How Works... is a Web site that is compiled of Stories that have come together with the help of many people. The idea is to "Pass" a story around, and to have several people contribute to the story until it has fully developed into a great piece of writing. Once a story has reached a point where it can be "closed" or "wrapped-up," one of the StoryPassers editors will finalize the story and lock it. When it has been locked it will still be viewable, but contributions will no longer be allowed.

Simply search for a story that you would like to contribute to, and start writing. Pick up where that last person left off, and add your own personal touch to it.

Please note that once you submit your section of the story, you won't be able to edit it or remove it. This is so the integrity of the Story Passing can remain in tact. The fun is seeing what you can add to the story in a short period of time, "off the top of your head," and seeing how it meshes with everyone else’s contribution.

There is an Online Spell Checker available to you in the right-hand side bar, so you can check your story section before submitting it.

Remember to have fun, but also to keep it clean. Any profanity or otherwise vulgar content will be edited from your submissions. Also, referring to any real life persons by name can warrant removal as well if it defames their character in any way, or if we receive a complaint from a person that feels they have been mentioned in a negative light for any reason.


What does "LOGIN ERROR!" mean?

If you see this error message at the top of your screen, then you have logged in wrong. Your Passer Name is case sensitive, and if you created your Passers Name with capital letters then you need login in using the same capital letters. If you logged in with all lowercase, then you need to login with all lower case letters.

(Example: you created "Joe" and logged in with "joe" you will get this error).



Why Do You Need A Passer Name?

You are required to create a Passer Name, but this will give you a more personalized experience on, because you will be able to have your own page that shows you all the stories that you have created or contributed to. Also, having this Passer Name helps to protect your stories, so that no one can maliciously damage your stories or anyone elses.

What is Intense Content?

Intense Content is any writing that is posted on that can be considered offense, or too "intense" to some of the readers/writers. At the bottom of every story there is a button that can be clicked that will mark that story as containing Intense Content. Anyone can mark a story as having Intense Content. If your story is marked as Intense Content, and you feel this has been done by mistake, please Contact Us with this concern. Thank you for your help in keeping a fun place for everyone!

What Rights Do Author's Have to their Contributions?

**(See Authors Rights Page).

About the Personal Messaging System

On the My Messages page, you will find a link to send messages, and you will find that your Newest Messages appear at the top of the page, All Messages will appear in the middle, and Sent Messages will appear at the bottom of the page. You will see the number of New Messages in the top right hand corner of your screen, and when you click that link it will take you to your Message Board. You can mark your New Messages as read, or delete them, and you can also Reply to the Passer that Messaged you as well. When you send Story Invites to other Passers, the invite will show up in their Message Board, and you can see a record of this in your Sent Messages section as well. There will be a link to the Story you invited the Passer to embedded in the message.

Any questions or comments, please use the contact us form. Thank you for your continued support!

Now you have read though all the dry, but important information, you can start enjoying!


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