagining. This habit he loses as the grief engulfs his thoughts. Lillie presses him to control himself. She is not satisfied with his quiet husband whose persona now turns out to be an imagination-free entity. She wants him to be a daydreamer. She insists him to imagine, giving him out certain tips to get back his habit of daydreaming.
Further what?
Whether Mathew regains his imagination power?
What about his ‘grief’?
What about Lillie?
What should be the twist in the story?

yesbee (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Feb 09 2009 01:30:23 EST


He regains his imaginative powers but it is mixed with his grief.He begins to imagine that Lillie is his mother.Now Lillie must try to stop the daydreaming before they both go crazy.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Feb 09 2009 01:36:44 EST


Lillie has gets pregnant and has a baby. The child helps the imaginative sid of Matthew grow. The child dies but Matthew is left with the memory of good times spent with the child as well as the gift of imagination.
Optional: Using this gift he starts a book,or changes his career to something more imaginative.


anadaya11412 (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Feb 09 2009 11:54:07 EST

THE STORY AHEAD is completed story with its third solution.

An Imagination Free Entity

“Don’t troll on the pathway. Enter the tunnel. Face the dark. Come on! Don’t stop…think. I must think. What’s harm if it heals me? Plainly, think.”

Mathew remembered Lillie’s words.

“Feel free. Fly your ballooned imaginations in the dark.”

He drove his car on the city roads and seeing the crowd near the school, he stepped down of the car. An accident had just occurred. He rushed for helping the victims. An old wounded person sat at the roadside on the chair encircled by the people but one youngster’s body remained unmoved and unattended at the middle of the road.

“What happened to him?” He ran towards the motionless lad.

No one responded. Everyone stood stunned looking at his face, wondering what he would do now.

‘Is it, they are expecting from me something?’ He thought ‘How could I help him?’

The silence and non-reciprocation by the public puzzlingly did not disturb him. It helped him to rapidly saturate his thoughts, and next he felt exceptionally confident to handle the situation. A sudden sense of responsibility mounted upon his mind. With a stern face, he searched for some first aid for the still body.

He sheltered the wounds beneath the bleeding ear by a dirt free pallid bandanna found near the body. This action breathed life in the body; it trembled pushing its back aloft. Few in the crowd got alert and ran for arranging water for enlivened young man.

He glanced at his watch and rushed towards his car.

With a first shove to the car, he pushed on the radio button. The radio crackled airing some kind of poem reciting program.

En route for his lover’s house, fast he ran.
Carrying the mother’s heart in his hand
‘Such a great gift I brought who else can
My intense love for you sure it stands’
He slipped from the stone on a turn one curt.
From the throbbing gift, a voice had spurt.
“Watch my son. Don’t get hurt.”
Wet eyes, hemic heart and street dirt.

yesbee (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Feb 09 2009 23:51:09 EST

A doctor in the crowd followed him quickly, to have a word with him, but he left the scene.

“It’s a wonder! Moments before, I checked this young man. He was dead!” Doctor mumbled looking at the enlivened young body.

Doctor glanced at one schoolchild staring at him. “Hi dear, that man in blue car spoken to you I guess!” Doctor inquired.

“Yep, he shoved his way through the crowd; he’d to go, I was in his way…Who was he?”

“Umm…Santa Claus!” Doctor sighed.
“Really! But he said he had to file the Income tax return?”
“Santa also files Income Tax returns, my dear!” Doctor smiled and turned back.

‘Hmm…what an imagination! I am putting life into dead. Great Mathews you are recovered.’ Mathews said to himself.

yesbee (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Feb 11 2009 05:15:16 EST

Lillie had an expertise in reading Mathew’s thoughts in five years of their marriage. His thoughts never traveled straight.

Mathew drove ahead, still enjoying his recent daydream of what he imagined after helping an accident victim. His thoughts moving fast as the car gained the speed.

He remembered the dialogue with Lillie today morning.

Lillie, sitting next to him had continued her game of examining Mathew’s feelings.

Mathews’ thinking line hiccupped again as it happened during last few days.

“Not again Mathew! I will not have you gathering those thoughts again. Stop thinking about it!”

