Editor Program

Introducing a new program on StoryPassers especially designed for Editors!

The StoryPassers Editor Program is a revenue share program, where the Editor shares in the revenue earned from authors who hire an Editor to edit their stories. An Editor can earn up to 90% of this revenue when they participate in this program.

Here is how:

If the Editor encourages an existing author (Passer) on StoryPassers to let them edit his/her story, they will receive 80% of the revenue earned from that transaction.

If the Editor seeks out an outside person, and encourages him/her to join, and then have his/her story edited by them, then they receive 90% of the revenue from that transaction.

It is a Win Win situation for both Us and the Editor, since our site will continue to grow, and the Editor will earn money helping to facilitate this growth.

If this program is something you would be interested in, please contact us, using the link below, and clearly state that you are interested, and provide a contact email address, so we can get in touch with you to provide further details about how to join the program.

Thank you, hope to hear from you soon!

I am interested and would like to Contact You