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Aaron Mcwein Gat man

By: n8crash
n8crash's Profile

Real Name: Nathan K.
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Location: Florida

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Howdy, Im Nathan William K. "What does the K stand for" you gossip, Well Ill tell you when youre older

Writing Style:
Whatever I feel like

Aaron Mcwein
Gat man

Two shells fall to the ground "And thats whuch'a get for messin' with my family" says Jacky. Aaron turns to Jacky "You didn't have to go THAT far..." Aaron replied
"I like to settle scores" Jacky said as he holstered his Sawed-off in the pocket of his jacket. "Oh... And I forgot Tony said if You played nice you would get this".
Jacky handed Aaron Fifty three dollars out of his back pocket. "So how about we mose on down to the Bar" Aaron Looked to Jacky and said "yeah, but what about the
body." Jacky replied "Hey my guys'll handle it." "if you say so." Aaron mumbled.

"I'll take another shot o' gin" said Henery as Aaron and Jacky walked in The Bartender replied "' those your friends." As the two sat down next to him
"Yeah gimme two more fo' my friends" "Fine but this is the last of it" replied the Bartender. Aaron and his friend sat quietly for the next few minutes Jacky
swung his hand and slapped Aaron across the face He turned to Jacky. "Well what was that for" He shouted "I wanted to make sure you weren't dead." Just then the
Bartender came back With their three shots of gin Aaron thanked him with a kind "thank you" Jacky Nodded his head. Henery took the shot but not before a cheers with the
two other men just then. Aaron heard a hearty voice from upstairs "Aaron get up here." in a Authuratative voice Aaron looked to Jacky "You think I'm goin' up there."
Aaron then turned and walked up the stairs.

Tony was standing in the room to the left with two Thuggish looking guards on either side of him. " I like you're style Aaron all they have to do is mess with any of
your friends or family ... BANG!" said tony " Erm... Uh... Yeah... thanks But I" Aaron was interrupted by Tony saying "Hey hey hey Don't Want to Waste my breath. now
Go back down to the Cellar with your Lill' friends. Aaron Turned and Walked down the stairs. He looked in the general direction of The bar and saw a man without a shirt
Winding up for a punch. Aaron took an empty bottle of vodka smashing it on a table holding it by the neck.he started running toward the man. the man turned and he saw
it was Jacky in a drunken state. He looked at Aaron "What's Wrong with you" Said Jacky in a slurred drunken mumbling "well I... I...a You've had a little too much Aaron
replied "No I Have Not I Ain't Drin... Drunk!" Jacky said riddled in hiccups "C'mon John Let's get out of here" Aaron said in a stern voice "I... I Told you only
My Ma... Moth'r calls me John I'll ... I'll Kill you" Jack Swung his fist After telegraphing it for the longest time humanly possible Aaron moved slightly to the
Left dodging the punch "hey now i'm not going to fight you" Aaron said calmly "I... uh Hmph" Jacky said as he fell over.

After Dragging Jack's unconsious body into the back seat of his Automobile he drove straight to one of the mobs Flop houses. He carried Jacky's body into the place
Dropping him on the couch, Leaving a note on the table next to him Aaron walked out of the house the note read " you passed out drunk after you tried to kill me 'cause
I called you John. I'm leaving you here while I take care of some stuff."

n8crash (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Mar 23 2015 00:34:21 EST

Aaron swung open the door of his 1946 Ford sat down in the seat after he took his jacket off and threw it in the passenger seat. He inserted the key into the ignition and turned, threw it into reverse and pulled out of the drive way
About twenty-five minutes had passed since he left Jack in the
house he looked nervously in the rear view mirror thinking he saw something. No just another floater "Dangit I need glasses" He thought to himself.

After arriving at his small house he swung the door open. He lit a cigarette and turned the Television on to Milton berle, He reached for the Bottle of Whiskey and poured a Rocks glass full and walked back to the living room. He continued to enjoy his Whiskey and lounge. He let out a hearty sigh and got up and gently put the glass in the sink
and Powered off the TV and walked up the stairs. Layed down in his bed after taking a shower. He finally drifted off to sleep after about a half-hour of staring at the ceiling

n8crash (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Mar 23 2015 00:35:28 EST

Aaron's eyes shot open at Six thirty in the morning to the blaring sound of the alarm-clock. He sat up in the bed, stopped the alarm, and walked to the bathroom and took a shower stepped out and made his way the the kitchen and made himself some eggs and toast. He fondled the Fifty-Three dollars in his pocket and though of the man Jacky had shot as he finished his breakfast.

He got into his car and drove over to the Doss-house that he had left Jack on the couch at. He swung the door open and looked to the front room's Love-seat and saw that Jack was gone "Good, He wasn't hung over enough to just lay here." He thought to himself as he looked around to see if Jacky left anything here. On the ground he found a brand-new Cigarette lighter, He picked it up then he heard footsteps and turned his head to look at the Silhouette of a man and something in his Hand. A lead pipe, He swung the pipe and hit Aaron in the side of the head. Black, Nothing For the next what felt like two or three hours. He woke up in the back of a car. With no-one else

n8crash (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Mar 23 2015 18:32:20 EST

He looked around frantically for his wallet, but he found nothing more than some loose thread in his pocket "Crap" He muttered under his breath as he rifled through the dash. He closely examined the piece of paper he found in the Glove-box
it looked like it was in Russian
"Well that helps" he said to himself as he threw the piece of paper back in the dash. He stepped out of the car and slowly glanced around the forest "Ah a camp" he said aloud and began walking to a smoke trail in the sky. About twenty minutes had passed as he finally came to the edge of a clearing of dry brush, He could see the campfire from where He stood and one man sat with two Jerrycans to his left and a motorcycle to his right. "Hey!"
Aaron shouted to the man in the camp the man continued to pour the gasoline on the brush, And threw a lit match into the Drenched grass "Holy..." Aaron said before he began to run at a nearly inhuman rate. The sound of a motor-bike starting rang through the forest as Aaron continued to seemingly defy the human body.

n8crash (Rate Passer) added to this story on Tue, Mar 24 2015 21:49:56 EST

Aaron kept running until He couldn't smell smoke, He stopped and Surveyed the area from atop a small hill He could see a large pillar of Black cloudy Emissions spiraling in the sky about a Mile and a half back. "Welp" He said as he slid down the side of the hill. "Wait a minute!" He thought to himself realizing that He hadn't checked his Trouser's pockets He put His hands down the pockets and scrabbled around pulling out a Match-book and a small scrap of paper it read "Hah!" He raised his eyebrow and laughed. Twenty minutes later He had already set a small Flame on a pile of twigs.

n8crash (Rate Passer) added to this story on Thu, Mar 26 2015 23:15:35 EST
Print Aaron Mcwein Gat man
Genre: Crime
Created: 03-22-2015
Word Count: 1379

Copyright © 2008-2019 n8crash. All rights reserved.

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