Of late Mathew lost his mother. He could handle his pain, but at the irregular breaks, his mind bubbled up with mother’s thoughts.

“Mathew, don’t give off those terrible faces!’ Mathew had expressible bubble trouble.

A flaming wanton guilt shooting off in Mathew’s mind-

‘Mother’s death! Am I not responsible for it? Not me? Who else? Doctors strived to save her life. So do I… I could not help her. She died.’

“Mathew, please. It’s not in our hand,” She gave him a cup of milk. “Her time had come.”

“Why did you not put the coke in my milk…I can’t drink it like this.”

Lillie, surprised at Mathew pointing out a glitch, changed his cup.

Normally, his thoughts scattered so widely that he ignored those ‘milk sans coke’ lapses. She should appreciate his alertness now. She did not.

Or she did-

“You’re out of your mind.” An approval for the lapse pointed out.

“I can understand, Lillie. But, you see, I have lost my mother for first time.” Mathew yet hooked up to his cerebral wreck, down to his mother’s death.

“Everyone looses mother for first time Mathew.”

“May be, next time, I loose my father I can think more positively.”

“You are horrible, Mathew. You are impossible. Better take an appointment of a psychiatrist.”

“Lilie, wait. Just tell me what should I do?”

She stood studying him.

“Go on Lilie…I must reach to some conclusion.”

“You are walking upon the edges.”

‘Edges’ hmm…push, push your imagination Mathews, push…a trimmed triangular dust mount, bulged flat on the ground…hopefully its upper brink. Mathews strained himself to catch the imagination.

“What’s it?”

“Your brain, Mathews, is scared of the dark.”

The dark cave in front of the dust lump…you scared to enter Mathews?

“No Lilie. It isn’t true. I ain’t scared of dark”

“Don’t take it literally. You’re fastening your thoughts. Not allowing them to float freely.”

“I know. I don’t want me thinking like a mad.”

“Instincts, you must have heard about it?”

“Go on”

“They grow with undisciplined float of thoughts.”


“You see… such float carries some output with it.”

An ocean carrying grey colored wreckage, yuck. An off-centered imagination.

“Might be.”

“These thoughts heal your misery, stupid. It has had that uncountable power. You’re ready to ignore it.”

“So, what do you expect I should do?”

“Don’t troll on the pathway. Enter the tunnel. Face the dark. Come on! Don’t stop…think. I must think. Whatz harm if it heals me? Plainly, think.”

Dark…I thought of the cave a minute ago. Now she tells me about the tunnel…wow Lillie how did you figured it out?

“Okay. I’ll try.”

Enter the tunnel; don’t tread on the narrow path in its front. Enjoy the dark. You are free there to imagine what you want. Feel free. Fly your ballooned imaginations in the dark…hmm! Push Mathews Push. Push your imaginations.

yesbee (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Feb 11 2009 05:15:16 EST

'Wow! What a solution given by Lillie. It really helped. Just a petty help to a victim of an accident on the road and my dead imaginations got charged.'

His next few moments got filled with the thrill. Every step- so light, so speedy.
Somewhere at the centre of his own heart, nestled his own existence. Heart walls threw the sprays of sporadic cool breezes. What a feeling man!

‘I must call Lillie.’ Mathew dialed his mobile.

yesbee (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Feb 11 2009 05:15:16 EST

“Finally, I am recovered, Lillie”

He called Lillie to express his joy of crossing the tunnel of despair through the technique she defined.

‘Tunnels’, not one in life. As one sees the light towards next end, you don’t know another tunnel may welcome you. Different techniques to handle each.

Next tunnel must be under construction for Mathew.

“Congratulations Mathew! I knew you would do it. I am waiting for you, come soon darling!”

She switched off the phone. Threw it aside. Her arms lead her to her boyfriend lying on the bed, “Nerd Mathews. How I could get my time without he wasting his. He and his daydreams, Ha!”

She then took the charge of ‘her time’. Her boyfriend enjoying on Mathew’s bed.

yesbee (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Feb 12 2009 00:11:43 EST
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Genre: not specified
Created: 02-09-2009
Word Count: 1999

Copyright © 2008-2019 yesbee, celeritas, anadaya11412. All rights reserved.

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