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Halucinatrix Chronicles

By: celeritas
celeritas's Profile

Real Name: Johnnie
Age: not specified
Sex: female
Location: Florida

Other Passer Name(s):
not specified

I am an artist but writing is what makes me happy.

Writing Style:
Fantasy and sci fi are my favs

Haley's POV | Ernest's POV | Sheila's POV | Dimitri's POV | Annie's POV

     Halucinatrix Chronicles from Dimitri's Point of View...

Halucinatrix Chronicles Synopsis

Horrible trauma causes a child's personality to splinter into multiple parts.


The wind at the top of the bridge took my breath away.M y bare feet were so numb with the cold, I could hardly keep my balance on the railing .Far below, the black water of the river rushed towards the sea.What was I doing up here? I wondered ,shaking with fear .

I slowly became conscious of a woman standing below me.She was calling out to me and holding out her arms.I didn't want to die.I teetered there for a moment and then began climbing down to the bridge.My feet were too numb to gain a foothold and half way down I slipped . I fell with a thud in front of the old woman.

She ran to me and cradled me in her arms. Tears fell on my face as she put her coat around my shoulders.Stunned,I went with her to her home under the bridge.

"Oh my little Dimitri,"she whispered,"You have come back to me.I will never let you go again."

At least that told me who I was.She was in a frenzy of happiness.She heated a teapot over a can of something and brought me a hot cup of tea.My hands shook so much I could hardly hold it.She sat close and fed me the tea from a spoon until I stopped shaking .
She went inside one of her refrigerator boxes and came out
with a small leather suitcase.Pulling a lantern closer,she opened the bag to reveal neatly folded clothing."I knew you would come back ,my darling child.Nine years old is too young to die.I knew you would change your mind."

With reverence she took out a pair of corduroy knickers and a flannel shirt.Long socks followed with a pair of short boots.She put them down in front of me and leaned over to kiss my cheek."Go in the box and change,Son.These will be so nice and warm."

Everything fit pretty well, the boots were too big but I wore them anyway.When I came out she oohed and ahed at how nice I looked but she was holding a large pair of shears in her hand.I was a little afraid but I knew she wouldn't hurt me and besides I think I was in shock.I sat down in front of her so she could give me a hair cut.It seemed to be very important to her .

"You have let your hair get much too long for a boy,Dimitri.
You know your father would not like that.We will fix it before he comes home from the mill."She mumbled as she cut off great chunks of my black mop.When she was satisfied with her work,she handed me a broken mirror.I gazed into it with real curiousity. 'Dimitri,'I mused but that was all I knew about the child looking back at me.

I slept next to Edith,for that was her name,inside her big box under the bridge.It was warm and wonderful.The sound of the waves and the calling of gulls woke me the next morning.I crawled out of the box and looked around for the kind old bag lady.She was nowhere in sight.

Two boys about nine or ten years old sat down by the water with fishing poles in their hands.One of them put a worm on his hook and looked at me."Are you Grandma Edith's friend?"
he asked.When I said yes,the boy said,"The cops took her again.She was building a fire under there.She won't be back for a week or two.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Mon, Apr 20 2009 18:29:39 EST

I went back inside the refrigerator box and curled into a ball.Strange flickering visions kept trying to show me something that I did not want to see.Water was seeping down a hallway toward my bare feet .Something terrible was happening there and I had to escape.Then someone kicked the side of the box.

"Come on out little boy.I found some cake."

I peeked out to see a tall skinny man with red hair waiting for me.He said his name was Alfred.He had a half eaten box cake from the dumpster and he had come to share it with Edith.

"Boy's say you Edith's friend.I share cake with you.Edith Alfred's friend too."

I was starving so I didn't argue.We ate great handfuls of the chocolate cake until it was nothing but crumbs.Then Alfred took me to the park across the street and showed me where the bathrooms were and a drinking fountain.We spent the afternoon going through the dumpsters looking for food and anything else we could use.

When the park closed,I followed Alfred back under the bridge to eat.We had found a bag with a ham sandwich,most of a big bag of potato chips and an apple in it.There was also a granola bar and a big container of macaroni salad.Alfred said it was all okay because he checks every day so it couldn't be old.He lit something he called canned heat and made us some tea.Then he divided everything up and we had a feast.It was fun.

When we were finished we sat down by the water looking at the stars.I glanced over to see Alfred with tears running down his cheeks.

"Miss Grandma Edith."he whispered."No stories tonight."

I put my arm around his thin shoulders and said,

"I'll read you a story,don't cry.Do you have a story book?"

Alfred laughed and jumped up to run over to another big box.
It had drawings all over the outside.I realized it was his home.He crawled inside and came out with a tattered copy of "Children's Nursery rhymes and Beloved Stories".

When I saw the circle of children holding hands on the cover
that awful vision flashed through my mind again but I shoved it away.I knew if I found out what it meant I would die.

Alfred lit two lanterns to hold back the creeping darkness from the river and I began to read.I read the whole little book three times before he was satisfied.At the end of the third reading he hugged me and crawled into his box.In a few minutes he was snoring.I sat there in the shadows and began to notice the pictures on his cardboard home.

There was a castle on a hill with red and yellow banners flying in the wind.A knight in shining armor rode towards it on a black steed.I took the lantern to see the other side.There he had drawn a beautiful maiden in a garden of brightly colored flowers.He was an amazing artist.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Wed, Apr 22 2009 02:21:34 EST

The next day was dark and stormy.Alfred wouldn't come out of his box.

"Come in." he begged."It's warm.I will tell you a story if you come in."

The wind whipped up under the bridge bringing sand and leaves and a stinging rain with it.I shivered and crawled in beside Alfred.It was so much better.He had a knit blanket and a soft pillow.We lay on our stomachs and watched the river rise.He gave me a stick of beef jerky and chewed on one himself.

"Tell me the story." I urged.I felt happy .

Alfred chewed the last of his beef jerky and looked over at me with his large dark eyes.I saw myself in them and thought,
"Who am I?" but my mind ricocheted away and I focused again on Alfred's childlike voice.

"It's a scary story." whispered Alfred.

"Once upon a time, a monster lived under a bridge.He pretended to be a nice man but he wasn't.He was a very bad man.The bad man had a big knife.He killed people and dumped them in the dark dark river under the bridge."

A chill ran through me and I turned to glance at Alfred.His eyes were terrifying.He was smiling.I could feel the tension in his body lying close against me.The wind howled around the girders and the river overflowed its banks.

I saw the water inching towards me and my head began to spin.

celeritas (Rate Passer) added to this story on Fri, Apr 24 2009 02:11:10 EST

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Created: 04-19-2009
# of Story Views: 1057

Copyright © 2008-2009 celeritas. All rights reserved.

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