What Rights Do Author's Have to their Contributions?

Every Author (Passer) that contributes to StoryPassers.com retains all the rights to their contribution(s), in whatever form it is encompassed on StoryPassers.com.

They also have the right to request to have their writing removed for any reason.

The Author does however, give StoryPassers.com the right to use their contributions on StoryPassers.com within the scope of the Web site.

By contributing on StoryPassers.com an Author (Passer) is inherently giving StoryPassers.com express permission to use that Authors writing on StoryPassers.com, and StoryPassers.com only.

Some ways in which we may use your writing is in the form of stories, either public or private, and they will be displayed on the Story Pages as they have been input by the Author. Also, the Stories, or exerpts of the Stories may sometimes be used to show a preview of a Story on the Home Page.

StoryPassers.com has the right to make changes to the writing if profanity is used or if extreme sexual content is used, or if the Author has given permission to another Passer or a StoryPassers Editor or Admin to make the change. Otherwise the content will remain untouched.

If you have any questions about the Author's Rights, please contact us.

Thank you, and Have Fun!