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A World In My Hands

By: nevershoutnever

Sera's POV | Jack's POV | Petunia's POV | Kane's POV

     A World In My Hands from Sera's Point of View...

My father is the Protector of my World. As a Vampire, it is my job, as well as my friends', to watch over and protect the humans that live in our realm. It is also our job to protect my father. If he dies, and another Protector is not chosen, our World, and our Mirror, could fall into the wrong hands and our world could shatter, or worse; it could be combined with another one.
Perhaps I should explain further. Our world, and all the other worlds, are contained in mirrors. It is possible to travel between worlds, but you would have to have very strong magic, or a powerful gift. Which is why there are only four of us--the Travellers.
Me, my sister Petunia, and my friends Kane and Jack are the only four Travellers in our generation.
We live in the Vampire World, and we've only been one other place; the Black World. It is a world of nithingness, and if you stay there for too long, you turn into nothingness as well. It's a trap world. Once you get there, generally you forget why you would want to leave. I lost my mother to that world.
Me and my friends, including my sister, all have powerful gifts. I, at the young Vampire age of 15, have premonitions, and basic magic. Casting spells, circles, and healing powers.
Jack Hamilton, the oldest of us, is 19, and has powerful magic and telekinesis and telepathy. He's a hardheaded, stubborn, strongwilled, and generally awesome person.
Kane Thomas, 17, has powerful magic, and can cast glamours and summon things without even speaking. He's pretty powerful. He's jumpy, tall, skinny as a beanpole, nice, and has a terrible temper. But he's nice.
My sister Petunia is 12, an exttremely young Vampire, especially to already be gifted. She can see people's auras, and their personalities. She can also make herself, or anything she wants really, to turn invisible. Kane tried to cast a glamour ot make something *not* be there, but it didn't work out too well. It... it blew up. Which I guess can be good. If we *wanted* something to blow up. But that doesn't happen often.
My father, the Protector of the Mirror of the Vampire World, was a very powerful Vampire, which was why he was chosen. But when he calls us to him, it's usually serious business. No father/daughter lovey-dovey stuff. Nuh uh, not his thing.
So when he called us to see him two days ago, we knew it was to send us to a new World.

nevershoutnever (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, May 04 2009 17:58:43 EST

When we arrived at my father's office, his secretary, a Vampire named Avalyn, buzzed us up to the ninth floor. The elevator was fast, and it only took a couple of seconds for us to arrive.
My father's office was huge, with the only seperation from his office and the waiting room as a huge, mahogany door with a brass knocker. I liked that door. It was the only thing about my father's office that I liked. So it was much to my dismay to see that it had been blown to pieces, probably by my father's anger.

panda (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Aug 10 2009 09:47:17 EST

Smoke swirled around the doorway and I was surprised to hear a crackling sound like flames licking at fresh firewood.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, May 24 2010 19:07:06 EST

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Created: 05-04-2009
# of Story Views: 855

Copyright © 2008-2009 nevershoutnever, panda, celeritas. All rights reserved.

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